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Time to send in Seal Team 6 to Bundy Ranch
Now's the perfect time. Obama should send in the special forces (or I guess the SWAT teams, since this is domestic) at night, disarm the yahoos surrounding Bundy's ranch, and arrest Bundy. What ...
atheistdad 04/24/2014 36 3 - -
College Sports--Good Riddance
Some people say the National Labor Relations Board's decision to let the Northwestern football team organize a union will end college sports as we know it. I hope they're right. Many have rightly ...
atheistdad 03/28/2014 33 13 1 -
Dear MSNBC--Please End the Embarassing to Watch Excuse for Television that is Morning Joe
Is there anything worse on political television than Morning Joe? I would rather watch Fox News; at least they don't try to make their views seem moderate or mainstream. Watching Mika and Joe stand ...
atheistdad 01/10/2014 253 231 6 -
Republican Senators' Empty Threats
It's so funny to hear these Republican Senators warn Democrats that they will "rue the day" that they passed filibuster reform. What exactly are they going to do? They say that when they have power, ...
atheistdad 11/21/2013 5 5 - -
Is America Suicidal?
America is down on itself, for sure. Eighty percent of us think that America is on the wrong track, and the other twenty percent thinks that there’s something wrong with the eighty percent. ...
atheistdad 08/02/2008 16 7 1 2
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