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A Fitting End to a Movie?
On some days I wish I were this brave.... More after the squiggle.
artmartin 12/16/2012 4 4 1 -
Bring it on
Ok, here's my notice to you. If you believe that post-election you can start in on here making unfounded and speculative attacks on our President's character and be protected by your long DKos ...
artmartin 11/13/2012 18 2 - -
Sophie's Choice
Today there were a number of diaries, even a political cartoon, springing up critical of the military drone attacks that are ongoing. I won't argue with anyone that the right does not exist for ...
artmartin 10/01/2012 7 - - 83
My Trip to the Supermarket
My trip to Fry's Food Market in Phoenix, Arizona turned political this morning. First of all there was a table outside with two older Navy men dressed in their dress white uniforms. There was a ...
artmartin 09/03/2012 125 434 - 2657
My prediction for the Republican nominee
This will probably call for many eye rolls because the majority of us on here are informed voters and immediately see huge character defects, an alleged sordid history, and beady eyes when viewing ...
artmartin 11/22/2011 30 - - 110
In Defense of Arizona
I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up in Tucson which is, probably to the surprise of many that are suddenly putting our state under a microscope with such a critical eye, quite the liberal ...
artmartin 04/26/2010 97 7 - 43
An Ethical Dillema
First, let me say that this is primarily a letter to President Obama and that ultimately, until let down completely in the march towards health care reform, I still have his back. I tend to think ...
artmartin 01/03/2010 7 1 - 52
What Becomes of Health Insurance Workers?
I wanted to address one theme I keep seeing in the diaries and debates regarding what the effect will be on employment should we eventually get a true public option or single payer health care. I ...
artmartin 12/19/2009 33 4 - 28
Maybe Our Outrage is Part of the Plan
I'm actually hesitant to write this diary because, if I'm right, I may be tipping the opposition to the hand that the President and Democrat Congressional leaders are actually playing. However, ...
artmartin 12/17/2009 33 4 - 63
Maybe We Should Take the Opposite Approach
The national health care fight is truly becoming messy and, with each passing day, the opposition to a public plan or ideally a complete single-payer system are putting huge resources in to advance ...
artmartin 07/11/2009 13 7 - 11
The Ally We Need For the Health Care Debate
I get tons of emails each day from various liberal and progressive groups all trying to tell me what I should do to help promote the cause of health care reform. Some are adamant about a single ...
artmartin 06/11/2009 9 4 - 13
Is Obama smarter than JFK?
This is going to be a tough diary to write because it will border on breaking the rules of introducing conspiracy theories into the assassination of JFK but that is clearly not my intention. I am ...
artmartin 04/11/2009 60 17 3 22
Arizona needs help
This morning, as I was watching CNN with my breakfast, the crawl came across the bottom of the screen - "John McCain announces bid to retain his Senate seat". Now I'm not at all surprised by this ...
artmartin 02/12/2009 53 16 2 45
Time for the Whistle-blowers to Appear
In the waning days of the Bush Administration, I'm sincerely hoping that the rats will begin to leave the sinking ship and we'll start to have a flood of whistle-blowers that will begin to expose ...
artmartin 12/17/2008 8 9 - 32
Next Task - The Neo-con Media
Ok, we got our guys elected for the most part. The country breathed a collective sigh of relief and we've pulled our national overhanging toes back from edge of the abyss. I have absolute faith ...
artmartin 11/07/2008 30 2 1 2
Let's Give Alaska to the "Base"
It's probably not a good idea to begin a diary when one has a hangover on a Saturday morning. One tends to be a bit irritable and somewhat sarcastic. I just finished reading other entries on ...
artmartin 10/18/2008 24 5 - 5
A Call For Action at McCain and Palin Rallies.
Ok, I've been reading the diaries filled with outrage over the hate filled events over the last few days featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin. The outrage is legitimate. This is scary stuff ...
artmartin 10/07/2008 86 29 1 22
Hey Sarah. My 15 Year Old Son is Available for Debate Coaching.
Like many Americans over the past week, I've been in this state alternating between amusement and terror watching a woman who in all likelihood, if there were a meltdown in common sense and ended up ...
artmartin 10/02/2008 15 4 - 2
Did The Vietnam Casualties Die In Vain?
