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Gov. Christie erupts on Twitter w/updates
The Republican civil wars just get better and better. After the house's inexcusable refusal to vote on relief for Sandy victims, this is what Gov. Christie's Twitter feed looks like: Governor ...
azrefugee 01/02/2013 247 305 1 -
Herding Cats
I've been fascinated by the pearl clutching on the right, and have spent several hours today immersed in conservative blogs reading about what they think went wrong. I'll just say, there is no ...
azrefugee 11/10/2012 1 5 - -
It's a bad night on twitter for Boehner
Trending now: #LetTaxCutsExpire and #FireSpeakerBoehner . The first by Dems and the second by Republicans.
azrefugee 11/08/2012 22 41 1 -
The GOP crumbles into the dustbin of history
We are seeing the first unraveling of it. Oh, they can talk about being more inclusive towards Hispanics, gays, African Americans etc etc, but it is already too late for that. They have fanned the ...
azrefugee 11/07/2012 2 4 - -
Romney and Mormons think he is Preordained to be President
I was raised a Mormon. By old time Mormons who taught me real Mormonism. The church tends to gloss over a lot of the old teachings these days, they want to be relevant and some of the teachings are ...
azrefugee 08/13/2012 48 31 - 354
Ryan Pick Swings Libertarians to Obama
After following several links to different places last night, I somehow ended up at a Ron Paul forum. I decided to stick around for a few minutes to see what they thought of the Ryan pick. I don't ...
azrefugee 08/11/2012 23 23 1 370
The closet is a living death
My personal definition of an activist is one who refuses to live in fear. If you didn't see the pictures of the first ever gay pride parade in Uganda in The Advocate yet, you are really missing out.
azrefugee 08/10/2012 10 14 - 82
Dear Christians... can we talk?
I am addressing capital C Christians, not small c christians. You know who you are... and so do we. You were making your fast food pilgrimage yesterday. Small c christians were too busy, helping the ...
azrefugee 08/02/2012 42 33 - 215
You People
Just don't understand teh economy. Neither do I but Mitt bought me a dancing horse and a car elevator so he must. You People don't know Mitt like I do. We get wild and crazy in our magic underwear ...
azrefugee 07/19/2012 4 6 - 69
We're all in this together
I grew up in rural AZ, where at the time it seemed like Caucasians were outnumbered by Hispanics. As a young adult one of my closest friends was Hispanic. She had 9 children, and her mother didn't ...
azrefugee 06/22/2012 6 10 - 51
To The Straight Allies of Equality
It is a foregone conclusion these days that full marriage equality will happen. Especially since a sitting President has now come out in favor of it. What I know is that we would never have come ...
azrefugee 06/20/2012 104 162 3 652
Marriage Equality, love vs. sex
I had a short exchange the other day that got my brain cells churning. I said something to the effect that Marriage Equality is about love, and this was the response I got: Well, that's a nice ...
azrefugee 05/16/2012 8 5 - 70
These are the days of discontent (at FR)
I spent a little while at FR yesterday, boredom does strange things to me. And it was very enlightening. I realize that these are the far right fringe, but man do they hate Romney. They think he is ...
azrefugee 05/14/2012 14 13 - 164
Homage to my mother: evolving
I grew up in a small rural town. My father, an overt racist (although there were unexpected layers to that). My mother, not so much. I remember my very first lesson on racism, and it came from her. ...
azrefugee 05/13/2012 18 45 - 198
When the Constitution "hangs by a thread"
I was raised by a very devout Mormon family. I remember my father using this phrase many times. Naturally being a kid, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. So today I was browsing, and you ...
azrefugee 03/09/2012 28 10 - 124
Tales from backwater USA
I am back after a long hiatus from any political wrangling. I get so emotionally exhausted from it that sometimes I have to step back. I see a lot of changes around here, I am going to reserve ...
azrefugee 09/10/2011 12 10 - 91
Where is our gay leader? A response
I read the diary "Where is our gay leader" by Soulmentor this morning as I was sipping ...
azrefugee 06/20/2009 64 17 1 29
Obama DOJ reaches out to "big gay groups"
Via the plumline The Obama Justice Department has reached ...
azrefugee 06/19/2009 213 41 - 20
Empathy, the game changer
In the firestorm of the right decrying empathy as a desirable trait in a Supreme Court Justice, I went back and reread this excellent essay about ...
azrefugee 06/05/2009 3 7 - 9
Christianity does not get a pass
God I hate jumping on any bandwagon. But the handwringing and outrage because it has been rightfully pointed out that christianity is partially to blame for the murder of Dr. Tiller and the ...
