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11 Important Economic Facts Missing from the Debate
Our public debates are often distorted by misinformation, this is especially true on economic issues. Here is my list of 11 economic facts most Americans don’t know but should.
aprichard 11/06/2013 16 9 1 -
Ask President Obama to Answer a Simple Question on Medicare
I have long wanted to have the chance to ask an elected official a simple question – Why do we need private health insurance companies? If we start by assuming that all Americans should have ...
aprichard 03/17/2013 25 7 - -
A Test of Democracy
This election has repeatedly and accurately called a test of post-truth politics. It is not just an election of candidates, it is a test of democracy. Mitt Romney has shown a severe contempt for the ...
aprichard 10/26/2012 1 2 1 -
My new Oped in Juneau paper: OWS last chance for middle class
I wrote this oped for the Juneau, Alaska paper . The protests have gotten peoples ...
aprichard 11/16/2011 5 10 1 53
My OWS Op-Ed published in my local paper.
My local paper just printed an op-ed that I ...
aprichard 11/13/2011 35 126 13 479
A Clear Message: Corporate control of our government is destroying the U.S.
Thousands of protesters gathered in Wall Street and hundreds of other locations around the country to signal that enough is enough. The country is moving in the wrong direction, the political system ...
aprichard 10/07/2011 7 14 1 91
We worked hard to give Obama the power of the Presidency, he gave it away
Anyone notice a pattern? –The public opposes continuing Bush's bank bailout, the bailouts continue. –The public supports the public option, the public option dies. –The public supports ...
aprichard 07/31/2011 25 24 1 142
My Op-Ed in the Anchorage Paper: Our politics has failed the middle class
Last week the Anchorage Daily News published my Op-ed called Both parties serve entities other than voters . ...
aprichard 07/17/2011 17 20 - 123
My Oped on Trickle-Down Economics in the Juneau Paper
One of the most important political stories of the last 35 years has been the Republican success at dividing working class voters and convincing many of them to vote for a party that has actively ...
aprichard 05/03/2011 10 20 5 116
The Pervasive Use of Violence as a Political Weapon
The tragedy in Tucson has opened a long overdue debate on the state of our political discourse in our country. Republicans were quick accuse democrats of using the tragedy to promote their own ...
aprichard 01/10/2011 10 5 - 218
Why a Payroll Tax Holiday Could Destroy Social Security
Bruce Bartlett is an economics expert, a former Domestic Policy Adviser in Reagan Administration, and a former Treasury Official during the ...
aprichard 12/06/2010 21 22 1 200
My Tea Party OpEd Published in Alaskan Paper
My oped on the failures of the Tea Party was published in the Juneau paper today. Here are a few paragraphs but go read the ...
aprichard 10/06/2010 109 526 9 123
The Human Cost of Tax Cuts
What does it say about a Party when their policy on their signature issue is based on lies and distortions? The Tea Party claims to be the party that will bring Fiscal Discipline back to Washington, ...
aprichard 09/26/2010 10 3 - 23
Requirements for Change: Fixing Our Failed Two-Party System
Every once in a while we need to step back and reassess our situation and plans for the future.Up to now, the progressive blogosphere has focused largely on electing Democrats to office, but the ...
aprichard 12/13/2009 63 11 - 35
Unsolicited Advice for Pundits: Politics is not a Sport
I have long felt that the two biggest obstacles the progressive movement faces are the system of legalized bribery that passes for elections in the U.S. and the pathetic state of the modern media. ...
aprichard 09/26/2009 19 26 - 27
Can we make campaign finance reform a priority yet?
"the rich have the right to buy more cars than anyone else, more homes, vacations, gadgets and gizmos, but they do not have the right to buy more democracy than anyone else. -Bill ...
aprichard 07/12/2009 25 11 2 62
Acronyms of Mass Destruction
For the last year, many people have been staring at their retirement statements in shocked disbelief and wondering how we got into this mess. The answer is a complex and sordid tale of financial ...
aprichard 03/27/2009 7 5 - -
Where Did $5 Trillion Go?: My Op-Ed Published
I submitted an Op-Ed to my local paper and they printed it today in the Sunday Section. The National Debt has increased almost $5 trillion under George Bush's watch.
aprichard 10/19/2008 34 54 2 21
Three Speeches, Three Lies about the Bridge
The McCain campaign is grasping at straws, reeling from one narrative to another hoping something will give them traction. They thought they could paint Obama as elitist until they found out that ...
aprichard 09/03/2008 2 1 - 1
The GateKeepers: Running the Media Gauntlet
When it comes to the national media, there are no shortage of things to complain about. They routinely blend ...
aprichard 05/10/2008 6 6 - 1
Pollution, Petroleum, and Population
I guess I just don’t understand economics. Economists point to things like the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, and consumer spending and tell me not to worry, “everything is great&...
aprichard 07/09/2007 42 15 3 157
Paying the Economic Costs of Iraq
Congressman Rangel had the right idea when he introduced legislation to reinstitute the draft. By reinstating ...
aprichard 12/16/2006 7 7 - 12
Brilliant Iraq analogy on TPM
aprichard 10/21/2006 26 19 1 6
Republican Experiment Failed, My Op-Ed printed
aprichard 10/08/2006 148 563 41 33
GOP $50 Million Attack Ad Campaign a Democratic Opportunity
aprichard 09/20/2006 17 14 - 7
(AK-AL) Diane Benson Facing off Against Don Young
aprichard 09/04/2006 5 4 - 78
Conservative Policies: We Tried Them, They Failed
aprichard 08/16/2006 9 7 - 1
The Importance of Understanding Large Numbers
aprichard 07/14/2006 52 19 10 237
The End of Cheap Oil: My Peak Oil OpEd
aprichard 06/10/2006 11 14 1 18
Who is being naive?
aprichard 05/13/2006 7 4 1 1
Daily Kos and influencing the Dem Platform
aprichard 02/11/2006 17 7 - -
Repeal Bush tax cuts to fill the lockbox
aprichard 02/08/2005 6 2 - 1
Iraq and war on terror, my op-ed
aprichard 01/30/2005 6 2 - -
A tale of two taxes, my Social Security LTE
aprichard 12/21/2004 7 6 1 22
My letter to the DNC
aprichard 12/17/2004 1 1 - -
Framing the Weaknesses of Social Security Privatization
aprichard 12/15/2004 5 - - -
A graphical argument for advocating reform
aprichard 12/09/2004 12 2 - 8
An idealistic plan to fix everything
aprichard 11/30/2004 1 - 1 -
Draw a Line in the Sand on Deficit
aprichard 11/29/2004 5 1 - -
Frame 2008: Hold Republicans Accountable
aprichard 11/08/2004 13 3 - -
Remind NPR of their own reporting on Tora Bora
aprichard 10/30/2004 3 9 - -
Incompetence Invites Attack
aprichard 10/25/2004 3 - - -
proof- Iraq did not make us safer, Bush incompetent
aprichard 10/14/2004 3 - - -
Top Ten Mistakes Bush Won't Admit To
aprichard 10/09/2004 1 1 - -
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