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9 GOP Truisms
So, the GOP is leading the Democrats in the 2014 Senate races which would put Senate control potentially into the hands of the Republicans according to Nate Silver and his FiveThirtyEight blog. And ...
bbatson27 03/23/2014 2 5 - -
Christie: "I haven't had a lot of sleep the last two nights"
Rachel Maddow is a genius! On today's Rachel Maddow show, Ms. Maddow came up with totally different reason for why the bridge was closed and to whom the "retaliation" was actually aimed. To cut ...
bbatson27 01/09/2014 22 7 - -
Open Letter to FOX News
Dear FOX News, You suck! Little coverage of the Mandela memorial (you did show Obama's speech), FOX News prefers to spread mistruths about Obamacare and talk about the Dilbert creator as opposed ...
bbatson27 12/10/2013 2 - - -
Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford Has Got to Go
Toronto mayor, Rob Ford has been getting a lot of airplay. Many American news shows and late night television programs have led with his latest rant where he talks about murdering someone. His ...
bbatson27 11/08/2013 9 1 - -
Imagine if Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin divorced their respective spouses and married to become the next Washington Power Couple a la Bill & Hillary Clinton... ...
bbatson27 10/20/2013 2 - - -
Hijacked GOP
When one steps back and looks at what the Tea Party has done, it is quite interesting. In 1992, Ross Perot tried the 3rd party approach with many of the basic ideas of the Tea Party. He found out ...
bbatson27 10/20/2013 10 5 - -
President Obama should sue the House
Under section 4 of the 14th amendment, it says the "validity of the public debt of the United States ... shall not be questioned." And since the House has the explicit constitutional responsibility ...
bbatson27 10/08/2013 12 4 1 -
One Step Forward for Middle East Peace Talks
For the first time in a very, very, very long time there is a glimmer of hope in the Middle East Peace Talks. Lost amongst all the other news is the progress that U.S. Secretary John Kerry has made ...
bbatson27 07/19/2013 4 2 - -
Why it's almost impossible to stop Obamacare
Republicans and other anti-Obamacare persons and organizations are fighting an uphill battle that they are likely to lose. Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA, only needs to ...
bbatson27 07/19/2013 9 11 - -
Get Over It America
I've been watching the circus surrounding Paula Deen. What is with you American people? Men (and women) can rape and pillage the American people by stealing their money and ruining the economy and ...
bbatson27 06/22/2013 46 1 - -
Obama Should VETO FAA Bill
I think President Obama should veto the hastily passed bill that would end the forced furloughs for air traffic controllers. Because of sequestration, the FAA was forced reduce the number of ...
bbatson27 04/26/2013 35 12 - -
Did GOP members break the Norquist pledge?
According to Grover Norquist, voting FOR the fiscal cliff bill does not violate pledge. Question: Did 151 GOP members voting AGAINST the bill violate the pledge? I would think so...
bbatson27 01/01/2013 5 2 - -
Tea Party Negotiating Strategy Cracked
I just watch Rep Tim Huelskamp (R) on Morning Joe. He seemed like the most intransigent politician I have ever seen in the face of total economic chaos. What he basically said that Washington has a ...
bbatson27 12/21/2012 10 2 - -
"Government", Corporations", and Big Bird
Mitt Romney is tone deaf when it comes to understaing the role of government in a democracy. He views it as similar to running a corporation, when in fact government is not at all the same as ...
bbatson27 10/05/2012 2 3 - 23
Romney's Dad Was Right
George Romney released 12 years of tax returns because he said "one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show". His son, Mitt Romney, artificially raised his tax paid percentage for 2011 by not ...
bbatson27 09/21/2012 1 3 - 25
If 1 in 10 then gotta be 1 in 28
Republican presidential hopeful, Michele Bachmann is an outspoken anti-gay rights advocate. Here are some memorable quotes I googled up: “Don't misunderstand. I am not here bashing people who are ...
bbatson27 06/15/2011 4 5 - 68
Separating feelings from pragmatism
As an outsider (I live in Ottawa Canada), it didn't feel good when I heard President Obama make his announcement seemingly giving the Republicans all that they wanted. It was only after a bit of ...
bbatson27 12/09/2010 6 7 - 35
How would Rachel Maddow have covered Nelson Mandela?
Rachel Maddow railed against President Barack Obama because he seemingly went easy on the Republicans and former President George W. Bush. Her segment seemed laced with spite and some "stick it ...
bbatson27 09/02/2010 170 17 - 42
A Few Good Men, Part Deux
In following the General Stanley McChrystal fiasco, I can’t help but make the comparison to the movie, A Few Good Men. There is no Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson. There is no court room scene or ...
bbatson27 06/25/2010 3 - - 21
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