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The "End Bribery of Congress" Amendment and How to Pass It
[Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] In ...
arubyan 02/15/2011 3 1 - 27
How to Stop the Flow of Money Between Corporations & Politicians
Bob Herbert: While millions of ordinary Americans are struggling with unemployment and declining standards of living,
arubyan 02/13/2011 8 - - 80
Fire Nancy Pelosi
I'm stuck in Baton Rouge traffic and that's what the bumper sticker says on the car in front of me. It's similar to another bumper sticker I was stuck behind (notice a pattern here about Baton Rouge ...
arubyan 10/16/2010 57 7 - 109
How BP may have triggered a 'world-killing' event'
I came across this article this weekend. I think no one else has written ...
arubyan 07/11/2010 70 4 1 185
Rep. Taylor: Volcano of oil looks like...chocolate milk! (UPDATED 2X)
Not to worry : U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor (MS-4) on Saturday said people ...
arubyan 05/03/2010 40 24 1 94
HCR Was a Hostage Confrontation, Not a Negotiation
We -- all of us in the progressive community -- are looking at the HCR drama through the wrong frame. For example, here'...
arubyan 12/23/2009 23 18 1 63
"Kill HCR Because We're Super Mad at Sen. F*ckface From CT"
[NOTE: All of this goes out the window if the HCR bill doesn't pass. That said...] If you don't think the following piece from Alex Pareene is funny then you're probably a bill-killer. [...
arubyan 12/22/2009 27 16 2 55
We Need More "Unum" & Less "Pluribus"
Fact is, politics is about uniting your friends and dividing your enemies. Unity builds strength, strength means victory, while division means defeat. E Pluribus Unum, baby: Out of Many, One. Or ...
arubyan 12/18/2009 22 - - 32
When You're Walking Thru Hell, Keep Walking
I'm sick to death of how the HCR effort has gone so far. But I will not allow the present circumstances to discourage me and neither can you. You know, a certain Senator would get no greater ...
arubyan 12/16/2009 6 3 - 64
Joe: Go Read the Phonebook & Pee Into a Jug
Hear me out. Joe Lieberman loves it when we get mad, right? I'm pretty sure that's what this is all about -- pissing us off. I'm just guessing that he probably hates that we dumped him in favor of ...
arubyan 12/14/2009 11 11 - 45
Single Payer Expands When Medicare Expands
I'm encouraged by what I'm reading about the Medicare buy-in. I'll have to wait -- like the rest of you -- to see how much of the devil is in the details. CBO scoring will tell us a lot. And we ...
arubyan 12/09/2009 36 9 - 46
Afghanistan: The 4 Questions That Matter Most
Last night, you saw the pictures and video from Eisenhower Hall where the president gave his speech. The hall holds approximately 4500 people. Many (if not most) of those in attendance were cadets -
arubyan 12/02/2009 15 1 - 15
Obama-Lieberman Meme: Don't Fall For It
Maybe you've heard it: Obama sent Lieberman out to torpedo the Opt ...
arubyan 10/28/2009 38 10 - 42
Opt Out = "Separate But Equal" Health Care Systems
If Opt-Out is in the final bill sent to Obama's desk, I will no longer volunteer my time or money to the national party or its chosen candidates.
arubyan 10/26/2009 174 13 1 27
Opt-out: "A firebell in the night, filling me with terror." UPDATED 2X
Last week, I wrote this diary detailing why I thought the opt-out compromise is such a bad ...
arubyan 10/12/2009 61 2 1 157
Dr. Dean, Nate, & Krugman: OPT-OUT IS BAD
Please, please PLEASE don't fall for the opt-out compromise. Opt out is a horrible idea. It is bad politics. It is bad policy. It divides us from each ...
arubyan 10/09/2009 221 21 - 37
Happy Gustaversary: One Year Later, We're Fine
It was one year ago today that Baton Rouge was hit with Hurricane Gustav, a monster hurricane with sustained winds of over 90 mph. "X" marks the spot where we live on the map below...
arubyan 09/01/2009 3 - - 29
Nate Silver: Public Option "Probably Dead"
Just saw this over at and a search here turned up no diaries on it so I thought I'd ...
arubyan 08/16/2009 190 29 - 16
Dems: Chill the f#@k out -- we're in the driver's seat (UPDATED)
A Republican friend of mine recently sent me this email after I told him that Claire McCaskill pwned the Medicare recipients at her recent town hall: The mistake you are making here isn'
arubyan 08/14/2009 31 6 - 1
Frum on Obama: "...somebody should shoot him." (UPDATED 2X)
A shocker. Never mind that Frum "qualified" his directive. More on the flip.
arubyan 08/13/2009 233 21 1 28
Louisiana House unknowingly votes for stimulus override!