There's a good reason why I'm not running for President. In a nutshell it's because I'm often brutally honest and cannot let a straight line or a chance at irony die. I would be vilified by the ...
artmartin 09/27/2008 39 6 - -
What happened to the 5 guys that graduated lower than John McCain?  Update #2
Ok, I know this is not related to any topic that's under discussion today but I need some help and guidance in finding out some information that I think might be a very valid political topic right ...
artmartin 09/25/2008 65 13 - 30
The Bailout - An Alternative Source?
Right now the target for the source of the financial bailout is centered around the most irrational area - the American middle class. Ultimately the currently proposed plan taps into the very ...
artmartin 09/23/2008 6 4 - 2
Keith Olbermann. What happens if the "Worst Person" is on your own network?
I came in this morning to work absolutely incensed. It's my own fault. There are a few other options to my morning news viewing when the rest of my family hasn't stirred from their beds yet. ...
artmartin 09/12/2008 70 19 - 1
So If You Knew the Refs Were Crooked
going into a professional basketball game but you really couldn't prove it, how would you go about beating your opponents anyway? Do you just blow off the game and see how many of the other side ...
artmartin 09/08/2008 35 12 1 1
Community Organizer and Movie Hero
One of the most inspiring movies I've seen in the past decade is the film Dave where a Presidential lookalike is asked to stand in for the real ...
artmartin 09/04/2008 5 5 - -
Totally Unfounded Speculation Regarding Palin
Ok, I'm absolutely unable to think clearly at work because I'm a bit hungover from the Obama party I went to last night and am very antsy for the long weekend to commence so I might as well go out ...
artmartin 08/29/2008 18 5 - -
"John McCain is my friend."
Ok, I get it. I understand that at the end of this election, all the participants that didn't win get to go back to their respective corners and have to "get along" again. They have to sit in ...
artmartin 08/28/2008 10 1 - 3
Maybe It's Time For the Tougher Divorce Lawyer
I'm seeing a common thread in many diaries where people are scared to death about the power of the media to distort the truth and push forward lies that are potentially very damaging to our ...
artmartin 08/26/2008 37 3 - 4
The Single Biggest Challenge to Taking Back America
is the issue of what to do about the corporate-controlled media and how to once again attain balance. This diary is not going to provide the answer to this question because I don't know it. Every ...
artmartin 08/24/2008 69 17 1 69
I'm Feeling Left Out - Haven't Made a VP Diary
So it's my turn for a VP rant. If you've read any of my posts you know I'm still gunning for Wesley Clark even though I've been told over and over about his son saying he's not the one and will be ...
artmartin 08/19/2008 19 2 - 1
Let's Begin a Letter to Russia
To the Russian government (Updated: it has been suggested "people"): We the undersigned, wish to convey our deepest regret for the actions of the Bush administration in helping to create the crisis ...
artmartin 08/16/2008 21 2 - 12
This Convention Needs to Be Business
I'm 54 years old and have sat glued to the TV throughout my life watching the spectacle of political conventions both Republican and Democrat. I've seen the long roll calls, some of which were ...
artmartin 08/07/2008 24 6 - 1
A Little Glimpse Into What We're Fighting Against
Last night I had the opportunity to try to convince a very dear friend of our family, a very bright and dynamic woman, that she should vote for Barack Obama in November. Normally this would be an ...
artmartin 07/29/2008 21 10 - 1
Is it Time to Require Public Officials to Resign Before Running for President?
With the enormous strain that occurs on any candidate running for President of the United States, it seems apparent to me that their duties as a Congressman, Vice-President, Governor, dog catcher, ...
artmartin 07/25/2008 16 1 - -
I'm Reminded Today of the "Sorry Everybody" Website
It was right after the election of 2004 when we were all in shock that the Republicans had prevailed again and George Bush would once again hold the most powerful political position in the world. ...
artmartin 07/24/2008 29 26 2 35
An Educator's Letter to Barack Obama
My wife sent this on to me. She's an elementary art teacher working in a low-income, primarily Hispanic school district. In spite of the wonderful experience she has of helping children she also ...
artmartin 07/10/2008 15 5 1 4
How to Handle Cars Still Showing Bush/Cheney Stickers?
