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Some rather vile race-baiting in today's Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle
The lead editorial rants that Obama tramples the Constitution. Okay, but the headine is "Against Our Will," which of course is the title of Susan Brownmiller's 1976 book on rape. The headline Willie-
archer070 11/16/2014 18 8 - -
You call that hate mail? Pfft. Now this is hate mail (warning: naughty naughty words)
I love the Saturday Hate Mail-a-Palooza, but when I checked out Henry Hill's website (the hero of Goodfellas died today) I realized I have lived a sheltered life. Part of Hill's site is called "...
archer070 06/13/2012 19 6 1 317
Breaking: If Scott Walker wins, the earth will blow up
While the fate of the earth is still up for grabs, I think a couple of things by now are clear: 1. If Scott Walker survives recall, the sun will turn into a supernova. This will cause the nickel-...
archer070 06/05/2012 8 4 - 127
Lyme: How I told the doctor what to do
Bell's Palsy--which God forbid you ever wake up and look in the mirror and see you have one, or worse, see that your kid has one--is terrifying. Half the face is a face and the other half is slack, ...
archer070 05/19/2011 226 188 11 1158
Mythos and Logos, or Bible Thumpers Wanted
That's the real difference between them and us. We're logos , they are mythos . We believe in social justice; they believe in Jesus. We believe in economic fairness; they believe in ...
archer070 11/09/2010 41 1 - 43
Stop the Abstinence Agenda!
This diary is months old. I don't know why I took it down. Maybe because five minutes after I posted it, my house was struck by lightning. _______________ Look, if God had meant people to ...
archer070 05/20/2010 6 9 - 24
The Senate: Raining on the parade
So now some people around here want to toss the filibuster, and others of us are outraged that Sen. Lieberman doesn't give a rusty rat fuck about what the voters think, and other such stuff. Get a ...
archer070 11/23/2009 26 2 - 190
Dear Rep. King...
It really is true, as you say, that "every American has access to healthcare." I doubt you've thought this through, though, so let me explain it to you.
archer070 11/07/2009 9 5 - 12
Oh, so Obama is being a wimp? (Rant)
I don't like conspiracy theories. I think they are stupid. For instance, I admit The New York Times recently had to borrow against its own real estate to keep afloat. It's also true ...
archer070 10/18/2009 39 10 1 63
I'm betting on Palin
Give her a break. Sure she never really expected that Iran would test that one-megaton nuke on Nov. 1, 2008. In fact, she didn't even know Iran was a country. But that's what happened, and then on ...
archer070 10/14/2009 27 11 - 49
On the latest abortion murder: Remembering rage
Shattering plate glass sounds like church bells being thrown down a flight of steps. I know this because I heard it myself, from two feet away--the sound of the glass, I mean. The two young guys who ...
archer070 09/12/2009 5 1 - 2
Credit-default healthcare swaps!
You remember "credit-default swaps," of course--the sleazy unregulated paper transaction insurance that was part of every bundle of mortgage-backed securities traded on the Exchange until the real ...
archer070 09/03/2009 7 3 - 5
America is not deceived
Why won't they be bipartisan, like us? Like President Obama? You know who I mean.
archer070 07/20/2009 7 1 - 1
Why Sarah Palin Quit: A No-Brainer
She quit because she owes $500,000.00 in legal fees , is why she quit. It's the only way the numbers work out.
archer070 07/08/2009 98 37 - 110
Torture: America is all ears
Remember Pleasure Island, from Pinocchio? On Pleasure Island a boy can smoke, drink, eat all the candy and ice cream and break all the windows he wants to. After that, he is turned into a ...
archer070 05/25/2009 8 3 - 2
Well, America, it could happen, couldn't it? (Rant)
So let's get this straight. The Senate doesn't want to close Gitmo.
archer070 05/20/2009 17 5 - -
After he left: What happened at George Will's place
It's true! Obama had a dinner party at George Will's house! I followed him there and I was ...
archer070 01/14/2009 7 10 - 1
After I voted (what happened in the filling station)
I voted without incident around 7:00 A.M. EST. When I got back to the car I noticed the gas gauge was bouncing on empty. So I drove a few blocks to the filling station, where something happened ...
archer070 11/04/2008 28 24 2 27
NY Times, annoyed by McCain, coaches Obama
I was furious when I saw this article --along at first, anyway. The Times capitulates again, the wimps! ...
archer070 09/23/2008 45 2 - -
Greek columns in the background? The nerve
archer070 08/28/2008 35 8 - -
The Stephen King Campaign
About six years ago, Stephen King published a very smart novel called From a Buick Eight. A guy shows up in a car, and nobody knows where he's from. He leaves the car behind, and the car ...
archer070 08/06/2008 17 8 - 24
Obama to vist foreign countries; may screw up (snark)
For us at the Washington Post there can be no greater thrill than the upcoming spectacle of Senator Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Iraq, Afghanistan, and various other places he has never been and ...
archer070 07/18/2008 7 1 - -
$52 million proves Obama camaign doomed, some say (snark)
$52 million my sound like a lot of money to the uneducated layman. To experienced analysts here at the Washington Post , such as myself, however, the number is just one of many numbers, ...
archer070 07/17/2008 22 7 1 -
The New Yorker: Lessons from Lenny Bruce
The New Yorker has stepped in it this time. They think this cover is "satire." They say so. The thing about satire is, it ...
archer070 07/15/2008 12 5 - -
Well, sure Jesse would like to nut Barack.  It's a guy thing
That's what any saggy old guy wants to do to a better-looking younger guy who proposes to put the older guy out of business. It's just a natural sentiment-- that's just what the older guy feels like ...
archer070 07/10/2008 58 12 - 31
What is the truth about John McCain?
