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Reid & Obama to Republicans: Checkmate! w/ 3 updates
Contrary to almost all commentary on Reid's "Public Option Optout" decision today, it seems to me that the decision itself is a masterstroke of political strategy. Barack Obama has ...
aspTrader 10/26/2009 56 23 2 44
Hillary can win and penguins can fly...
The BBC has captured the impossible on video: flying penguins. If penguins can fly, Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic Party nomination for President.
aspTrader 04/01/2008 2 1 1 -
Preparing for a meeting about Tauscher's MoveOn Vote
I've scheduled a meeting with Congresswoman Tauscher's (CA-10) District Director next week to discuss Tauscher's MoveOn vote. I explained over the phone to the District Director that I'd like to ...
aspTrader 09/28/2007 15 2 - -
Why the Top Brass is worried about Petraeus and MoveOn
The US military, including General Petraeus, ought to be very worried about what is taking place in this country. We citizens who are members of number now in millions. We know, and our ...
aspTrader 09/21/2007 61 31 1 2
I do solemnly swear ...
The constitutional crisis we face is more serious than we imagine. The consistent and persistent attacks by Bush/Cheney on constitutional principles and practices are well ...
aspTrader 07/23/2007 4 4 - 9
"That's So Raven": My Daughter is Ready to Give It Up
aspTrader 09/09/2006 42 32 - 6
FLAME as a key to the TraitorGate puzzle?
aspTrader 10/18/2005 33 10 2 11
On Fitzgerald's Scope and Legal Security
aspTrader 10/13/2005 14 24 4 27
Where's Cheney?
aspTrader 10/11/2005 32 5 - -
Judy Miller's Jailtime: Rethinking The Reason
aspTrader 10/03/2005 25 6 - 6
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