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A quick call to action in Ca
Those of you who know the disability community in Ca, also likely know the Lanterman Act . It has provided the legal underpinning for what was once the world leading support for the disabled in Ca.
askyron 05/26/2015 3 7 - -
SF Giants support Gay Marriage
ok, I just wanted to brag. As a Giants fan, I was tickled to death to read SF giants one of 3 sports team to file Amicus brief in support of Gay marriage with Surpreme Court Hat tip to the Patriots ...
askyron 03/05/2015 3 6 - -
Whoo Hoo! Supremes settle gay marriage
The United States Supreme Court refused to hear cases on Gay Marriage from 5 states, marriages to begin! The 5 states are Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
askyron 10/06/2014 11 4 - -
My MIL died this last Thursday
Lee (Leisa) Sturtevant was actually someone who should be mourned on this site, as she was a major figure in the California Democratic party. Until she retired from paid work (at 88) she served as ...
askyron 08/13/2014 5 18 - -
The carbon revolution progresses
Browsing yahoo, I found the following tidbit about a new carbon material form. Elemental Carbon has many fascinating forms, starting with crystalline (Diamond) but also Buckyballs , nanotubes and ...
askyron 04/17/2014 17 13 - -
the revolt will be top down
we were informed Sunday, that our local Paulist priests will be replaced, and possibly the church will be totally redirected away from being a parish, and to be only of service to students. (We're ...
askyron 02/17/2014 5 - - -
So, sea levels are rising
Just saw this , an interesting story where people can use their eyes to see what's coming. As we all know here, yes, sea levels are rising, and there's gonna be a lot of wet people screaming in the ...
askyron 04/29/2013 3 5 - -
My 90 yr old mother was just kicked off medicare
Ok, someone somewhere screwed up big time, and I'm sure there's lots more like her. She's 90, so she's been on medicare/SS for a long time. My father supported her for most of her life, and they ...
askyron 04/12/2013 42 37 - -
BP and “lack of business integrity.
BP Temporarily Banned From Contracts With U.S. Government By Danielle Ivory - Nov 28, 2012 10:51 AM PT BP Temporarily Suspended From U.S. Contracts BP Plc (BP/), which agreed to plead guilty to ...
askyron 11/28/2012 1 1 - -
Pissed off at MLB, happy with Panda
Watching the World Series. Go Giants. The problem is, why can't I watch my own announcers? We have hall of fame level announcers, and we're stuck listening to announcers who just don't know the ...
askyron 10/24/2012 19 3 - -
Another success for America, not for Republicans
SpaceX successfully launches Dragon to space station . Despite Republican criticism of Obama's diversification of our launch program, DragonX keeps on tract, and a very good week for America. Ok, ...
askyron 10/07/2012 1 4 - 66
Another fact check diary
It is quite possible I missed someone else posting this repeated jaw dropper. romney claimed that Obama had put $90 billion in one year into loan guarantees for green energy companies like Solyndra,
askyron 10/04/2012 1 1 - 15
and now for something completly different
Yes, another movie shooting, but this time, it shows the possibility of concealed carry to the defense. SPARKS, Nev. - Police say a man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks at a Nevada movie ...
askyron 08/15/2012 10 2 - 106
worst of 4 choices, Tommy Thompson wins
dang those tea party types, don't they know you can't have 3 tea party challengers and beat someone with good name recognition? Now he will face off against Tammy ...
askyron 08/14/2012 15 6 - 155
Start of Dream Act occurring
Good news, it appears that the beginning of the Dream act is underway. ‘Deferred action’ applications for young illegal immigrants now online Dreamers are finally getting their dream--or at ...
askyron 08/14/2012 4 2 - 17
republician national convention speakers announced
Sen. John McCain, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are among the first speakers named for this month's Republican National Convention in Tampa. The ...
askyron 08/05/2012 15 7 - 169
with all Mitt's screwups
I was listening to Beethoven's 9th performed by the West-Eastern Divan orchestra. It's the perfect counterpoint to the Mittless noise over the joined cleft notes for details.
askyron 07/29/2012 2 1 - 62
KosAbility: Love and Marriage with disabilities
As raising my kids has been a fully collaborative affair, The following diary is also one (the wife wrote it, and I'll post in support) KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET ...
askyron 07/04/2012 54 62 - 351
It seems the market has spoken
The republicians have done everything they can on many many levels to block the move towards solar power. High pitched sceams of Solyndra Solyndra accompany efforts to block government funding of ...
askyron 04/11/2012 10 7 - 155
Barbara Lee, speaks for me
She is my congressperson, and that is her campaign slogan. This morning she released a press release about the debt ceiling deal, posted below the ...
askyron 08/02/2011 10 12 - 70
interesting ad on DailyKos
just found an interesting ad here on good ole DakilKos Seems google once again mistook us for *cough* conservatives and offered ...
askyron 06/02/2011 11 2 - 168
suggestions for Dailykos additions
I love the idea of cartoons I love the idea of working to expand the professional community, especially now along those lines, I'd like to suggest some additional options to explore for future ...
askyron 05/25/2011 3 - - 42
San Carlos CA to privatise fire dept.
So, even here in Ca, we've sunk so low that we're willing to forgo professional fire protection. The San Carlos city council is deciding on whether or not to go with a private company to save money ...
askyron 04/23/2011 32 8 - 164
breaking, we are not alone
a very short diary, but I think it deserves to be disseminated. we are not ...
askyron 03/05/2011 47 22 1 289
what to do when you're sick but not poor
I've a friend, who was just, friday, diagnosed with a brain tumor. He's 58, self employed and facing bankruptcy and then death, though I'm not sure he's focused enough to be facing anything yet. So,
askyron 01/26/2010 15 3 - 10
Ok, progressive congress critters...
The ball's in your court. You hated the "bail out" fine you don't want to reward those who abused the system we get it it doesn't do enough for main street well, ...
askyron 09/29/2008 6 3 1 3
Wolf Blitzer is hurting America
He's not the only one, of course. It happens at every debate; the moderator poses an oversimplified question and bears down, insisting on a show of hands or a yes or no, making it impossible to put ...
askyron 11/16/2007 20 10 - 7
Seems that Tabasco has slipped off the front page
clip from today's Chron article: Mexicans were gripped Saturday by images of dramatic rescues from flooding in the southeastern state of Tabasco, where much of the state capital, ...
askyron 11/04/2007 21 20 - 16
Al Gore's Press conference
Al Gore just gave a press conference in Palo Alto, announcing his decision to donate his "winnings" to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan nonprofit organization that is ...
askyron 10/12/2007 5 4 - 1
Up or Down Vote!
The Webb amendment is the target of republician filibuster This measure is a bi-partisan bill with support from ...
askyron 07/11/2007 6 2 - -
A short and easy call for Iraq
askyron 06/24/2006 3 - - 1
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