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When Scientists Put A Thumb On The Scale
Autism from vaccines? Cloning stem cells? Easy way to create stem cells? These erroneous studies were published in the peer reviewed Lancet, Science and Nature say a couple of scientific journal ...
ban nock 05/24/2015 52 11 - -
Obama Administration To Work With Republicans on Endangered Species Reform
Monday the Obama administration announced what will probably be one of it's less controversial changes in how it administers the Endangered Species Act (ESA) reports The Hill The admin said they'd ...
ban nock 05/19/2015 22 4 - -
A Sunday Walk (Warning)
I haven't been getting out into the woods as much as I'd like to. It used to be that almost every weekend I'd spend one day wandering around looking at things. Last Sunday I had the opportunity and ...
ban nock 05/18/2015 8 18 - -
Every Road In The US On A Map
Below the big empty space is the Wind Rivers, with parts of Wyoming range on left, Gros Ventre above. They say that 97% of America is within 3 miles of a road. Some qualifications about the map. ...
ban nock 05/15/2015 10 9 - -
Bear Runs at Crowd in Yellowstone Video
Yellowstone National Park sees 3.5 million visitors a year, most of whom come to see the habituated wildlife. The wildlife and the humans are used to getting close to each other, sometimes they get ...
ban nock 05/12/2015 44 22 - -
The Good of Offshore Oil Drilling
A little known but vitally important benefit of offshore drilling is being debated in Washington DC right now and I'd be obliged if you would call your representative about it, especially if they ...
ban nock 04/19/2015 7 20 2 -
Birdwatchers And Hunters The Most Environmentally Engaged Citizens
So says a new study by researchers at Cornell published in this month's issue of Wildlife Management. Like any study they came up with a name and an acronym for what they were studying, they were ...
ban nock 03/13/2015 43 20 1 -
2014 South Dakota Leopold Conservation Award:
and the winner is......Rock Hills Ranch. Yes a real ranch, they raise cows, beef cows, to eat. They took the land out of crops and put it back into grass. The idea being the land didn't lend itself ...
ban nock 02/06/2015 58 14 - -
Canada Begins Effort To Save Most Endangered Mammal in Contiguous US
The Selkirk Caribou herd has lost 2/3 of it's already critical population in the past five years bringing the total number of individuals down to 18. It's thought that without assistance the caribou ...
ban nock 01/31/2015 39 12 - -
Wolves Twenty Years After Reintroduction - A Video Perspective
In a recent video from the New York Times we are given a second look at the reintroduction of wolves to the Northern Rocky Mountains. I don't agree with all of what is said in the vid, but what is ...
ban nock 01/14/2015 7 7 - -
A Deer Hunt That Went Right
All I did was look up, and I saw the doe looking down. It was up the hill standing sideways between some trees looking down at me with that slightly inquisitive look. So I went down on one knee and ...
ban nock 01/04/2015 85 42 - -
You thought your holidays were bad? A tale of survival
A couple weeks ago when Craig Johnson's snowmobile broke through the ice and he was soaked to the chest in arctic waters a long way from nowhere, things looked grim. The shore ice is freezing up ...
ban nock 12/27/2014 15 20 - -
Gray Wolf Relisted Western Great Lakes
In a surprise ruling issued late Friday a federal judge relisted under the Endangered Species Act all wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Usually it takes the lawyers a couple days to go ...
ban nock 12/21/2014 44 8 - -
Horn Porn
I took these photos last weekend. Some are fairly close up but I'm a voyeur. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say, we are interested in, and take photos of, that which interests us. I ...
ban nock 12/13/2014 100 154 - -
Growing Public Support for Gun Rights
Those aren't my words. That's a direct cut and paste from a recent report from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. For the first time in more than two decades of Pew Research ...
ban nock 12/12/2014 195 15 - -
Budget Rider for Sage Grouse?
