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Direct evidence of massive surveillance of all Tweets by US Govt
A disturbing story was posted to MSNBC today suggesting that two British tourists heading to Hollywood were intercepted at the customs and deported after a night in custody, based on a couple of ...
axel000 01/30/2012 18 22 1 264
Red China style Citizen Snitch'n on its way
Is it just me or are we witnessing the slow but steady erosion of what it means to be American, or indeed, freedom itself in this country that prides itself on its democractic underpinnings.
axel000 12/19/2010 30 18 - 53
Your Handy Guide to Corporations and Political Leaning
Just a short diary but perhaps a useful point of reference to use, bookmark and come back to again and again. Target has come into view in the past week as a schizophrenic organization which ...
axel000 07/30/2010 25 18 2 42
The US has a new winged space vehicle
With all the lamenting over the retirement of the Space Shuttle later this year after a long almost 30 year history, you would think American technological innovation in the space arena was dying ...
axel000 04/04/2010 33 68 7 518
France voted (again)
For the fifth year in a row, France has been voted the best place to live in the world according to an annual survey in International Living magazine.
axel000 02/12/2010 86 15 1 44
Hate in America & forced sterilization of the poor
A widowed mother of nine receiving welfare benefits was sterilized against her will in a Boston area hospital in Dec 2006. When the story broke in the local press, she was surprised at the amount ...
axel000 02/09/2010 60 8 - 22
Blood and broken bones in Iran
A major demonstration was scheduled for today by the reformist groups in Iran to take place in Tehran in the Baharestan area...unfortunately it seems that the security forces were out in force well ...
axel000 06/24/2009 30 14 2 43
Augustine Panel Meets and Reviews NASA Future **Updated with Lunar probes**
Yesterday the Augustine Panel held its first open meeting with representatives from NASA and the greater space industry community to discuss the future of NASA's manned spaceflight initiative and ...
axel000 06/18/2009 8 7 - 16
Roeder claims victory over clinic closure
CNN is up with an interview with Scott Roeder, who is claiming victory and pleasure in the successful closure of the clinic, without directly admitting involvement.
axel000 06/09/2009 18 15 - 69
Al Jazeera's report on the Cairo Speech
Al Jazeera has published some analysis on Obama's well received speech in Cairo this morning, here is a quick run through of their comments and Arab reaction.
axel000 06/04/2009 27 26 1 35
Comic book collector convicted for owning comic
A prolific American collector of Japanese manga comics has reportedly been convicted under the 2003 Protect act of pedophilia for ordering comics which were intercepted by customs.
axel000 05/29/2009 273 32 3 431
What I wish Bolden would do
With the announcement today that President Obama has selected Charles Bolden to be the next NASA Administrator, this got me thinking what could Bolden do in HIS first 100 days to make his mark and ...
axel000 05/23/2009 25 14 1 240
Administration to announce big increase in MPG requirements
According to MSNBC the White House is about to announce an increase in the MPG average to 42MPG.
axel000 05/18/2009 30 18 - 15
The insidious Big Brother
There is scant information on this currently but it appears that the Carnivore domestic spying program supposedly shelved by the FBI has yet again been reincarnated under a new program.
axel000 05/15/2009 3 2 - 67
Algae Based Biofuel - Diary 2
Last week I wrote about the advances being made in the development of algae biofuel production and their compatibility with existing oil transportation and refining infrastructure. Today Scientific ...
axel000 05/12/2009 33 20 1 37
Algae Based Biofuel - oil's real replacement
Over the past several years corn based ethanol was considered a natural replacement for gasoline and other petroleum based fuels due to its simplicity and the assumption we could easily scale up ...
axel000 05/05/2009 106 73 13 503
Nukes - radioactive waste problem *SOLVED*  ?
