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sHell No: Activists chain themselves to Arctic Challenger
Activists have chained themselves to the anchor chain of Shell's drilling support ship Arctic Challenger in Bellingham Bay, WA, in a protest to raise awareness of the serious impacts of Shell's ...
James Wells 05/23/2015 8
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Duggar; KS gov blows some more; Fight for $15 gets its hat tip
David Waldman 05/22/2015 1
Museums 101: Mustang Hardtops (Photo Diary)
Ojibwa 05/22/2015 13
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Today, I'm just going to say, "Josh Duggar" over and over for one hour and fifty-two minutes. Then, Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan update will fill the rest. Oh, wait. Greg. OK, Greg will ...
David Waldman 05/22/2015 0
Projecting a Climate Change Timeframe - Holy $h*t
In researching a book I'm writing I've been collecting prognostications about climate change. These have been gathered over time from numerous sources. But they are projections and hence a ...
John Crapper 05/21/2015 47
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Greg's headlines; living in the House; banning bans; SYG's worst
Greg Dworkin rounds up stories about Rand Paul'...
David Waldman 05/21/2015 1
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
We've got a few stories to follow up on these days, so maybe it's time to check back in on them. I mean, it's not as if there's an entire industry dedicated to presenting new and interesting ...
David Waldman 05/21/2015 0
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Greg & Joan blast 'bad intel' BS; TPP shell game targets Medicare
We kicked off with a recap of the ...
David Waldman 05/20/2015 1
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
It's Wednesday, and that's Joan McCarter day! No matter what Pinterest says ! Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here:
David Waldman 05/20/2015 0
This weekend we gather to celebrate our Cedwyn with her Mom and Portland friends!
Celebration of Cedwyn Saturday May 23 1:00pm At The ...
Onomastic 05/19/2015 63
UPDATED: GunFAIL proves too hot for Pinterest, but the backlash is even hotter
Yes, it's been a while since I've done a GunFAIL update here at Daily Kos. But no, I never stopped keeping records on accidental shootings, guns left behind in bathrooms, and the like. In fact, I ...
David Waldman 05/19/2015 82
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Luis Lang revisited; 'mistakes,' torture & media paralysis
Bristol Palin calls off her wedding! Also,
David Waldman 05/19/2015 3
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
As usual, tons of good material to draw from. Only reality can intercede! And it will have a hard time doing so, since we'll be without Greg Dworkin this morning, even though he totally said he'd ...
David Waldman 05/19/2015 0
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Waco shootout; 2016 roundup; TN terrorist busted; ISIS raid
Three gangs face off in ...
David Waldman 05/18/2015 1
Paddle in Seattle Saturday (photo diary)
One of four staging areas as I arrived There was a ...
momomia 05/18/2015 11
#Shell No - Happening Now in Seattle
From King 5 news Right now all entranceways to Terminal 5 in the Port of Seattle are blocked in protest of Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. Hundred of people converged on the terminal ...
John Crapper 05/18/2015 51
Western US drought advances; Washington State declares state of emergency
Not good, but nowhere near the catastrophic California drought. Yet. With only 16% of normal snowpack this year, half of Washington State is in drought condition; putting 1.2 bn of crops in ...
VL Baker 05/18/2015 26
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
It's Monday again. Back to the grind! No sooner have you wrapped up a biker weekend gun battle than it's once again "time to make the donuts." Same old, same old. Listen LIVE ...
David Waldman 05/18/2015 1
Shell Polar "Destroyer" Arrives (Photo Diary)
Before all the attention/I took this from the Jack Block side Thursday afternoon, 05/14/15, I heard you could see the Polar Pioneer coming into view from Alki Beach. I went to Jack Block Park ...
momomia 05/17/2015 6
Citizen-led WA ballot initiative pushes politician climate action
Washington state legislators are concerned that a $25/ton carbon tax proposed in Carbon Washington’s ballot initiative, I-732, will be too “blunt” an instrument. So they are reviving a more ...
