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Yes, You Can Only Vote for Democrats in a Democratic Primary
So, in case you haven't heard, Republicans have their "proof" of voter fraud being a problem. According to Jonathan Kaminsky of Huffington Post: Alabama Republicans, who offered a $1,000 reward ...
backell 06/13/2014 26 12 - -
The Strange, Convoluted Theology of David Brat
David Brat is the new love of the Tea Party, and he's quickly launched into the kind of rhetoric that you can always expect from them, claiming: Capitalism is here to stay, and we need a church ...
backell 06/11/2014 51 28 - -
Are Facts Liberal?
Anyone who has tried having a rational, civil discussion with a TeaPublican has had the odd encounter where they are informed the "Fact Check Sites are liberal." Then they give you the "facts" ...
backell 05/26/2014 18 2 - -
They Didn't All Die for Our Freedom
To those brave men and women who died to protect our freedoms, we owe our gratitude. To those who gave up their lives under the pretense of defending our freedoms, we owe an apology. We're sorry ...
backell 05/26/2014 102 107 - -
#BringBackOurGirls and the Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo
Recently, George Will and the folks at Fox News thought it would be a clever rebuttal to Michele Obama to mock the effectiveness of a hashtag. In typical Fox fashion, they're faux pas could have ...
backell 05/14/2014 5 4 - -
The Shameless Slut-Shaming of V Stiviano
It didn't take long, but the media has done the seemingly impossible. They have taken a story about a racist billionaire slumlord who made his coin off of denying the rights of minorities and turned ...
backell 05/03/2014 343 65 1 -
How I Discovered I Was Contributing to Racism
I remember the first—and only—time I used, the “N” word. I was five, living in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Miss Posey was our nanny. She was a large black woman who always smelled like ...
backell 05/01/2014 20 44 1 -
The Outrageous Right-Wing Defense of Donald Sterling
With the suspension of Donald Sterling has come a trickle of defenders . They’re not so much defending what Sterling said as his right to say it in his own home and not have that leveraged against ...
backell 04/30/2014 90 50 1 -
Why the Right Wing Should Embrace Evoltuion
For years I've been trying to find some unifying principle which would tie together the varying and seemingly disparate beliefs of the Republican Party. Some of them are so self-contradictory, it's ...
backell 04/29/2013 10 1 - -
"Teaphistry:" The Unintentional Genius of the Tea Party
The Tea Party has an unintentional genius to it. They have stumbled across a new debate tool that is incredibly effective, and its time to give credit where credit is due. They have discovered "...
backell 04/13/2013 13 12 - -
Why Brian Banks' Story Is Nothing to Celebrate
Brian Banks, released from prison for a crime he did not commit last year, has been signed by the Atlanta Falcons. This is, of course, great news. If you look at the end of the book only, this is a ...
backell 04/03/2013 45 62 1 -
The Incentive of Being in the Middle
The problem with any discussion of “left” or “right” in American politics is that everything is relative. Many tend to think of themselves as in the middle, ergo “left” and “right” ...
backell 03/17/2013 1 - - -
Rand Paul's Filibustering Sophistry
Rand Paul's filibuster is being met with all the enthusiasm that the Republican spin machine can throw at a thing. Paul is the latest of the greatest "American" (see only conservatives are real ...
backell 03/07/2013 12 5 - -
Why America Has a Dark Future
America has a dark future. No one wants to change the light bulbs. I tried to be equitable and include everyone. But if you come up with more idea I'd be happy to add them in.
backell 02/09/2013 8 5 - -
Privatized Gun Control, a Solution for Everyone
In the gun control debate there are two competing interests which make it difficult for the different sides to find common ground. On one side, you have the gun control advocates who, in the ...
backell 02/05/2013 98 11 1 -
A Sincere and Open Letter to Gun Owners
As pointed out by one reader, this isn't addressed to every gun owner. In fact this is really intended to a minority of the most ardent. If you're a reasonable gun owner whom this doesn't apply to ...
backell 02/01/2013 32 8 - -
What if People not Getting Shot Were as Important as People Not Crossing the Border?
Right now there are two separate issues being debated in Congress and around the country, immigration and gun control. As per the usual the consistency of logic from the right is about as ...
backell 01/31/2013 1 3 - -
Fallacies in Tea Party Rhetoric 101: Red Herrings and Gun Control
Virtually every Tea Party argument is a fallacy. That's not a scientific poll or anything, just a very biased observation through Facebook meme's, which appears to be where the Tea Party gets the ...
backell 01/31/2013 12 13 1 -
No Really, Rape Is Always Wrong!
Increasingly, in an attempt to justify their extreme positions on abortion, the extreme-right have even made rape a partisan issue, pushing the agenda that somehow it's the rape victim's fault, that ...
backell 01/30/2013 13 22 1 -
The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals
Sure you've heard it before, Republicans and Democrats are all really the same. They both lie, cheat and steal to get whatever they want. Neither really cares about the people, and so on and so forth.
backell 01/28/2013 28 6 - -
Did You Hear the One Where Jesus Walked into J.C. Penney's With an AR-15 Strapped to His Back?
Did you ever the one where Jesus walked into J.C. Penney's with an AR-15 strapped to His back? No? Neither did I. But then, that's the point. There is this incongruousness between the "Christian" ...
backell 01/23/2013 17 6 - -
On Discourse, Dialogue, Diatribes and Dichotomy
The Republican leadership navigated the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, bemoaning the failure of the President to reach out his first term. Then they groaned today that his Inaugural address ...
backell 01/21/2013 5 - - -
Why Barack Hussein Obama is the Greatest President of the 21st Century
As President Barack Hussein Obama is set to publicly take the oath of office for the second time today, one thing is immutably true—he is the greatest president of the 21st century.
backell 01/21/2013 11 3 - -
Beware of Tyrants in Sheep's Clothing
One of the worst, and ugliest suggestions of the modern-era interpretation of the Second Amendment is that it openly advocates for armed rebellion if you aren't happy with the government. Of ...
backell 01/20/2013 215 338 6 -
If I Only Had a Gun
I am a Christian. This is only relevant insomuch as it relates to why I went to visit Northern Illinois University the day classes resumed after the mass shooting there. I went there to hand out ...
backell 01/19/2013 3 6 - -
Is the 2nd Amendment Really Intended as a Safeguard from Tyranny?
With the Newtown shooting and the subsequent discussion of the changes in gun control laws there has been an inordinate amount of discussion, and much of this discussion is based on wrong premises. ...
backell 01/19/2013 95 17 2 -
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