Like we say in Baton Rouge , plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose ("the more things change, the more ...
arubyan 05/19/2009 23 22 - 50
Cheney: No Better Than a Holocaust Denier
I may be the last one to figure this out, but it finally occurred to me on Wednesday why dick Cheney is everywhere defending his position on "enhanced interrogation" and waterboarding. It's ...
arubyan 05/14/2009 15 5 - -
WTF: Torture Suddenly OK If Dems Have White House?
According to Bruce Fein , Pres. Obama has done an about-face on torture policy, now arguing in court to uphold ...
arubyan 02/17/2009 78 7 2 17
Poll: Dodd in the Doghouse?
A Feb. 10 Quinnipiac Poll shows Sen. Dodd's consituency split on his performance as Connecticut's junior Senator. Polling also ...
arubyan 02/10/2009 25 3 - 1
Stimulus Bill Whip Count: Who's Who
Because the Majority Leader caves every time the Republicans use the F(ilibuster) word, it will take at least a couple of Republicans to vote their way in order to pass the President's stimulus bill.
arubyan 02/06/2009 31 6 - 8
"This site may harm your computer" WTF? (UPDATED 3X w/PIC)
Anybody else seeing this in Google Search results on Saturday morning, Jan. 31, 2009 (around 9am CST)? UPDATE: See the pic after the jump.
arubyan 01/31/2009 44 7 1 19
It was 7 years ago this week...
My name is Ara Rubyan and I live in Baton Rouge. Some of you know me as arubyan . I've been blogging here for 3 years (tomorrow!) and I've had a ...
arubyan 01/13/2009 5 5 - -
Blago: "I won't be that long." (UPDATED)
Yeah, those were his very first words at this afternoon's press conference, following his impeachment by the IL House. Is that what you would call Freudian slip or what?
arubyan 01/09/2009 94 6 - 23
“So let us begin anew...”
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] Most inaugural addresses have a pretty short shelf life. They don't endure past the ...
arubyan 01/08/2009 7 2 - 7
Israel in Gaza: An Alternate Scenario
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] I was born in the Middle East and I still have family there -- on ...
arubyan 01/05/2009 104 8 1 22
VPOTUS & The Black Cat Affair
No one knows exactly when the cyber-thieves struck first against the VP, or more accurately, everyone around him. There was no consensus on whether or not they had struck in concert. But, in ...
arubyan 12/29/2008 3 2 - 49
The Black Cat Affair
[Note: This is the first draft of a treatment that I'm writing. I'd appreciate your feedback on it. Feel free to offer suggestions on structure, pacing, political shading, even technical details,
arubyan 12/27/2008 7 5 2 -
Open Letter from John Dean to Barack Obama (POLL)
There are a handful of writers, thinkers and pundits for whom I will stop what I'm doing and listen to ...
arubyan 12/13/2008 24 10 1 9
Snow in Baton Rouge: WTF? (VIDEO)
It's snowing in Baton Rouge. WTF?? Big, fat flakes. As of this writing, there's 2 inches or so on the ground already. The sun's been up for over an hour and it's still snowing.
arubyan 12/11/2008 73 17 - 30
The Zero Emission Car & The Network It Runs On
Shai Agassi has started a company called Better Place and he's busy building a new paradigm. Cars with ...
arubyan 12/10/2008 43 11 2 32
Congressman Nadler: F#@k you. (UPDATED 2x)
Yes, there have been several diaries on this already. Tough shit. Here's another one. My god, I'm furious.
