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ann coulter and the liberals at DK
Ann Coulter has been spewing racist filth her entire career. After the debate she said that Michelle Obama wanted to go home with Mitt Romney. The reaction of the handwringers at DK? Oh, what an ...
arharris 10/05/2012 32 - - 388
October Surprise!
Unemployment rate drops under 8%. The right wing crazies are investigating this now...they will expose the Obama conspiracy to cook the numbers.
arharris 10/05/2012 9 - - 208
Coulter: Michelle wants to go home with Mitt
Michelle: God, Mitt, we are finally alone. I want your hard, hot body so bad. Mitt: Michelle, you don't know how long I've wanted this. I am so tired of that frigid ass, ...
arharris 10/04/2012 59 - - 781
This is the Barack Obama who...
1. Gave trillions for Wall Street bailouts and trickle down for the middle class; 2. Allowed Republicans to gut his health care bill; 3. Caved in to Republican extortion on the debt ceiling vote; 4.
arharris 10/04/2012 22 1 - 311
Intimidated by the rich white guy
I have been called racist before on this site, but if we want Obama to win we better look the facts in the eye. Obama could not debate a super-wealthy white guy because Obama has been raised in a ...
arharris 10/03/2012 8 - - 94
To the survivors of the Titanic: Are you better off now, etc.
Are you better off than you were before the ship hit the iceberg?
arharris 09/04/2012 1 1 - 46
Romney outsources 2002 Olympic
uniforms?? To Burma?? Oh, be still my heart!! Can this be true? It is on HP.
arharris 07/16/2012 10 - - 99
The Marxist
Is there anyone to the left of Rick Santorum whom the reactionary right does not condemn as Marxist? Why do the Kossacks limit themselves to the pathetic label of "anti-capitalist?" It is high time ...
arharris 03/30/2012 11 1 - 48
Obama Announces Entry Into Republican Primary
Obama said today that he can provide more effective leadership for the country than either of the two leading Republican candidates, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney. He will therefore be entering ...
arharris 08/01/2011 15 3 - 88
Coulter Goes Racist on Kos, Huff, and Soros
I happened to catch Ann Coulter on a C-SPAN book interview this past Sunday. Coulter apparently feels she is no longer able to use racism to attack Obama; I think she has transferred her natural ...
arharris 03/16/2009 143 16 - 24
Finally, Some Sense From Sarah.
She may be excruciatingly stupid about foreign policy but she knows class bias when she sees it.
arharris 01/09/2009 135 5 1 26
Hamas Rockets:IDF Kills Kids; Hezbollah Rockets:No Big Deal
Why do Israelis bomb the holy crap out of Gaza in response to Hamas rockets, but only shrug their shoulders when Hezbollah fires rockets into Northern Israel?
arharris 01/08/2009 28 1 - 12
Obama: No missiles on my house; tanks ok.
The MSM has captured Obama's Middle East foreign policy in a nutshell. He said in Israel during the campaign that if someone fired missiles on his house endangering his daughters he would do ...
arharris 01/01/2009 73 2 - 17
Obama Dems Aleady Start to Cave
They aren't even sworn in yet and they are starting to surrender.
arharris 11/18/2008 26 - - 4
Michelle's Teeth
What is the deal with Michelle Obama's teeth? Hasn't anyone told her that her teeth, both top and bottom, protrude and cause her mouth to twist out of shape when she talks?
arharris 11/16/2008 253 - - 124
How can a black man be elected president?
It seems that Obama will be elected president. The Republicans may be forced to allow this election to happen: the vote margin could be too large for them to steal it this time around. And if they ...
arharris 10/30/2008 80 - - 4
Sarah Palin' (sic)
This post is about Sarah Palin's use, or misuse, or abuse of the English language. Ordinarily when someone makes the kinds of mistakes she does it is customary for the reporter or the news outlet to ...
arharris 10/20/2008 6 3 - 1
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