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Ways in which you *might* be a Neoliberal
1. You ignore the record income inequality created by Democratic Party and Obama admin economic policies. 2. You decouple harmful and irresponsible policy from those implementing it. 3. You find ...
averageyoungman 04/18/2014 55 12 - -
Russian State TV Covers Protest Fairly, American Media Dumbfounded
I performed a quick search and didn't find any similar diaries. I'll gladly delete if this has already been covered. My incredulousness rapidly growing daily, in part with help from great diaries ...
averageyoungman 12/11/2011 8 5 - 110
McCain's big Palin/Obama experience ad fails to deliver
Given that there appear to be no diary entries regarding the ad being touted by Republican strategists, I thought it pertinent to post it in all its underwhelming glory. Here it is.
averageyoungman 09/03/2008 30 2 2 1
Death, Advertising and The Internets
My apologies for this being short, however it struck a chord with me personally so I felt I should post it. In yet another display of the kind of callous disregard and hollow sense of empathy that ...
averageyoungman 04/18/2007 - - - -
Drat! Tin foiled again! (for real, I think?)
averageyoungman 11/19/2005 27 5 - -
The Silver Lining of Indictment Strategery
averageyoungman 10/28/2005 - 1 - -
Gonzalez, FBI Launch Fascist, Sexist "War On Obscenity"
averageyoungman 09/25/2005 16 15 1 11
Rita spin beginning: Cornyn, DeLay
averageyoungman 09/24/2005 17 5 - 1
Coke, iPods and Democracy
averageyoungman 09/19/2005 11 15 - 9
Pocketbook talks, America listens.
averageyoungman 09/10/2005 14 4 - 13
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