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Stopping Stupidity - Martin Bashir
I haven't seen this posted here, but over at Huff-Post, is a video of Martin Bashir of MSNBC in his interview with repug consultant (propagandist) Trey Hardin, and Bashir asked Hardin to contribute ...
ardyess 08/24/2012 16 23 2 211
Rick Lazio drops out of NY Governor's race
This is breaking On our local channel NY1, Rick Lazio has announced that he is dropping his bid to become NYS governor in the Conservative Party ticket. He has indicated that he has not endorsing ...
ardyess 09/27/2010 46 6 - 21
Ha! –  "unfit to be governor"
These words “a divisive figure simply not fit to lead this great state" are the words of the former Republican Senator from New York,
ardyess 09/17/2010 34 16 1 39
A Conservative stands against the Arizona Law
At least one conservative write/blogger, Matt Lewis, has recognized the Arizona's SB1070 is not a good law. In his ...
ardyess 04/28/2010 19 8 - 23
Congressman Nadler, NY08, fires on DOMA
I think my congressman, Jerrald Nadler, is fantastic. I live in NY08, and I am fortunate enough that Congressman Nadler lives a couple of buildings away from me. A number of times I've seen him in ...
ardyess 09/30/2009 18 9 - 9
Another idea to disrupt the teabaggers/health care protesters
I read a KOS diary yesterday, published by Dave in RI and it detailed his experience of calling a telephone number that he received in his e-mails. ...
ardyess 08/05/2009 10 3 - 3
History 101 - by the Texas Christian Society - in the Texas public school classrooms
THE CULTURE WARS! THEY JUST WON'T GO AWAY! They're just not happy with pushing their ridiculous and idiotic creationism in the science classes in the public schools, even though ...
ardyess 08/02/2009 42 26 2 175
What Will the Next Republican Sex Scandal Be?
Goodness gracious, now South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has to go all the way to Argentina to get laid.... Nevada Senator John Ensign porks the wife of his Chief of Staff.... Louisiana Senator ...
ardyess 06/27/2009 38 5 - 124
Hannity’s Liberty Tree – Fall on the floor laughing!
I guess that we have to hand it to Sean Hannity. Hannity has now reduced all of the right-wing/Republican philosophy so neatly that a 5 year-old would be able to understand it. On his Fixed News ...
ardyess 05/08/2009 20 7 - 1
Creationism Now Playing in the Science Classes of Louisiana
Well, religious right-wingnut Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is definitely beefing-up the religious right-wingnut credentials to his resume. As are the majority of the Louisiana ...
ardyess 01/15/2009 74 19 1 41
Doctor Dobson supports Ken Blackwell
The fun continues with the Republican's effort to pick a new chairman. The list of the six candidates and their jockeying for this position has all the makings of Dumb and Dumber and ...
ardyess 01/05/2009 17 2 - 12
1138 same-sex benefits and rights - now!
Only legally married opposite sex couples can file joint tax returns, and this is only one of the 1138 rights and benefits that ...
ardyess 12/11/2008 89 11 - 79
A brief moment of sanity from Focus on the Family?
Okay, I'll admit it. I read the Focus on the Family e-mail newsletter just about daily. It started a few years ago when I needed some research for something that I was writing. After that, I ...
ardyess 12/06/2008 37 14 - 168
Everything is just fine and peachy, according to the latest posting from Focus on Family We all need to be aware of the Good News:
ardyess 12/03/2008 24 4 - 10
What the McCain administrative staff and cabinet would have looked like?
ardyess 11/16/2008 24 17 - 10
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