I don't think endangered species listing is enough to keep President Obama from signing or congress from voting on the must pass spending bill. Politico has a pretty good in depth write up.
ban nock 12/11/2014 8 3 - -
The Myth That Working Class Whites Didn't Vote for Obama
I've seen this myth before and I read it again in a rec listed diary and I'd like to drive a stake right the hell through this zombie that keeps reappearing. The Democratic Party is not losing ...
ban nock 12/08/2014 64 41 2 -
Duck Stamp Passes Senate - Heads for President's Signature
Some legislation does pass congress. Yesterday legislation to increase the federal duck stamp that all migratory waterfowl hunters must pay was increased from $15 to $25.
ban nock 12/03/2014 38 14 - -
A BB Gun Is Not A Toy
This post is for anyone that has never had a gun safety class, and I know there are a heck of a lot of you. If you have had a gun safety class you should know all this already and please remind ...
ban nock 12/01/2014 186 15 - -
Hiking With a Gun
Hunters have a self depreciating term for an unsuccessful hunt, they call it "hiking with a gun". It helps to have a sense of humor if you're going to take so much time sleeping in winter conditions,
ban nock 11/30/2014 34 27 1 -
New York City Needs a New Predator
I wasn't so amazed to see that New York City (NYC) had a deer population when I was browsing the online edition of the New York Times. What was surprising to me was that these gentle and beautiful ...
ban nock 11/29/2014 82 13 1 -
New Ozone Regs Via Obama Admin
In yet another of President Obama's long list of environmental accomplishments his administration's Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release sweeping new ozone regulations today. ...
ban nock 11/26/2014 6 10 - -
How I Use The Heart Liver Lungs Bones
A commenter on another post asked of what use I make of bones, heart, lungs, etc so I figured I'd post this thing I wrote a couple weeks ago. Bear in mind the time frame, it's a couple weeks ago. It'
ban nock 11/24/2014 10 17 - -
New Conservation Creates Rift Amongst Conservationists
In the fall of 2012 at the headquarters of The Nature Conservancy, the largest conservation organisation in the world, there was a meeting to try to dampen what was becoming a very public squabble ...
ban nock 11/23/2014 113 7 1 -
Siluetas Metalicas - a Mexican Immigrant That's Here To Stay
Originating in Mexico City Siluetas first arrived in the southwestern US where a lot of people have at least some fluency in Spanish and there are a lot of spaces empty of trees. The west is also ...
ban nock 11/23/2014 22 8 - -
Why I don't hate anti hunters
Recently there was a hunter hate type post here at DK. They occur once in a while though thankfully rarely. I read them and am usually amused, seldom do they elicit anger. Usually such diaries are ...
ban nock 11/21/2014 163 29 - -
Wolves Killing Unsustainable Number of Minnesota Moose
Bad news delayed doesn't make it better, and in this case it just means more dead moose. Last winter I saw an interesting report on the web pages of the Minnesota Division of Natural Resources (DNR)
ban nock 11/19/2014 59 9 - -
Pennsylvania Cop Killer Captured
Thousands of law enforcement have been looking for survivalist Eric Frein in a densely wooded portion of Pennsylvania. Today after 48 days they seem to have caught their guy. Not much news yet. ...
ban nock 10/30/2014 35 40 1 -
Worse Than Those Boy Scouts That Tipped Over a Rock
Remember those overweight adult Boy Scouts that tipped over a rock in Utah ? Well a woman from NY has gone one better. Traveling to many National Parks throughout the country she has painted on ...
ban nock 10/24/2014 272 297 4 -
Pew Research Science and Technology Quiz A little easier than their most recent political quiz and it's reflected in the scores. Sies Adder, Canyonlands Indian Creek mid 80s photo ...
ban nock 10/19/2014 20 5 - -
Selling Off Our Public Lands (and why)
I keep having to pinch myself. I can't believe the sale of our National Forests or BLM lands is really an issue that merits discussion let alone opposition. Above: The Snake River Range which ...
ban nock 10/14/2014 88 10 - -
Vedauwoo An Oasis In Southeast Wyoming
Rising above the dry desert-like plains of eastern Wyoming, Vedauwoo's (pronounced Vee-dah-voo) oddly shaped rock formations, higher elevations, scattered trees, and the flowing water in it's creeks,
ban nock 10/05/2014 31 48 - -
Take the Pew News Quiz
News Quiz I like Pew in general, they dig down and try to figure out what we think. Another fun one to look at while you are justifying the two you missed on the news quiz is the American Marriage ...
