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Questions for the Jebster
I posted this as a comment in another diary and it was suggested that I post it as a diary of its own. These are the questions that I would ask the ex-governor of Florida in his quest for the ...
barry s 05/20/2015 3 6 - -
The next GOOPER electoral ploy
The GOOPERs will try to enact legislation in PA, NC, VA, OH and FL to split the electoral votes by Congressional district. President Obama has proved that a strong ground game in a key counties can ...
barry s 11/08/2012 10 5 - -
Chris Matthews Still has Blood on his Hands
Watching Chris Matthews today one could easily forget the role he played as water carrier for the right wing during the Clinton years. During those embryonic days of the Internet in 1998, what we ...
barry s 09/26/2012 38 4 - 362
What Reagan Would Have Done
Would that we had someone like the Saint Ronald of Reagan to deal with today's problems. His solutions to the problems of the 1980s still affect the lives of every American today. Would that more ...
barry s 09/25/2012 2 1 - 31
GOP usually works in secret to damage USA in election years
The typical GOOPER strategy since 1968 has been to work in secret to derail / damage US policy to help win an election. From Nixon to Reagan to Bush (pere and fils), the record is compelling. ...
barry s 09/13/2012 10 10 1 158
Romney Economic Advisor Loved Fannie Mae in 2003
Glen Hubbard, Willard Romney's Chief Economic Advisor wrote in 2003: "my assessment of the firm’s liquidity risk management practices leads me to conclude that a “liquidity crisis” for Fannie ...
barry s 02/06/2012 3 1 1 26
Our own dog whistles
Why can't we refer to Mitt Romney as "policy polygamist" given his multiple stances on various public policy issues? Why can't we link Newt Gingrich and Hayley Barbour (Barbour was RNC chairman in ...
barry s 02/03/2012 6 2 - 126
Foodstamps 102, Gingrich, Media
Second attempt at this diary. Under George W. Bush, the number of people on 'food stamps' increased 95% In his first term alone, the number of people on 'food stamps' increased ...
barry s 01/22/2012 3 6 - 64
Foodstamps 101 for Fatboy and the Media
In FY 2001 (The AWOL Drunk is cowering in his bunker), 17.3 million people on 'food stamps' In FY 2009 (OBL is still enjoying the good life in a Pakistani military cantonment and his tab picked by ...
barry s 01/22/2012 18 8 - 184
What created more jobs Bain or the US govt?
The debate over 'free markets', 'job creation at Bain Capital' is akin to debating the role played by Bozo the Clown in drafting the Constitution. Other than GOOPERs and their fellow travelers in ...
barry s 01/14/2012 5 2 - 45
McNamara, Bush, Romney
All this talk from Gov. Romney about how he can directly apply the skills he acquired at Bain Capital in creating 100,000+ jobs reminds me of the hubris exhibited by Robert McNamara in the 1960s and ...
barry s 01/10/2012 1 2 - 31
Pres Obama's new Mortgage Plan -- the Truth
President Obama is set to announce a new mortgage plan where homeowners home values far below their mortgage principal balance will be allowed to re-finance at lower rates. The GOOPERs, the media, ...
barry s 10/24/2011 41 10 - 243
Zombie Lies, Glass Steagall, GOOPER Shills
I find it hard to stomach all the lies being spread regarding Glass Steagall, Community Reinvestment Act, GSEs, etc. There is a diary ...
barry s 10/20/2011 6 3 - 54
BAC has no shame and Obama's Moment of Truth
The venal incompetents at Bank of America are shamelessly attempting to foist but literally tens of trillions in derivatives exposure onto the back of the taxpayer.
barry s 10/18/2011 11 26 - 220
Why Can't We Just Tell the GOOPers the Truth?
The speech someone should give, My Fellow Americans, We are in the midst of the worst economic crises since the great Depression. However, the GOP would have us believe that we are in this mess ...
barry s 10/13/2011 12 5 - 81
Simple Solution to End Tax Payer Bailouts Wall Street
We can end forever the periodic trillion dollar bailouts (invariably by a GOP President) of Wall Street. It is a 'free market' solution that should give a woody to the Ayn Randers (well, maybe not) ...
barry s 10/08/2011 5 3 - 45
Erin "Brains" Burnett is a fool
when she claims we made money on TARP. Leaving aside the technicalities (such as the truth), she fails for a single moment to consider the risk of the transaction. Your buddy takes a $5.00 bill ...
barry s 10/07/2011 14 2 - 124
Reagan, Norquist, Steve Jobs
I fully understand the tributes paid to Mr. Jobs but wonder how much more he could have accomplished if the the philosophies of St. Ronald of Reagan and the Nawab of the GOP, Grover Norquist had ...
barry s 10/06/2011 6 4 - 78
Abortion Bills Democrats Should Introduce
The recent spate of GOOPER laws to 'regulate' abortions are nothing but a sham and a trick to fool the feeble minded GOOPER electorate. Despite all the posturing by the GOOPERs, millions of unborn ...
barry s 06/30/2011 9 2 - 104
Who is more upset:Al Qaeda or the GOP?