azrefugee 06/01/2009 149 35 4 29
The Truth about Mormonism
I was raised a Mormon, in the days when we were taught what Mormons actually believe, and before they started pretending to be more mainstream. They would love to pretend to be just another ...
azrefugee 05/31/2009 177 31 5 161
America's Pinata: Rush on a Cross
you know, I used to think that this bloviating jackass blowhard didn't believe everything he said. I used to think he was just in it for the money and to entertain himself with the notion that ...
azrefugee 05/29/2009 29 2 1 6
Nominate the official Republican Spokesperson
Last night on the NBC news they showed Rush as the Republican party's response to Sotomayor. I don't think I can embed this video but here's ...
azrefugee 05/28/2009 26 - - 17
Dear President Obama
Like so many others today, I am speechless with impotent rage and disgust. I don't know really, how to use it productively. But when I think about you, what I think of is how you always find things ...
azrefugee 05/26/2009 105 18 - 31
Republicans pushing America towards Socialism
During the last eight years of the Bush Administration, we saw a complete demonization of the word "Liberal". Liberal, according to the Black Rovian philosophy of the time, seemed to include ...
azrefugee 05/07/2009 12 3 - 17
Republicans, Unite!
I am always fascinated by people who don't think like I do, and I lurk and read at conservative blogs often. I am just as mystified as ever, but I trudge on hoping for that glimpse of insight that ...
azrefugee 04/30/2009 2 1 - -
Tea Party Organizers take President Obama Up On Offer
Straight from Freeperville: For_Immediate_Release: United States of America (Press Release) April 29, 2009 -- New York, New York – April 29th, 2009 - The National Leadership Team of the ...
azrefugee 04/29/2009 33 10 - 18
What are they afraid of?
Last night I took a break and was playing winster. For those of you who don't know its a social gaming site where you can chat and exchange pieces with 4 other people.
azrefugee 10/09/2008 8 3 - -
Freeper Analysis, Why McCain is Losing
Yeah, yeah, I know. But these folks (hehe) are always good for a laugh and I needed one this morning. And I have to say it really did cheer me up to see them discussing why they are swingin' in the ...
azrefugee 10/05/2008 85 33 - 20
Hey Joe!
Um, er, Senator Biden. Before tonight I wasn't all that familiar with you. I knew of your reputation, I had seen in in a couple of debates and that's about it. But tonight I saw a real human ...
azrefugee 10/02/2008 11 6 - -
Channeling Roosevelt
This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will ...
azrefugee 09/26/2008 5 1 - -
Gardeners for Obama?
Because we like gettin' down and dirty, but not in the way republicans do it.
azrefugee 09/05/2008 15 2 2 -
Racism, Obama, and the Collective Consciousness
Having been in tears intermittently every night of the convention, I still did not expect the effect of the actual nomination of Barack Obama as the democratic candidate for president. I grew up ...
azrefugee 08/27/2008 7 12 - 4
The importance of civility
I wrote this 4 long years ago, and thought I needed to reread it. So I'm republishing just for the hell of it. I come from a family that practises the art of sarcasm. We all enjoy a sharp wit and ...
azrefugee 06/07/2008 16 9 - 6
MUST READ commentary at The Conservative Voice (yes, you read that right)
azrefugee 11/13/2006 18 25 4 6
I just had to share: Hilarious posts from the wingnuts
azrefugee 11/08/2006 28 19 1 21
Top stories, GOP takes money from porn co.
azrefugee 11/06/2006 1 1 - -
Pray for President Bush
azrefugee 11/04/2006 23 4 - -
Rumsfeld to be prosecuted for torture?
azrefugee 11/02/2006 26 24 - 15
View from the right
azrefugee 10/27/2006 6 3 - -
Let's give birth to twins
azrefugee 10/24/2006 1 2 - 6
Why poor people don't vote
azrefugee 10/22/2006 77 25 - 8
Why I will vote for whatever democrat is on the ticket
azrefugee 10/16/2006 22 10 - -
The GOP's secret weapon
azrefugee 10/15/2006 9 10 2 8
Why coming out matters: My story
azrefugee 10/11/2006 21 33 - 33
Are you ready? The republicans plan to blame dems
azrefugee 10/06/2006 62 8 - 8
Is this all they've got?
azrefugee 10/03/2006 5 1 - -
One Moment in Time
azrefugee 09/30/2006 2 3 - -
I guess pigs really do fly
azrefugee 09/17/2005 16 9 - 1
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