arubyan 12/05/2008 67 21 - 36
Electric Cars: Give One To Each Auto Worker
Once upon a time, Henry Ford paid his workers the unheard of sum of five dollars a day to work in his auto plants. It secured him a skilled and loyal workforce for the next two decades and it ...
arubyan 12/04/2008 89 16 - 33
We Haven't Hit Bottom Yet (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ]
arubyan 11/24/2008 9 3 - -
Detroit: Answer the Call (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ]
arubyan 11/20/2008 9 4 - -
Rahm Emanuel's Awesome Power
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] ...
arubyan 11/07/2008 6 1 - -
GOTV in Baton Rouge (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] I just ...
arubyan 11/03/2008 14 9 - 5
Democratic Blowout? Why You Shouldn’t Believe It (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] We're hearing it every day, all day: "Unnamed senior ...
arubyan 10/27/2008 34 11 1 -
The Economy: More Like a Poker Game Than a Restaurant (POLL)
Recently, while I ...
arubyan 10/25/2008 4 2 - -
Obama: A Bigger Maverick than McCain -- or Palin (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] Republicans loooooooooooove to ask "Who is Obama, really?" ...
arubyan 10/23/2008 9 3 - -
Palin: Yet Another Corrupt Alaska Republican (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] If you're a public servant in Alaska I guess every day is ...
arubyan 10/22/2008 10 1 - -
BREAKING: McCain, Bush "two separate people." (POLL)
In what might be the knockout punch Sen. John McCain wanted and needed so badly tonight, the Republican nominee boldly and forcefully declared that he is "not President Bush."
arubyan 10/15/2008 18 4 - 1
How to Rescue Our Jobs and Savings
The Centre for Economic Policy Research has published a 40-page ebook entitled How to Rescue Our Jobs and ...
arubyan 10/10/2008 12 7 - -
“That One?” He Won the Debate. (POLL)
I can only remember a couple of other moments in debate history that sent a similar spike of electricity slicing through the humdrum monotony that these debates usually devolve into. George H.W. ...
arubyan 10/08/2008 4 4 - -
Look For Obama's Lead To Shrink Again
[Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] We're very close to winning this thing, but it ain't over yet. So ...
arubyan 10/07/2008 88 18 1 36
Obama and the Angry Voter
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ]
arubyan 10/02/2008 14 2 - -
Top 10 October Surprises (POLL)
From the home office in Sedona, Arizona: The Top 10 October Surprises in this year's campaign:
arubyan 09/28/2008 8 2 - -
BREAKING NEWS: McCain asks that Friday debate be postponed (UPDATED)
MSNBC is reporting that McCain wants to put Friday's debate on ice and has asked Obama to agree.
arubyan 09/24/2008 60 21 1 20
How to Dismantle the Sarah Palin Myth
First you have to accept what should be obvious by now: facts and logic do not move voters; emotions move voters. And Republicans understand this while Democrats are still ...
arubyan 09/15/2008 19 5 2 -
Baton Rouge: Top 10 Lessons Learned After Gustav
No. We still do not have power back since Hurricane Gustav hit Baton Rouge on September 1 -- and ...
arubyan 09/11/2008 16 13 - 30
The Polls: Rip Van Winkle Gets Some Shocking News
Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum [Note: We still do not have power at our home in Baton Rouge, but ...
arubyan 09/09/2008 20 44 - 30
Gustav@ Baton Rouge: 9/1/08, 8am
[cross posted -- with 4x updates -- at E Pluribus Unum ] In ...
arubyan 09/01/2008 6 6 - 7
Gustav: Baton Rouge Waits (VIDEO)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] Here's some video I shot this morning where I live in Baton Rouge. ...
arubyan 08/31/2008 23 3 - 18
Obama-Doubters: Buy a Hat and Hang the F**k Onto It
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] Unlike many others, I guess, I give Obama credit for ...
arubyan 08/19/2008 41 30 - 26
“Governor, you're no Mahatma Gandhi.” (POLL)
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] So it's going to be Joe Biden. Or not.
arubyan 08/14/2008 6 1 - -
Noonan: There's a New (Old) Meme in Town
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] There's a new meme in town ...
arubyan 08/08/2008 5 3 - -
Reagan: Obama's Trump Card
[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ] McCain's relentless yapping at Obama's heels seems to have accomplished one thing: ...