Ok, I'm absolutely bored and frustrated at work, completely burned out reading and contributing to the diaries about supporting Obama or chastising him for FISA, and nearly falling asleep in my ...
artmartin 07/08/2008 59 6 - 30
Are There "Sleeper Cells" in DKos?
After reading some of the posts over the past few days regarding the FISA bill and the huge outrage over Obama's "lack of leadership" on the issue, a thought occurred to me. Do we have posters and ...
artmartin 06/22/2008 179 21 - 15
Has our concern shifted?
Excuse me but I'm just aghast at all the vitriolic rage aimed at the entire Democratic Party today and particularly Obama because they "caved" on the FISA bill or didn't come out strongly enough ...
artmartin 06/20/2008 18 9 - 12
MSNBC's Popular Vote Totals
I screamed at my television set. There was Keith Olbermann, the one beacon of truth in this whole mess, talking on the top of the screen as the vote and delegate totals appeared on the bottom. It ...
artmartin 06/03/2008 43 10 1 8
Tension Breaker - How Many John McCain's .....
People seem a bit testy here. Can't imagine why. So here's the challenge for today.
artmartin 06/02/2008 19 3 - -
The Speech Obama Needs to Make Now
I hope I don't have to tell the intellectuals and chess players on this site what's coming prior to November but I think it's absolutely obvious. We even saw the primer to it in the 2006 elections.
artmartin 05/28/2008 6 5 1 26
Calling All Delegates - You can Protect Obama
Regular and super alike. It is now time to state publicly and loudly that if one shred of harm is done to Barack Obama between now and the convention that you will unequivocally not nominate ...
artmartin 05/23/2008 9 5 - -
My Response to teacherken's Definition of a Liberal
teacherken is one of my favorite diarists on DK for a number of reasons. First of all, he (like my wife) is actively involved in the education of our ...
artmartin 05/21/2008 24 7 1 3
Getting a Democrat in the White House is the Easy Part
As much as I'd like to believe that a President Obama will move our country onto a new path, there's this lingering fear in me that our next leader will be challenged unlike any other in our recent ...
artmartin 05/16/2008 38 11 1 153
The Whites that Won't Vote for Obama
I'm old enough to remember the civil rights era, the riots, the murders, the marches of the KKK, the images in the magazines of signs over drinking fountains that shouted out "Whites Only". At the ...
artmartin 05/09/2008 60 39 1 18
Retirement time at hand for Hillary? (with poll)
I apologize in advance for this very short diary rant but I only have a few minutes before I have to hit the road. I just read about Hillary's gas tax cut bill before the Senate and her "with us or ...
artmartin 05/02/2008 12 2 - -
The Only Answer to the Debate Debacle
This is going to be a short and sweet diary but I'm just not reading this simple message in all the outrage I'm seeing.
artmartin 04/18/2008 12 10 - -
A Microcosm of our National Economy
This is a tale about an air conditioning system and a little insight into some of the fundamental problems facing our climb out of the economic chaos we face today. My recent experience trying to ...
artmartin 04/17/2008 6 - - 7
Let's Send All Who Want To Go To The Olympics
Ah, here we are again in that same situation as we were decades ago when the outrage was building over the Russians brutalizing the Afghanis and heading towards some sort of political boycott of the ...
artmartin 04/09/2008 26 4 - 19
I Pledge Allegiance To the Test
This is not a full-fledged diary but a primer on one I'll be writing as I compile all the facts on this topic. However, this one's burning in me and it's worth getting some light shown on it right ...
artmartin 04/08/2008 38 8 - 3
Ok, time for tough love
I've had it. After reading the diaries and news today about Senator Clinton's latest dirty politics and the number of very quality people that are actually saying they could never again vote for ...
artmartin 03/25/2008 18 4 1 2
How Obama Should Respond to this Morning's Attacks
First, let me state categorically that I still am firmly in support of Barack Obama becoming our next President but, after watching this morning's news on MSNBC before heading off to work, I'm ...
artmartin 03/14/2008 147 13 - 25
Are Gore and Edwards Watching This?
