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The Cityhood Saga Continues
Suburban Atlanta is going through yet another paroxysm of "Cityhood." The idea, in itself isn't completely nutcase bonkers (Think townships in the Northeast), but the implementation is more than a ...
backwoodsbob 04/08/2015 4 2 - -
Love America, Hate Americans?
One of the conservative columnists was shooting his mouth off in the morning fishwrapper (AJC) today. It was about how "Obama doesn't really love America." Yeah, right. Believe that and I have this ...
backwoodsbob 02/25/2015 5 2 - -
Commercial Piracy?
This is a little off topic, and I apologize in advance. There are enough authors on this site that someone may be able to clue me in on what I'm finding. I'm a low-level beginning self-publishing ...
backwoodsbob 07/27/2014 6 1 - -
This IS a spam diary
Spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam! a spam recipe recipes with spam more spam recipes even more spam ...
backwoodsbob 12/15/2013 24 5 1 -
Agile programming, anyone?
GOPanic had a recent posting showing that much of the information needed for enrolling in a qualified health plan was available from (though it does seem a little ...
backwoodsbob 10/19/2013 5 5 - -
The Joy of Nmap
There was a recent discussion about how nearly every computer operating system could be "powned" by the NSA, and how you should use "my favorite supersecure OS" to avoid the problem. This is ...
backwoodsbob 07/19/2013 2 4 - -
The Scouts Decision
With apologies to another entry that I can't seem to find. The national organizations' decision to "punt" gay scout/ adult leader membership to individual units, if it actually happens, is ...
backwoodsbob 01/29/2013 9 13 - -
On Ammunition
Just a few thoughts about ammunition sales, since without ammunition a firearm is just an expensive baseball bat. A couple of years ago I built one of the AR15 clones - for several reasons ...
backwoodsbob 01/11/2013 23 11 - -
Politically Christian Georgia
There is a recent article in Slate that brought home the difference between the theory and practice of Christianity in the American South. In a very quick summary, the poverty rate in Georgia is ...
backwoodsbob 12/26/2012 14 8 - -
The nuts are ripening early in Georgia
I read a little about this in the daily fishwrapper (AJC), and have seen more detailed conformation online. The response of our cross-threaded wingnut legislature to issues of gun control is not more,
backwoodsbob 12/21/2012 3 6 - -
Testing ORCA
There are a couple of recommended posts about anonymous's claims to have hacked the Republican software platform and thereby blocked a planned large-scale forgery of voting results. As someone who ...
backwoodsbob 11/18/2012 19 14 1 -
Giving a Pizza
Another sign of the difference between Obama vs Rmoney inc. The Rmoney gang is getting a lot of publicity for their canned "can drive". OFA had a link to the red cross donation site and ane email ...
backwoodsbob 10/30/2012 1 - - -
I knew Obama had done well last night
I knew Obama had done well last night at the debate when NPR didn't say much about it when my alarm came on in the morning. I guess it was hard to be polite to the Repub's and say much about it. I ...
backwoodsbob 10/17/2012 9 2 - -
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