arubyan 08/03/2008 31 17 1 27
Howard Dean Talks to My Son
My son is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and took it pretty hard when she lost to Barack Obama. He's even threatened to vote for John McCain. Well, Saturday the DNC and Howard Dean brought their cross-
arubyan 07/20/2008 10 22 - 33
McCain$$ + RNC$$ = GOP Bloodbath in House
A lot has already been written about the McCain/RNC money advantage over Obama. But what doesn't get discussed is how this leaves Republican Congressional candidates high and dry. Until today.
arubyan 07/11/2008 13 2 - -
Bobby Jindal Raised from the Dead? (POLL)
(Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) Jim ...
arubyan 07/10/2008 19 3 - -
Gore, Nader, Bush...& Obama: The lessons of 2000 (POLL)
Diarist Mark Adams makes some pretty good points about Obama's rightward move in a post over ...
arubyan 07/04/2008 14 - - -
Clark v. McCain: McCain's Losing & Here's Why
(cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) I ...
arubyan 07/02/2008 28 22 - 29
Osama bin Laden & The Boston Massacre
Could there be a more heinous villain in the popular mind than Osama bin Laden? No. And/But the debate rages: if he should be captured alive, would he, should he, be ...
arubyan 06/19/2008 17 5 - -
Speaking as a 55 year old man...WTF, Tim?
(cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) First of all, speaking as a 55 year old man...WTF, Tim? I saw Andrea Mitchell's ...
arubyan 06/14/2008 25 11 1 37
McCain Internet Rumors: GOP Disinformation? (UPD. w/POLL)
(Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) Plenty of diaries today, and earlier, ...
arubyan 06/12/2008 11 2 - 8
Democrats: Turn the Page Already (POLL)
I've been out of town for the last several days visiting family. So I've followed the DNC meetings only somewhat and the Puerto Rican primary even less. I've been reading a few online blogs. And it ...
arubyan 06/02/2008 7 2 - -
What If Obama Picks Hillary? (POLL)
I am an Obama man through and through but I have to ask the question: Is it better for Barack to have Hillary outside the tent pissing in, or inside the tent pissing out? Before ...
arubyan 05/21/2008 188 8 - 33
Mississippi River States: Win 'em, Win the WH?
I have a pet theory about electability that holds true for all presidential elections reaching back to 1900: whoever wins a majority of the 10 states bordering the Mississippi River wins the election.
arubyan 05/17/2008 23 3 - 40
Obama & the Role of Emotion in Politics (Poll)
One of the arguments I often get into with my Republican friends (and also with my friends who are backing Hillary) is that Obama is all about...well, here's how one of them put it (I'll let you ...
arubyan 05/16/2008 11 5 1 -
West Virginia: Obama “not their kind of guy.” WTF?
Jacki Schechner nails it: Why is it we can't just call it like it is? White, uneducated, poor voters ...
arubyan 05/15/2008 42 15 - 11
NBC/WSJ Poll: Bush Far Scarier Than Wright
In their latest polling, NBC/WSJ has revealed that George W. Bush, not Rev. Wright, is on the minds of voters -- and they don't like what they feeling:
arubyan 04/30/2008 18 11 - 18
The “Watchdog Press” Don't Hunt No More
I've always felt that the job of government is to keep an eye on business and the job of the independent press is to keep an eye on government. So when I see ...
arubyan 04/29/2008 4 2 - -
What I'd Do Next If I Were Obama
In short, I wouldn't make any big changes in my message. Obama's core message, the change he wants to deliver, is "One America." So whatever he says and does at this point should be focused on that.
arubyan 04/25/2008 10 2 1 -
Hillary's Ultimate Closing Argument to SDs
Shorter Hillary Clinton: "Barack can't win in November because I will destroy him long before that. So you should give me the nomination, because you know I'm your only chance at the White House."
arubyan 04/24/2008 10 1 1 -
LA-06: GOP Poll Shows Cazayoux Beating Jenkins
According to Eric Kleefeld an internal GOP poll shows Republican Woody Jenkins is in danger ...
arubyan 04/03/2008 10 5 1 -
How Do You Win Pennsylvania?