ban nock 10/02/2014 18 10 - -
50,000 protesters take over financial capital of Asia (and they aren't going home)
In news that is rocking the world citizens of Hong Kong have taken over not only the financial district but most of Hong Kong and across the harbor into Kowloon. Some estimates put the numbers as ...
ban nock 09/29/2014 63 137 2 -
Wildlife Watchers Kill Moose
Last week wildlife enthusiasts in a campground in Grand Teton National Park harassing a moose by surrounding it for photos etc caused the moose to freak out run into a picnic table and get caught in ...
ban nock 09/27/2014 32 21 1 -
Living In The Fastest Growing Employment Market in the Nation
My county had the greatest employment increase in the nation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as reported by the Denver Post . Seven and a half percent increase in a year. That's among ...
ban nock 09/25/2014 7 16 - -
Gray Wolf Relisted in Wyoming
A federal judge in Washington DC has decided to nix the delisting of wolves in Wyoming. It's not known how long the relisting will last but as of today Wyoming is refunding people who bought tags ...
ban nock 09/24/2014 26 15 - -
University Student in NJ Killed By Bear
A University Student walking in a nature preserve Sunday was fatally attacked by a black bear. This was the first bear caused death of a human in Jersey in more than a century and a half. New ...
ban nock 09/22/2014 47 24 - -
What age of the opposite sex do you find most attractive?
Using the vast amounts of data available via his online dating company Christian Rudder answered the question for heterosexuals. He told us what we already know but didn't want to admit. Below is ...
ban nock 09/14/2014 147 20 - -
US Fish and Wildlife Service Revises Lynx Endanged Species Designation
Today in a news release the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced revisions to both it's critical habitat component as well as it's contiguous range portion of it's listing of the Canada Lynx. ...
ban nock 09/11/2014 8 12 - -
Washington State Settles in With Wolves
Today a helicopter in Washington went out to kill at least one perhaps more wolves of the Huckleberry Pack. (written last weekend) I fully expect the entire pack to be exterminated shortly. They've ...
ban nock 08/28/2014 83 14 - -
Coywolf Moves into DC
There was an article in Wapo recently about the coywolf moving into Rock Creek Park in Washington DC. The general gist of the article is that there are now larger carnivores in the middle of DC. The ...
ban nock 08/24/2014 31 16 - -
Routes of Extinction
It's seldom that such a widespread species is consumed in such a short period of time. The combination of wealth creation in China and road development in Laos has created a perfect storm of ...
ban nock 08/23/2014 15 70 - -
Udomxai-The Heart of Northern Laos
I woke up early while the fog was still thick on the Mekong. Pak Beng, the town I'd slept in, remained a river town for the time being. Only one road led up and out of town, connecting the ...
ban nock 08/16/2014 10 14 - -
Your Vote and the Town of Ferguson
Voting is important. Sometimes we don't realize it until after the fact. Reading many comments on Twitter I note many are perplexed as to why Ferguson, a town that is majority African America by ...
ban nock 08/14/2014 17 14 - -
Common Core - Academic Standards for Education In America (and who hates them)
If you're like me you've barely heard of one of the biggest changes in K through 12 education to come down the pike in eons. Common core for whatever reason elicits strong rejection amongst those ...
ban nock 08/03/2014 48 3 1 -
Elk Masacree
It was back in 07, in December, one of those clear cold days, so cold little crystals of ice would fall out of the air, snow squeaked, no wind, still as death. At first Roper had been following ...
ban nock 08/03/2014 26 4 - -
How to defuse a land mine
The sounds of Khmer speakers transports me a long time back to other years. Except for a very trashed Phenom Phen, the sound of the language and an undercurrent of violence is about all I remember ...
ban nock 07/30/2014 23 25 - -
Gardening - The Wilderness Act Turns 50
A recent op ed in the NYT suggested the Wilderness Act is Facing a Midlife Crisis. The basic idea is that some people are considering an update based on what we've learned in the fifty years since ...
ban nock 07/13/2014 8 7 - -
Why Care About America's Sagebrush
Prairie is without doubt America's most vulnerable ecosystem. Almost none of it is protected as are our mountains, forests, and rivers. Our Fish and Wildlife Service is considering listing a ...
