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Theocon Bioethics
The Presidents Advisory Council on Bioethics (known to many of us in the trade as the bioluddite council ) has just released a 555 page report ...
baliyya 05/14/2008 5 8 - 1
Ganked by the Instapundit
I have always reguarded Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. the Instapundit, to be a staunch defender of science and technology. No more. I ...
baliyya 04/20/2008 18 - - 12
Culture Wars and the Handmaid's Tale
Over at Malkin's HotAir blog , there is an Expelled thread with over a thousand comments so ...
baliyya 04/19/2008 9 4 1 8
Obama and Resilience
In the comments to this Kospost , the comment community wonders if the protracted campaign wars have been good for Obama. ...
baliyya 04/18/2008 1 1 - -
Awwww, K-Lo.....Don't be Bitter
I'm sick of K-Lo's papalalooza already. It seriously creeps me out how she is fawning and gushing ...
baliyya 04/17/2008 4 1 - 110
Please Retire, Arlen Specter: Updated for David Kroning
I was shocked and appalled at yesterday's cheery "Get well soon, Arlen!" , where the kossacks all pat ...
baliyya 04/16/2008 83 3 - 11
The Rise of the Theofascists
Dear Mr. Goldberg, I have been reading your book, Liberal Fascism , and I find myself with some puzzling ...
baliyya 04/15/2008 11 4 - 2
Does McCain Have Early Symptoms of Alzheimers?
The democrats are graciously saying that John McCain's age is ...
baliyya 04/14/2008 71 8 - 13
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