So who wins Pennsylvania? Or more importantly, HOW do you win Pennsylvania? What will it take to win over those voters who, as one Dem consultant put it, "
arubyan 04/01/2008 5 2 - -
Obama On Race: His Work is Cut Out For Him
I've been saying it since before anybody else: race excites the base . This election (as so ...
arubyan 03/18/2008 2 3 - -
Black Skin
Eddie Izzard : All that people care about is the look, because there's figures on this. 70% of what people react to is the look, you know,
arubyan 03/12/2008 7 4 - -
Are You in the Detroit/Ann Arbor Area Tomorrow?
If so, I encourage you to attend the premiere, on U-Mich campus, of a new film: Life is for the Living , a documentary about the people, the ...
arubyan 03/11/2008 7 6 - -
Obama: Stop Repeating Hillary's Mantra!
It's Saturday morning -- not my preferred time to publish a diary. But go get a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. I have something I have to get off my chest.
arubyan 03/08/2008 33 6 - -
GOP VP Hillary Clinton?
I think Obama should spend the rest of the primary campaign running against the Republicans' McCain/Clinton ticket. Hear me out...
arubyan 03/06/2008 34 1 - -
LA-06: Kopplin on Climate Change & Energy
Andy Kopplin is running for the Dem nomination for Congress from Louisiana's 6th CD (Baton Rouge). You know the district: Republican Richard Baker abandoned it to become a million ...
arubyan 03/05/2008 2 3 - -
LA-06: Kopplin For Congress
Andy Kopplin is running for the Dem nomination for Congress from Louisiana's 6th CD (Baton Rouge). You know the district: Republican Richard Baker abandoned it to become a million ...
arubyan 03/04/2008 5 2 - 10
Nader: I'm In
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water: Ralph Nader is launching a third-party campaign for president. The consumer ...
arubyan 02/24/2008 129 12 - 10
Huck/Rollins: Pushed the Button on McCain Campaign?
In Mafia parlance a "button man" is a hit-man or mafia soldier. In The Godfather movies, Luca Brazzi was a button man, as was Willie Cicci :
arubyan 02/21/2008 30 4 - -
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to the Bush administration's domestic spying program. The justices' decision ...
arubyan 02/19/2008 269 319 4 43
The Dumbing of America? Don't Believe It
Susan Jacoby has written an article in the Washington Post that is one of ...
arubyan 02/18/2008 17 4 - -
LA-06: Kopplin for Congress
My friend Andy Kopplin is running for Congress from the sixth district of Louisiana (Baton Rouge). Maybe you remember us: We're in the district that Rep. Richard Baker abandoned to become a million ...
arubyan 02/04/2008 1 1 - -
Obama: Grandparents & children united against parents
(Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) Holy crap!
arubyan 01/29/2008 39 8 1 11
The Clintons' Pick and Roll
(cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) If Obama loses the nomination, here's the headline that foreshadowed his loss (...
arubyan 01/24/2008 21 3 - 12
Republican Louisiana Caucus: Paul Thwarted
Yep, they had themselves a Republican caucus yesterday, down in my neck of the woods. The national media skipped ...
arubyan 01/23/2008 13 2 - 4
Tax Rebate: What Would You Spend Yours On?
Bush is talking about the need for an economic stimulus package -- lickety split and shoeshine Charlie. Below the fold I'll do a quick and dirty ...
arubyan 01/18/2008 114 14 - 14
Bush: "You’ll all be dead by the end of this year."
(cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) It was a morning, not unlike this morning, at a stateside military base not ...
arubyan 01/14/2008 11 8 - 30
Rove: Obama "lazy"
(cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) I used to dissect frogs in high school. It was a dirty job, but we all had to do ...
arubyan 01/10/2008 106 17 - 34
Primary Winners and Losers: How It Will Happen (POLL)
(Cross posted at E Pluribus Unum ) "Those who live by the crystal ball eat broken glass." ----
arubyan 12/21/2007 25 5 1 11
Congress Click 'n' Call: New App Makes It Possible
[Yesterday I posted a comment to a diary on the Dodd filibuster of the FISA bill. I'd like to expand on that here, ...
arubyan 12/18/2007 5 8 1 12
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