It is hard to tell who is more upset with the death of OBL -- the GOP or Al Qaeda. We had John Yoo writing in the Wall Street Journal lamenting the death of the man who killed over 3,000 Americans.
barry s 05/08/2011 21 26 1 225
FOX, WSJ are not American
Not sure if people realize this, but Fox and WSJ are not owned by a real American. They are owned by an Australian who supposedly was naturalized only so he could acquire TV stations in the US. ...
barry s 05/06/2011 8 7 - 111
Muslim Marxist Avoids Crediting Reagan
In his haste to grab all the glory, the muslim, marxist terrorist thug occupying the White House has yet to acknowledge the singular role played by Ronald Reagan in the death of bin Laden. If it ...
barry s 05/04/2011 13 4 - 142
If Jindal were a Democratic Governor
Glancing through the GOOPER blogs, there seems to be universal admiration fo the GOOPER Gov of Louisiana. Would things be different were he a member of the Democratic Party?
barry s 05/09/2010 6 6 - 24
The Bald Dick and the AWOL Drunk Paid Tribute to Al Qaeda
Even the Moonie UPI now reports that the administration of the AWOL Drunk and the Bald Dick paid money to Pakistan's ISI. Of course ,there is no link between the ISI and Al Qaeada. The ISI ...
barry s 11/16/2009 2 2 - 119
Liz Cheney Should Donate Her Inheritance to a Soldier's Family
There should be a public all for Republican girl Liz Cheney to donate all her 'earings' while she was on the taxpayer dole and also whatever here cowardly father wills to her.
barry s 10/22/2009 13 2 - 57
George W. Bush surrendered to Osama bin Laden
Surely, it is getting tiresome to the see the mantra repeated that George W. Bush kept us safe from terrorists after 9/11. While it is not surprising to see such remakrs from pro-Taliban ...
barry s 01/10/2009 16 11 1 19
Will Bush Tsy trash the markets if Obama wins
Just speculation on my part, but based on what we know about this regime, I think it is quite possible that in the event of an Obama/Biden win (and especially if there is a landslide), look for the ...
barry s 10/11/2008 32 2 - 1
Yet another Bush Tax Increase
The 'bailout' of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, et al is yet another tax increase by the administration of George W. Bush. I will try to keep this diary substantive and will avoid my usual ad ...
barry s 09/19/2008 4 - - -
Robert Mugabe new FED Chair and McCain Advisor?
Recent actions by the Bush/Cheney Admin leave no doubt that they have adopted Robert Mugabe as their economic guru. The taking of the equity of Bear Stearns along with a minimum of $30 billion ...
barry s 04/04/2008 3 1 - -
Bush launches FED Stamp program to help rich whites
Not sure that this will be covered on the Cotton News Network or MSGOP but our Christian War Hero Rancher President, has promulagated the FED Stamp program to help rich investors. Under the FED ...
barry s 04/01/2008 2 1 - -
What price Reaganomics now?
The de facto nationalization of the fifth largest US investment bank should send a wake up call to all rational Americans. However, as the old Indian saying goes, you can only wake up someone who is ...
barry s 03/17/2008 18 13 1 -
Destroying a GOP meme
I was over at relatives for the weekend and the GOP meme of 'who would bin Laden vote for' came up during the drinks sessions before dinner. I quickly began warbling by regular ditty: Not only ...
barry s 02/19/2008 20 23 - 7
Bush surrendered to bin Laden
I know fat Tim Russert's dad might be upset, I know that an obese draft dodger with umpteen ex-wives (and no children) might be upset and I know that some shrill broad promised the GOOPER wingnuts ...
barry s 02/09/2008 24 16 3 9
Pakistan 101, the GOP and the summer of 2008
This is just the latest in a series of diaries to explain what is really going on in Pakistan and it's impact on GOP foreign policy. I'll start with a few background paragraphs [which can be ...
barry s 01/07/2008 13 - - 3
What is Ronald Reagan's most lasting legacy?
St. Ronald of Reagan arguably is the greatest man of flesh and blood who ever walked the earth. However, as difficult as it is, we must choose his greatest legacy to us.
barry s 12/25/2007 84 15 - 1
More evidence of GOP tribute to Al Qaeda
Back in April, I suggested that the GOP has been paying money to Al Qaeda to forestall attacks in the US. (This in addtion to caving in to bin Laden's key demands). More evidence has now surfaced.
barry s 12/23/2007 13 1 - -
Which Bin Laden demand has Bush not caved into?
I recall that Osama bin Laden had some key demands over the years. The party that abandoned thousands of MIAs in Vietnam to suck up to the Chinese and then sent Ollie North to grovel before the ...
barry s 12/16/2007 27 8 - 1
Is the GOP paying tribute to Al Qaeda?
I've suspected since 9/11 that the GOP has been paying tribute/bribes to Al Qaeda and Pakistani Intelligence to prevent attacks on U. S. soil. The recent statements by Giuliani about voting GOP to ...
barry s 04/25/2007 15 4 - -
Traitors in our midst: Michael Ledeen
Even a cursory look at the historical record of the past twenty years leaves no doubt the the GOP is the Party of Treason. From providing missles to the Iranians in the 1980s to providing ...
barry s 04/24/2007 28 11 - 11
At dawn we continue to sleep
If we need addtional proof of how the Bush Administration continues to be criminally negligent in providing for the national security, simply look at the new Pakistani port of Gwadar. The port was ...
barry s 04/09/2007 7 3 - -
Tsy fudging books to boost Shrub's election chances
barry s 10/29/2004 3 4 - -
Economy Starting to Cool, Inflation picking up
barry s 07/06/2004 7 - - -
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