I'm truly sorry if I'm going to offend any Hillary supporters out there that are outraged over the outrage coming out of diarists, media personalities, and bloggers but there is legitimate cause for ...
artmartin 03/07/2008 141 21 2 13
Obama's Possible Ace Card
Ok, this is a long shot but, after reading a diary that wanted our opinion on the merits of an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket, I had this epiphany. Obama could secure the nomination and ...
artmartin 03/06/2008 54 8 1 -
We Are Not At War!
First, this is not an anti-Hillary diary but the impetus to bring up this point came from watching her speech last night after her victories. This phrase in particular inspired me to write this.
artmartin 03/05/2008 5 5 - 12
We Really Don't Know Any of the Candidates
And it's our fault. I'm writing this diary because I keep reading over and over within other diary posts that people are supporting candidate __________ because of their recent speech about _______ ...
artmartin 02/02/2008 26 3 - 1
County Attorney in Arizona Brings Back the "Stocks"
Andrew Thomas, the Republican Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona has launched a campaign to shame people convicted of DUI offenses.
artmartin 01/07/2008 34 5 1 153
After the Move To Universal Healthcare
This intent of this diary is to engage this wonderful army of internet soldiers that demonstrated the power of the American spirit over the last few days in the ethical battle with Cigna. The ...
artmartin 12/22/2007 22 2 - -
Is This What We're Asking Congressional Democrats to Do?
During the days leading up to the Civil War, a Senator name Preston Brooks beat a colleague to within an inch of his life with a cane as a result of a debate over the issue of slavery. Obviously he ...
artmartin 12/21/2007 11 1 - -
A Theory on the Lack of Democratic Backbone
It's been awhile since I've written a full diary but I'll use a new one to keep going a discussion I got into on another diary that quickly fell off the list. (Agnostic's excellent entry ...
artmartin 12/20/2007 27 1 - 11
Bush suddenly believes in separation of power
Oh my. We've definitely entered the Twilight Zone if a speech George Bush given to the Federalist Society is any indication. Either that or his speech writers are beginning to get a sense of humor.
artmartin 11/27/2007 17 5 - -
Reply to my Conservative Father-In-Law
The other day, a typed 3-page letter came to my 18 year old son from my wife's nearly 80 year old father. I'm certain his intentions were honorable as he laid out the philosophy he held of adult ...
artmartin 11/16/2007 29 27 2 24
What should we name after Bush and Cheney?
With GWB's reign of terror drawing to an end (hopefully), we know the twenty odd percent of his remaining faithful followers are going to be pushing hard to secure his legacy by naming things after ...
artmartin 11/13/2007 71 14 - 3
Which candidate is the closeted atheist?
Just today I read an article that states that approximately 12% of our nation now considers themselves atheist, agnostic, or without religion in their lives and the percentages naturally are higher ...
artmartin 10/30/2007 85 6 - -
Resisting Temptation to Tie CA Fires to Human-Produced Global Warming
First, you have to know that I believe the majority of scientists who are convinced our production of CO2 on the planet has an effect on our climate. In all likelihood that effect has a direct ...
artmartin 10/25/2007 64 4 1 40
What if we all bought guns?
Now this is brainstorming at its most outrageous so please bear with me here. The last time I owned or even shot a gun I was still a teenager with an overabundance of testosterone and a seeming ...
artmartin 10/24/2007 75 6 1 6
Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution in Arizona
There's a huge story breaking in Phoenix, Arizona regarding the jailing of the founders of the Phoenix New Times newspaper by the Maricopa Country Sheriff's Office led by the "the toughest sheriff ...
artmartin 10/19/2007 198 281 1 57
The neo-cons were right
Well, if you turn this issue sideways, spin it around a few times, and pinch your nose while holding it at arms length, they may be on to something.
artmartin 10/11/2007 2 2 - -
What If Moveon.....
is actually encouraging Democratic congressmen to vote to condemn them?
artmartin 09/26/2007 2 - 1 1
The Military Mystique
So often people of all political persuasions try to elevate military personnel to superhuman status and grant them unquestioned respect simply because of their chosen profession. This also includes ...
artmartin 09/23/2007 2 5 1 -
My letter to Senator McCain
For my first diary submission I'd like to show the country the letter I just wrote to my Senator - John McCain. This isn't the first letter I've written to him and based on past history, he likely ...
artmartin 09/21/2007 9 8 1 2
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