He's normal. He's white, older, a former military man, a decorated war hero, family, children, grandchildren, wife. He's from Arizona. He calls you his friend. He's "John McCain," (or so it ...
archer070 06/12/2008 10 2 - -
A letter from someone who still loves her, to her supporters
My fantasy (I had it for years): CALLER: You did this, Rush. You got her elected. RUSH LIMBAUGH: Hold on, hold on-- CALLER: You got the feminazis so angry, so mobilized, they ...
archer070 06/03/2008 10 4 - -
archer070 05/24/2008 25 6 - -
WASHINGTON (MAy 18) -- Following calls for "a repackaging of its damaged brand name," the Republican National Committee recommended on Friday that the party be renamed "Purple Haze," a suggestion ...
archer070 05/19/2008 31 5 - -
MANCHESTER, Dec. 12, 2035--Perennial Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton warmed up for what a local citizen said "must be her five hundred thousandth" New Hampshire Presidential Primary ...
archer070 05/03/2008 8 2 - -
Socialized cops? Naahhh
Some rowdy thugs came around to my house the other day and started leering and making inappropriate remarks. The cops showed up and arrested the creeps and took them away. Then I got the bill, and I ...
archer070 04/30/2008 14 18 1 16
Did Wright say anything racist? Sorry, no
Back in the late 1980's, Howard Stern used to call up a local Klansman and put him on the air. The Klansman said, "We don't hate. That's a lie. There ain't no point in hating a nigger or a ...
archer070 04/29/2008 52 4 - 2
The 2004 Torture Memorandum, translated into American
H.L. Mencken once translated the Declaration of Independence into colloquial American. It's still fun to read. I now ...
archer070 04/11/2008 9 9 - 17
Mark Penn's New Job Called 'Limited'
CHICAGO (April 7)--Mark Penn's public relations firm Burson-Marsteller said today they were "glad to have Mark's undivided attention once more, even if we can't send him anywhere outside of Illinois."
archer070 04/07/2008 5 2 - -
Hillary ruminates
Disclaimer: Nothing below represents the views of the author. It is merely a transmission he has received by means of RBS-EEG-transcription software, a remote brain-scanning/mind-reading package ...
archer070 03/23/2008 15 2 - 16
A message for the New York Times: Smooth move, Ex-Lax
Just a little background on myself, here, before I stomp the Gray Lady. My parents are union and so were theirs. I am left-wing born and true blue. I was raised on the Weavers and Woody Guthrie. ...
archer070 02/22/2008 13 4 - 14
Clinton, Principal say election not a popularity contest
MADISON, WI (Feb. 17) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that the election for U.S. President was "about the issues, not who is the most popular," and urged voters "not to cast votes just because ...
archer070 02/18/2008 19 3 1 -
Open letter to Hillary: Speeches do put food on the table
It is feeling that sets a man thinking, and not the other way round. George Bernard Shaw Just a word to Hillary, from a former supporter. Lay off the "speeches don't put food on the ...
archer070 02/17/2008 17 6 - -
GOP Strike Ends Peacefully After 30 Minutes
archer070 02/15/2008 19 7 - -
Obama campaign raises $6.2 trillion; economy collapses
NEW YORK (February 10)--Presidential hopeful Barack Obama received a record campaign contribution of $6.2 trillion last week, an event that emptied the gold bullion vaults at the federal reserve ...
archer070 02/10/2008 37 32 - -
I exit poll myself
Here is what I thought in the voting booth:
archer070 02/05/2008 55 14 - 18
The sensation of drowning
Waterboarding involves strapping a person down and pouring water over his cloth-covered face to create the sensation of drowning. That's ...
archer070 02/01/2008 8 3 - -
Torture: A thought experiment
We live in confusing times! You know? The Attorney General himself says maybe it's okay to torture people, maybe, sometimes. Before we get our drawers in a big twist about all this, let's try a ...
archer070 01/31/2008 42 1 - -
The coming GOP debate: Will they sacrifice a goat?
The Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Library promises to be an embarrassment to all men everywhere. It's one thing to win one for the Gipper. It's another to spend the game on your knees ...
archer070 01/22/2008 9 4 1 -
South Carolina: The terrible, terrible, terrible truth
What at sort of people are the South Carolinians, really? If they are so mint-juleps-on-the-veranda, how do they explain the "fathered a black baby" charge they level yet again at Senator McCain and ...
archer070 01/18/2008 40 9 1 94
The lowdown on Obama, Farrakhan, and all that
Barack Obama's third cousin is the sister of a preacher whose nephew was once married to someone who passed Minister Farrakhan in the street. So says Richard Cohen. Hillary Clinton might have put ...
archer070 01/15/2008 11 4 - -
I bugged Rudy Giuliani's apartment
Bugging Rudy Giuliani's apartment turned out to be easy. I simply typed a fake "National Security Letter" on fake FBI stationery and sent it to a local Radio Shack, "instructing" them to "forthwith"
archer070 01/05/2008 7 5 - -
Why Hillary's wrinkles would look great in the Oval Office
On second thought, I'll summarize what Limbaugh has on his website right here. Hillary Clinton is getting old and unattractive, he says, and whether it's fair or not (he goes on) this hurts her in a ...
archer070 12/27/2007 43 9 - 3
Too much God, not enough custard pie
Think about it for a minute. A human who claims to harmonize his acts with God's will is about like a hissing Madagascar roach claiming to harmonize with J.S. Bach's Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor (
archer070 12/17/2007 9 8 1 1
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