ban nock 07/13/2014 25 17 - -
Are you really a liberal? How I found out I wasn't
I guess I'm what's called a "hard pressed skeptic", but I'm in good company, . One thing that identifies us is income, we're poorer. Overwhelmingly we think America should concentrate more at home ...
ban nock 06/29/2014 158 38 - -
Colorado Gun Ban Ballot Initiative Dropped Hot Potato
In Colorado you can bring a concealed handgun onto university campuses. A ballot initiative to end campus carry, that already had enough votes to get on the ballot has been dropped by Safe Campus ...
ban nock 06/27/2014 123 14 1 -
A Map of What Lands Belong to the Feds
I'll try to make it clickable so you can see a larger version, or go to the link below and follow it to page 12, warning PDF.
ban nock 06/21/2014 73 38 3 -
100,000 Cambodians flee Thailand
The border at Poipet is becoming a de facto refugee camp with numbers of Cambodians fleeing the country exceeding 43,000 at that one crossing yesterday.
ban nock 06/14/2014 7 28 - -
Political Polarization Survey by Pew
Do you just hate Republicans? Well chances are you're not alone and for all the dislike sent their way Republicans return it with interest. We are more politically divided than ever says Pew , but ...
ban nock 06/13/2014 9 17 - -
40 Thai Environmental Protesters Bound and Beaten
Quickly taking advantage of the military coup in Thailand, protesters at the site of a toxic gold mine in Loei province, were tied hand and foot, blindfolded, and beaten for hours by armed, ...
ban nock 06/07/2014 21 30 - -
Rambling Thoughts on Ranching, Wilderness, and Camping
The old guy with his head stuck under the hood of an early 80s pickup waved or flagged me down, I'm not sure which. I wanted to know about the road conditions ahead anyway so I stopped. As soon as I ...
ban nock 06/07/2014 21 33 - -
Wolf Advocacy Groups Support Montana Wolf Conservation Stamp
Wolves of the Rockies, Living with Wolves, Endangered Species Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife and the Montana Wildlife Federation all spoke up in favor of a Wolf Stamp at a public meeting of the ...
ban nock 06/04/2014 8 11 - -
The story of Mo
Usually I don't take those kinds of jobs. Pain in the neck. Hard to bid. Not enough profit. Too much hassle. Mo had things figured out though and I'll admit his plan was pretty good. Besides it was ...
ban nock 06/03/2014 14 20 - -
Baby deer, "if you care, leave them there"
It's that time of year. Across most of the United States ungulates (deer, moose, elk, antelope) have either dropped their young or are about to. The reason they all do it at the same time is ...
ban nock 05/30/2014 77 137 - -
Purge Begins in Thailand US Travel Warning
Usually coups in Thailand are non events. Some corrupt old guys replacing other corrupt old guys and someone leaves the country with fortune intact. I know I've been in Thailand for one coup, in ...
ban nock 05/24/2014 7 24 1 -
10 Reasons Hunting Should be a Woman's Sport of Choice
Reprinted in full by permission. Below is Ms Eckstrom with a turkey. 1. Coming face-to-face with a bull elk could add that necessary element of danger your day job is lacking - because avoiding ...
ban nock 05/23/2014 92 11 - -
Accelerated Efforts on Forests to Mitigate Fire Dangers
Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announced recently a streamlined review period to try to get in front of the massive buildup of dead and dying trees across the west. Wiki Hustvedt Vilsack ...
ban nock 05/23/2014 5 8 - -
The Thai Army Just Staged a Coup
Which isn't that unusual but this time could be different. The leaders of both of the opposing factions in Thailand are under arrest. Pro government and pro monarchy. The fact that this is a coup ...
ban nock 05/22/2014 60 25 1 -
What's killing Yellowstone Wolves
Late last winter a scientist went to retrieve the carcass of a dead wolf from a trail outside of Fairbanks Alaska. The wolf had been there a week and it was being retrieved so a specialist could do ...
ban nock 05/20/2014 62 13 - -
Lao Defence Minister, Public Security Minister Die in Plane Crash
Yesterday en route to Xiengkouan Province a plane crash killed the Defence Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR, or Laos as we say). Also killed was the Minister in charge of ...
ban nock 05/18/2014 8 7 - -
How Wildlife Is Thriving Because Of Guns and Hunting
Graphics heavy just so you know before you open.
