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Grassroots Citizen Action: Nullifying the debt ceiling
I wrote a diary before on how the debt ceiling is an anachronism (Sorry I didn't join n after the sudden influx of comments). I think there is an avenue for citizen action on this. If you own any ...
bay of arizona 05/31/2011 7 4 - 38
"Pro-life" terrorism averted in Wisconsin
A Marshfield man who planned to kill abortion providers in Madison this week was thwarted on the eve of the intended attack when his gun accidentally fired in a motel room, leading to ...
bay of arizona 05/27/2011 8 9 - 63
There is no longer any reason for the debt ceiling to exist
There used to be a good reason to have a debt ceiling. It was preferable to the previous system of selling government bonds : So how did we ...
bay of arizona 05/16/2011 36 44 3 539
Is the head of the FHA already lobbying for his future banker employers?
According to the WaPo:
bay of arizona 03/18/2011 5 3 - 36
Another isolated incident
MADERA -- A Chowchilla school bus driver has been charged with firebombing a Planned Parenthood office here last September, and authorities said Thursday he also is responsible for ...
bay of arizona 03/17/2011 14 19 - 176
[updated] Anti-choice pharmacist refuses to fill rx to stop bleeding
Unless he knew for certain that the woman who needed the prescription did not have an abortion. We must ...
bay of arizona 01/14/2011 575 608 4 393
First non-white man to become Speaker of the House
In a great day for America, for the first time in its history, a non-white man will be elected Speaker. It is truly an exceptional story, because only in America could a non-white person be elected ...
bay of arizona 12/05/2010 35 22 1 63
Prepare for Malia and Sasha Obama to be subpoenaed
A lot of people don't remember how bad things we in the 90s. Republicans are even more extreme than they were back then.
bay of arizona 11/01/2010 69 17 - 80
Blue Dog to be Minority Leader if Dems lose House
I hope that the Dems maintain control of Congress. But there are dangerous things that may happen that we need to ...
bay of arizona 10/30/2010 31 10 - 176
Joe Lieberman must be stripped of his chairmanship in 2011
Joseph Lieberman is currently Chairman of the Senate Government Oversight Committee. Responsible for oversight of the executive branch. Remember, Lieberman made a name for himself in 1998 by ...
bay of arizona 09/10/2010 33 14 1 41
Reuters:Obama may use Fannie/Freddie to help homeowners
Reuters thinks that the Administration is working towards an " August Surprise :" Main ...
bay of arizona 08/06/2010 23 9 - 76
AP: Corporations don't need a good economy to profit
Over the weekend, there was a great article which encapsulates everything that is wrong with what passes ...
bay of arizona 07/27/2010 29 16 - 38
Latinos can help Obama win Texas in 2012
If Latinos in Texas voted the way they do in California, there is a decent chance Obama would ...
bay of arizona 07/23/2010 15 12 - 32
[update]Director of National Intelligence to be recess appointed
**** UPDATE 2: Obama does not want the oversight law to be passed. Feinstein wants it before she approves of his nomination. So Obama is avoiding that. Its pretty simple. I cannot believe I am ...
bay of arizona 06/17/2010 77 7 - 68
MMS approves new drilling in Gulf of Mexico-update
Apparently there was a ban on both shallow and deepwater (more than 500 feet) drilling. The shallow ban expired. And so..
bay of arizona 06/02/2010 26 30 - 258
CBS: Americans oppose more offshore drilling
45 percent said they were in favor of more offshore drilling in the new poll, while 46 percent said the associated costs and risks are too great. There is a significant political divide ...
bay of arizona 05/25/2010 32 12 1 120
[updated] The Saudi monarchy's connection to terrorism
There was a dairy on the rec list that disappeared, I'm not sure why. Anyway, this is what it talked about :
bay of arizona 05/23/2010 34 31 3 67
Republicans supported a health insurance mandate in 1994
So it is never a huge surprise when Republican are lying hypocrites. It's in their DNA. And I'm sure people here already know that.