Pacificshift 05/17/2015 13
Standing with Tribal Nations Opposing Coal Exports in the Pacific Northwest
Otto Braided Hair speaks at a press conference against coal exports. He is a traditional leader from the Northern Cheyenne and does not represent the tribal government. "We collectively stand ...
Mary Anne Hitt 05/15/2015 4
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Greg & Armando handicap 2016; TPP; cops & cams; Gimmetarian jerk
White-on-white crime shocker leads ...
David Waldman 05/15/2015 1
Museums 101: Automobiles of the 1910s in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
During the second decade of the twentieth century, American automobile manufacturers were beginning to catch up with and even surpass their European counterparts. During this period, cars looked ...
Ojibwa 05/15/2015 14
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Well, it's Friday, so anything goes. But I'm reminded that I made the mistake of promising certain stories would be given consideration today. So why not come by and see what a liar I am? Let's ...
David Waldman 05/15/2015 0
The War on Terror & Climate Change
I recently had a conversation with a young man who had just finished serving a tour of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I asked him what, in his opinion, was the reason we had become militarily ...
John Crapper 05/14/2015 12
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): school GunFAIL; Jeb & Iraq; OBL & int'l law; TPP & the filibuster
School GunFAIL: 5th ...
David Waldman 05/14/2015 3
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Maybe there won't be any serious news for the next two days, and I'll just tell you stories from the wacky collection of articles I've put aside, but forgotten to tell you about. I'll just toss ...
David Waldman 05/14/2015 1
Royal Dutch Shell Invades Seattle UPDATED
The Mayor of Seattle doesn't want Shell's Polar Pioneer to dock in Seattle. The Seattle City Council doesn't want Shell's Polar Pioneer to dock in Seattle. The Port of Seattle doesn't want Shell'...
Lefty Coaster 05/14/2015 57
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Greg & Joan on Jeb & Iraq; trade; surveillance & Zombie Reagan!
We're still pondering the bin Laden bombshell. Greg Dworkin follows up with an ancient history alert: Philip of Macedon'
David Waldman 05/13/2015 3
Arctic Nightmare
I had a terrible nightmare: President Mitt Romney approved Shell Oil's drilling plans for the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. He did it even though his own Department of the Interior calculated ...
Michael Brune 05/13/2015 46
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
It's Wednesday, and we'll host Joan McCarter , who will explain how she became Seymour Hersh's latest blockbuster anonymous source. Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here: Click this Link to Listen on your ...
David Waldman 05/13/2015 1
DKos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): Zimmerman's back; bin Laden bombshell; Jim Wright obit & history
Allen West exposes the Sharia ...
David Waldman 05/12/2015 1
Lawsuit Forces Mega-Dairies to Supply Manure-Free Drinking Water for First Time in 20 Years
Huge factory-like dairies in Yakima, Washington, that confine tens of thousands of cows were applying millions of gallons of manure onto a few fields and calling it “fertilizer.” In fact, some ...
Paul Bland for Public Justice 05/12/2015 79
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Just for fun, let's pretend I have an actual plan for the show, which will start with that NYT obit for Jim Wright, and then spin out of control from there, as we explore Wright's political history,
David Waldman 05/12/2015 0
Shell No! Seattle council just voted to reconsider letting Shell use terminal for Arctic drilling
Seattle has launched the first salvo in the fight to stop the Obama administration decision to allow Shell to drill in ...
VL Baker 05/11/2015 22
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast (AUDIO): polling & politics round-up; bin Laden bombshell & push-back
Greg Dworkin starts with a data round-up: Americans' preferences ...
David Waldman 05/11/2015 14
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Did I ever tell you about the time I got Pakistani intelligence to trade Osama bin Laden's location in Abbottabad for a Klondike bar? Remind me to talk about that with you some time! Listen LIVE ...
David Waldman 05/11/2015 0
Ancient America: Coastal Oregon, 13,000 to 7,500 years Ago
The Oregon coast is a part of the larger Northwest Coast culture area which stretches from the Tlingit homelands in Alaska to the Tolowa homelands in northern California. The cultures along this ...
Ojibwa 05/10/2015 20

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