Swedish nuclear researchers have discovered that natural processes in deep shaft nuclear waste storage can prevent waste from leaking into the surrounding soil and water table, significantly ...
axel000 04/29/2009 79 7 1 26
Specter signaling further move to center on policy
Back in February Arlen Specter shared a message with his constituents indicating why he supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, I shared this ...
axel000 03/11/2009 28 10 - 27
A bill of rights for homeowners
This is an idea I believe has found its time. One of the biggest problems I believe we have with the whole mortgage industry and the foreclosure crisis has been the inconsistency in how different ...
axel000 02/19/2009 34 36 4 229
Sharing a message from Arlen Specter
Well as many as have been doing I spent several evenings writing to my local Representatives and Senators over the past month or so urging passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ...
axel000 02/18/2009 14 4 - 9
Green Energy and the Stimulus - the details
Following on from my last diary on wave power projects , I've been looking high and low for a detailed look at the Green ...
axel000 02/16/2009 39 40 4 203
Wave Power on its way
With the announcement yesterday that the White House has put on hold the drill-baby-drill program the Bush administration launched in the waning ...
axel000 02/11/2009 40 12 2 45
UK's BNP (fascist party) entire membership leaked
This one's a real corker. The normally secret membership of the UK's notorious British National Party has been exposed to the general public via an online posting of the entire membership list. ...
axel000 11/19/2008 50 26 1 39
Obama removing Guantanamo Bay brick by brick
MSNBC is reporting this morning that the process of correcting one of the worst geopolitical and immoral actions of our Government, in decades, is well underway. Work is underway behind the ...
axel000 11/10/2008 22 17 - 31
Al-Qaeda Responds to Obama Win
The BBC is reporting this morning that Al-Qaeda has released a new audio tape containing a surprisingly milder message than usual.
axel000 11/08/2008 18 10 - -
The correct response to record Big Oil profits
Today Exxon-Mobil reported quarterly PROFIT of $15 billion USD, a rise of $4 billion over their last record, $11 billion, recorded last quarter. Obama proposes a windfall profit tax. Is ...
axel000 10/30/2008 22 2 - 8
Anti-Obama DVD Newspaper Circulation in Battleground States
Well here we go again, another PAC releasing a factless DVD to try to change the course of this election, weeks ago it was the Jihadist-terror film, now we have a direct attack on Barack himself.
axel000 10/28/2008 25 9 - 9
Election Day Weather Forecast Roundup *updated*
With the election just a little over a week away, its time to take a look at the long range weather forecast and see what nature has in store for us as the nation turns out to vote...
axel000 10/26/2008 18 3 - 8
Republican Propaganda Mail
We have all seen it, the disgusting emails that have been circulated around by wingers to and from the GOP faithful. Barack is The One, he is evil, he is a muslim he is a terrorist.
axel000 10/16/2008 12 3 1 1
Donald Trump : Bush Should Have Been Impeached!
Not the guy I expected to hear this from, CNN is reporting that Donald Trump has turned on Bush !
axel000 10/15/2008 57 13 1 27
Civil Liberties and Home Owner Associations
However innocent the intent of the formation of home owner associations when they were originally envisioned, from ensuring that neighborhoods kept a certain charm and pooling resources together to ...
axel000 08/30/2008 43 6 1 3
The drumbeat of war
There are very troubling noises coming out of Russia today regarding potential military strikes on US targets if the White House moves forward with placing the missile defense shield in Poland.
axel000 08/26/2008 24 8 - 9
Show Your Support for McBush !
Isn't it time that we showed our support for the McBush campaign and four more years of the same policies that have so wonderfully enhanced life for all here in the US ? Isn't it time that we ...
axel000 08/23/2008 3 4 1 -
Protecting the Vote
As we ride a relatively optimistic wave to Election Day, fueled by reports of massive registration of new democrats this election year, its easy to forget the biggest hurdle is yet to be overcome, ...
axel000 08/12/2008 4 3 - -
The hidden truth about US Oil Inventory
The Republicans are doing a good job of painting Obama and the DNC as part of the current economic problem, due to the argument over drilling. However, what no one seems to be discussing is the ...
axel000 07/31/2008 42 37 6 205
Everybody ready to wear stun bracelets when flying ?
Because thats the plan apparently being considered by the Gestapo, oh, I mean Homeland Security. An RFP has apparently been drawn up and issued to Lampered Less Lethal, a Canadian firm specializing ...
axel000 07/11/2008 30 13 - 37
Constitutional Challenge : Karl Rove and his Subpoena
Karl Rove is ignoring the subpeona issued by the House Judiciary Committee.
axel000 07/10/2008 23 6 - 12
The American Dream
The BBC posted a rather thought provoking article this morning concerning the state of the US, this election and changing beliefs about the very future of our economic strength and dominance.
axel000 07/02/2008 6 4 - -
North Pole likely to melt this summer
According to an article today in the respected British broadsheet ...
axel000 06/27/2008 16 3 - 2
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