bay of arizona 04/14/2010 10 4 - 81
Acorn shutting down thanks to wingnut liars; KBR rewarded for murder
I can't really describe how angry it makes me to think of Democrats running as fast as they can to defund ACORN with little to no proof. Proof that we now ...
bay of arizona 03/23/2010 14 21 - 39
Public financing of elections... for free
I am sure most people here would agree that public financing of elections would be beneficial. The public supports some form of financing by ...
bay of arizona 03/08/2010 5 4 - 26
America is a pro-choice nation
It seems like Democrats and their allied groups believe that we are living in a world that hates all progressive values. And they are constantly pre-compromising their positions. The Hyde Amendment ...
bay of arizona 11/19/2009 9 3 - 112
Justice Dept wants to keep Gov Seigelman in jail
This is bullshit. "Under a standard that requires not just a quid pro quo, but one ...
bay of arizona 11/17/2009 38 23 - 173
Federal funding of abortions
People who have a religious moral disagreement with abortion should not have to pay for it. But I ask those who agree with me, including that brave moral giant, the Great Bart Stupak of Michigan to ...
bay of arizona 11/07/2009 219 15 - 434
Adam Smith favored progressive taxation
Conservatives love to quote Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism . But I doubt that many of them have actually read his works. Adam smith extolled the free market in his seminal work, An Inquiry ...
bay of arizona 10/21/2009 60 22 3 172
My letter to Rep Susan Davis (D-CA53)
Dear Congresswoman Davis, I hope you will take a stand in favor of having a public option in the upcoming healthcare reform bill. President Obama is in favor of it, as I am sure you know, but ...
bay of arizona 09/09/2009 6 1 - 4
Misogyny is also a hate crime
H/t to route66 for this diary What always get left out of discussions regarding hate ...
bay of arizona 08/05/2009 56 17 - 39
Why is advertising allowed for prescription drugs?
It seems like the entire point of having certain medications prescription only is that the supervision of a medical doctor is necessary because of the dangers involved. If this is the case, shouldn'...
bay of arizona 07/22/2009 81 16 - 39
To those who want to throw out women's rights for health care...
Perhaps you should take some things into consideration: First of all, I have never seen anybody offer any evidence at all that this will work. "Maybe it might work, possibly, so why not screw over ...
bay of arizona 07/20/2009 12 5 1 33
Reverse Bush's overtime pay rules
In 2004, there was a large fight over overtime rules. Workers who were considered management were exempt from coverage. The Bush administration expanded that exemption to include many jobs that ...
bay of arizona 06/17/2009 7 11 - 6
Minimum Wage must be indexed to inflation
The current minimum wage is 7.25. This was done by the Democratic Congress in 2007. But this is not enough. This has been the first time the minimum wage has increase in 10 years. Bill Clinton had ...
bay of arizona 06/10/2009 13 14 1 17
How Social Security Was Starved To Fund Two Orgies of Tax Cuts: An Alan Greenspan/Trickle Down Produ
Working Title: “Alan Greenspan is a worthless sack of shit” During the discussion regarding then-President Bush's tax cut in 2001, Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve , ...
bay of arizona 06/08/2009 8 22 - 51
Mandatory voting: A good way to increase turnout?
Now, hear me out. I know the statistics on turnout. In the 2000 Presidential election 40% of those in the bottom third of the income spectrum did not vote. In the top third, the equivalent figure ...
bay of arizona 06/06/2009 23 1 - 38
Abolish the filibuster with 50 votes? Yes, we can
With all this talk about a filibuster-proof majority, a lot of things get forgotten. First of all, it is only filibuster-proof if all Democrats are unified at all times and on all issues. And ...
bay of arizona 12/01/2008 51 8 - 159
worst MSM figure: what do you think?
If you could make one of the major media figures to disappear, who would it be? I am not counting Fox News, but possibly some especially bad fox news democrats. i want to focus on the objective ...
bay of arizona 12/05/2006 45 5 - 6
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