ban nock 05/17/2014 245 15 - -
"He shot first, I shot second"
HENDERSON, N.C. — A Henderson homeowner defended himself against a home invasion Monday morning, shooting an intruder who kicked in his door. This news event is actually of little import, the US ...
ban nock 05/13/2014 358 14 1 -
Tweets from Recapture Canyon
Despite all the pissing and moaning from the media it seems there's very little real reporting from Recapture Canyon. Jonathan Thomson who writes for HCN and lives in and actually comes from ...
ban nock 05/10/2014 37 16 1 -
The Reason I'm Pessimistic About Climate Change Is On Your Wall
No matter where you live in America you might notice it's turning to summer, days are warmer, nights not as cool. Then again sometimes you might not have noticed. Have you ever forgotten what ...
ban nock 05/06/2014 109 70 1 -
Cleaning up the Environment at the basic level
Every year for a few years now I've gone with a couple friends and my kids to some 300 acres and pick up trash. Yesterday was our day this year. There are widely spaced ponderosas and lodgepole ...
ban nock 05/05/2014 9 15 - -
How do you like your state? Want to move?
According to a poll by Gallup half the people in Illinois, Maryland, and Connecticut want to get the hell out.
ban nock 04/30/2014 145 17 - -
Newly discovered 150 mile mule deer migration
You can cut to the chase by going to the award winning video, I'd recommend full screen mode. I never thought mule deer migrated other than elevation changes to get out of the deep snow. That's ...
ban nock 04/22/2014 22 44 - -
The Folks Who Owned The Land Before Bundy
I came across this story today, and it's the first I've heard of it but it just goes to show how young the Western United States really is. I guess neither the US nor Nevada has ever settled the ...
ban nock 04/18/2014 50 25 - -
Spring Camping on Pawnee National Grasslands
I lay awake in that "too cold to fall asleep" stage, listening. The wind and the constant beating of the tent weren't what held my interest, it was the droning high hum of some very large engine. ...
ban nock 04/06/2014 7 18 - -
Gray Wolf Population in Northern Rocky Mountains Little Changed
The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) released it's numbers for the gray wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountains late this week and populations remain steady despite increased efforts in Montana and ...
ban nock 04/05/2014 40 15 - -
Justice Kagan Shot Bambi's Mom!
The Supreme Court now has two hunters, one appointed by Reagan and the other by Obama. Justice Kagan tells her own story better than I could, it begins at about the 2 minute mark but the whole ...
ban nock 03/31/2014 156 18 - -
Fastest Growing Areas of US are in Flyover Country
Yesterday I read a diary citing recent census bureau data showing how NY and LA are growing at the expense of us country bumpkins. I was real surprised to read another story today giving a very ...
ban nock 03/31/2014 77 9 - -
A Billion Dollars for Conservation and Recreation
In a record year, hunters, anglers, target shooters, scary black gun purchasers, zombie slayers, and boaters, contributed $1,100,000,000 to conservation via a special tax on equipment, and mostly ...
ban nock 03/26/2014 30 7 - -
How Much Should We Spend For a Fish? - Endangered Species
Recently I was surprised to learn that six species of trout and salmon used up 40% of the endangered species budget over the past two decades and that one species of fish, the Chinook Salmon ...
ban nock 03/22/2014 21 8 - -
Sec of Interior Jewell-Sen Tester-Meet With Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, and Senator Jon Tester hosted a round table discussion with interested outdoors people at the headquarters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) in Missoula ...
ban nock 03/16/2014 21 10 - -
Learn to Kill in Seven Days or Less (a review)
"Maybe you're a natural-born killer. I am not. I've long been city-dwelling, animal-positive. But all of a sudden, I felt the urge to reconnect with the great outdoors from my childhood, to commune ...
ban nock 03/14/2014 3 11 - -
Woman who fed bears dead
The bear mauled her to death and then it ate her. neighbors complained. Wildlife officers tried to persuade her to stop "To friends and family she trusted, she would tell them, yes, she was ...
ban nock 03/11/2014 270 180 - -
Wolf Myths Nuked in NYT
Today, finally, I read the piece I've been waiting years to read on the pages of the NYT. Arthur Middleton a field biologist and post doc fellow at Yale, in a generous 1300 word Op Ed destroyed ...
ban nock 03/09/2014 158 9 - -
Obama Budget to Fully Fund Land and Water Conservation Fund
This is oil money. $900,000,000 per year. Money from drilling for oil on the continental shelf (Deepwater Horizon) pays for this fund. The purpose is to provide people in both cities and the ...
ban nock 03/09/2014 8 35 1 -
It’s time to be a Democrat (with a poll)
Of the thousands and thousands of Democrats in my town very few are ready to step up and actually be a Democrat except at voting time. We have a very active anti fracking group, Erie Rising, not ...
ban nock 03/06/2014 19 22 - -
What not to do if you see a moose. In one short vid.
All wildlife is potentially dangerous. If pushed they can attack you, attack is a natural defence mechanism, especially for moose. This snowmobiler made a mistake at about the 10 second mark when ...
ban nock 02/27/2014 284 23 - -
The firearms controversy no one will talk about
I have no particular opinion on this issue, but before I even get started some rules of the road. I know strong feelings are attached to anything to do with those seven little numbers appearing in ...
ban nock 02/23/2014 54 14 - -
Mountain Bikes, ATVs, Wilderness, and other public lands
Mountain bikes and ATVs didn't exist three decades ago. They along with snowmobiles, fat tired mountain bikes, the GPS and any number of other modernizations in how we get about the back country ...
ban nock 02/15/2014 39 11 - -
Yellowstone Bison To Slaughter - Buffalo Hippies Perturbed
And if that's not good enough some of the team that officially manages the Yellowstone bison say it's time to begin hunts within the park itself. This week a few bison that wandered out of the ...
ban nock 02/14/2014 52 12 - -
Cheapest Wood Stove in the World (don't try this at home)
I've lived a few cold places without heat. I first saw this type of stove used in a tiny shack in New Hampshire when I was a teen. In that case they used an eight gallon ahem, stove. My next one was ...
ban nock 02/10/2014 28 25 - -
Big Week for Public Lands in Congress
It looks like the farm bill might have shook loose congress a little bit to pass some legislation. There is a lot going on or coming up just now regarding public lands. Some Wilderness areas in ...
ban nock 02/06/2014 3 5 - -
Renewable Electric Generation From Orange and Gray to Green in Colorado
Nights like last night are hard. Cold, no wind, no sun. Photovoltaic doesn't work when the sun goes down, wind turbines don't spin, we aren't going to dam any more rivers for hydro, but over in ...
ban nock 02/02/2014 15 13 - -
Voting begins amidst increased shooting in Bangkok
I've been half heartedly following the politics in Thailand in the run up to today's elections. It wasn't even a forgone conclusion that elections would occur. One party is much more popular and ...
ban nock 02/01/2014 13 15 - -
President Obama signs off on shooting 3 Endangered Species
it was a rider on the budget bill and I'm glad, here's why. Down in Texas they have this deal where you can go shoot animals that are native to Africa and Asia without leaving the US. There are ...
ban nock 01/25/2014 64 17 - -
Wolf Management in Central Idaho
The wolf control efforts in the Frank Church River Of No Return Wilderness and other actions at the nearby town of Salmon Idaho have garnered some press lately and I thought it might be worth a ...
ban nock 01/12/2014 24 6 - -
Tree Sitter's Mom says "get down, get a job, and pay your bills"
Not understanding that much about sustainable forestry I've only half heartedly been following Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden's bill for managing a couple million acres in Western Oregon. http://www.scribd....
ban nock 01/12/2014 31 7 - -
Happy Birthday Aldo Leopold
"Sand County Foundation's Leopold Conservation Award Program celebrates private landowners for outstanding voluntary achievement in conservation on agricultural lands." Sand County Foundation is a ...
ban nock 01/11/2014 16 19 - -
Colorado Bans Use of Drones for Hunting or Scouting
Friday the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission voted to ban the use of drones for any hunting or scouting in Colorado making Colorado the first state to do so. Many observers believe most states ...
ban nock 01/11/2014 20 14 - -
Important CO bills introduced this session in haiku
The following is a summary of the most important bills to be introduced. Haiku by the hat tip to Jonathan ...
ban nock 01/10/2014 4 7 - -
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