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Title Author Published Comments Recommends Hotlisted Views was wrong to censor an anti-muslim blog.
It's easy to defend freedom of speech as a universal human right when you agree with what's being said. When what is being said is heretical, bigoted, abohorrent, ugly, and regressive, it's much ...
beatpanda 01/04/2011 29 - - 62
New Wikileaks cables: US & China allied to wreck climate talks @ Copenhagen
US and China conspired against Europe in Copenhagen climate talks, according to WikiLeaks cables [Der Spiegel]
beatpanda 12/09/2010 36 16 - 79
Oh, great, we lost Pelosi but have to keep Reid
Great. Awesome. We lose the progressive champion, the one person doing actual work and producing good legislation, but keep the weak-spined idiot who could only do as well as passing Bob Dole's ...
beatpanda 11/02/2010 65 6 - 44
You don't know jack about Net Neutrality
I'm getting really tired of reading reflexive, thoughtless nonsense in comments sections about this issue, so I wanted to clear a few things up.
beatpanda 08/05/2010 75 7 1 23
Joe Barton is probably not stupid. Really.
It's hard to work on days like this. As you probably already know, Joe Barton apologized on behalf of you and me, i.e. the federal government, to BP for making them set aside $20 billion to ...
beatpanda 06/18/2010 26 15 - 97
David Brooks is either lying or can't count to 100
So David Brooks put out a column this morning, asserting that America is going to be just fine. Great news! And then I read it. This produces a lot of dynamism. As Stephen J. Rose ...
beatpanda 04/06/2010 38 25 - 102
Cato Institute takes "think tank" to new ironic heights re: CU vs FEC
So, we all know what happened at the Supreme Court today, and as awful and spite-inducing as it was, reading the Cato "Institute"'s take on it was probably worse.
beatpanda 01/21/2010 9 5 1 62
Brace for the s***storm.
You know, I'm really stoked that the next couple of days are going to be filled with loud, stupid, ignorant people on my television set, proclaiming that "the American people" just rejected Obama's ...
beatpanda 01/19/2010 14 5 - 9
NOT BREAKING: GOP is nuts. What took the MSM so long?
So there are two videos are on the rec list right now. I caught both of them before they hit the Kos. Here they are again, for reference-
beatpanda 09/18/2009 42 14 1 185
Remedial critical thinking for NPR reporters
Overheard just now on NPR: Worker productivity, considered the single most important factor determining living standards, grew at the fastest pace in nearly 6 years during the last ...
beatpanda 09/02/2009 15 7 - 6
Conferring undue prestige on John Bolton is bad for America on balance.
Jesus, to think I trusted the BBC. First up on BBC World News this morning- John Bolton, on why Bill Clinton's successful rescue of the two kidnapped journalists in North Korea was "bad for America ...
beatpanda 08/05/2009 15 10 - 52
Obama's most shameful Friday Night News Dump yet re: CIA IG torture report
Via Democracy Now : Admin Delays Torture Report for 2nd Time The Justice Department meanwhile has ...
beatpanda 06/29/2009 69 23 - 20
Obama's master stroke- rejecting "the clash of civilizations"
Obama hit a number of extremely important points today in his speech to the Muslim world, but the most salient was one phrase toward the end that I'd like to draw your attention to. The following ...
beatpanda 06/04/2009 36 14 - 37
Photo diary: The marriage equality grassroots respond to today's ruling
I guess everyone's really upset about that Supreme Court ruling here in Sacramento, California, because all these people showed up, on a weekday, in the sweltering heat, to march to the state capitol.
beatpanda 05/26/2009 4 6 2 6
Democracy Now!- actually fair and balanced re: teabagging
While the right-wing media dutifully executed its role at the VRWC's PR firm for yesterday's teabagging, the left-wing media spent its time haughtily chuckling at the obvious astroturfing, the ...
beatpanda 04/16/2009 15 18 - 17
The parable of the little red hen
Surely you've all heard the story of the little red hen, who asks her barnyard friends to help with growing the wheat, reaping the wheat, and baking the bread. They decline to help, and so they don'...
beatpanda 03/06/2009 11 4 - 13
Rahm Emanuel: Epic troll (Updated)
Let us now take a moment to praise this man's genius. We all know what a troll is, ...
beatpanda 03/02/2009 85 78 - 22
John Thune is insane.
I'm watching C-SPAN right now, where John Thune just proposed striking ALL of the stimulus bill, dividing the amount by the number of taxpayers making under $250,000, and cutting everyone a check. ...
beatpanda 02/06/2009 86 18 - 18
Sorting out the memories
This is the first part of the first draft of a letter I owe to a very generous individual that allowed me to experience history firsthand. I'll be posting more as we approach ...
beatpanda 01/13/2009 1 - - 3
Obama Super-Volunteers Against Obama
Please read the whole diary before commenting. No, I'm not really "against" Obama per se , but I am concerned about the ...
beatpanda 12/19/2008 52 1 1 13
Complain about AT&T's politics, get a free phone!
No, really. I called AT&T last night to attempt to cancel my phone service, for ...
beatpanda 12/12/2008 57 9 - 20
Socialist Networking
In response to the incredible spontaneous occurrence on the rec list today... I imagine a lot of you have already ...
beatpanda 12/01/2008 130 257 13 80
Obama issues de-Clintonification order
OMG! Please read the whole diary before commenting. This is huge! Pursuant to my authority as President-Elect of the United States, Recognizing that the American ...
beatpanda 11/22/2008 72 12 - 33
Documenting the struggle- pics and video (leave yr tissues)
We won, but I did not cry. Paul Krugman says that means something's wrong with me, but I don't think so. See, I didn't cry because I expected the result, with the exception of a few states that ...
beatpanda 11/08/2008 6 14 - 3
CA-Prop 8: Frightening video rallies Christian Fascists
beatpanda 10/29/2008 25 14 2 2
How do you handle struggling, conflicted racists?
I know that many of you are waking up in a swing state this morning, preparing to go canvass and get out the early vote, and I'm hoping to get some advice. All the anecdotal evidence we've been ...
beatpanda 10/26/2008 60 11 2 7
Turning myself in to HUAC
I'll be dropping three signed copies of the letter below--One to the California GOP, one to the National GOP, and one to McCain HQ, along with my absentee ballot, in the mail this afternoon. I ...
beatpanda 10/20/2008 6 9 - 1
...that our flag was still there.
There's an American flag on my mantle. It's been there since I moved into my apartment. It's safety-pinned to the wall, pointed backwards, with a plastic sign tacked over it reading "Not An ...
beatpanda 10/17/2008 11 3 - 3
The truth about "Voter Fraud", or "Kill The Poor"
So the news has been all over the place today- ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is being blamed by the wingnuts for "trying to steal the election". I tried to get more ...
beatpanda 10/09/2008 6 4 - 19
I won't vote Nader on a train, I won't vote Nader on a plane (updated)
This is going to be a short diary, and I'm sorry, but I just heard Ralph on Democracy Now!, and I have to say, I can't stand this son of a bitch.
beatpanda 09/25/2008 42 7 - 7
Swing State Dispatch- Fernley, NV (Enemy Territory Edition)
[Cross-posted at THE GOGGLES, THEY DO NOTHING! ] Volunteer for the Obama campaign, they said. Drive for Change to Reno, they said. And then the call comes ...
beatpanda 09/19/2008 35 9 - 1
To everybody who thinks Rove was behind the e-mail hack...
Put away your tinfoil hat. Seriously. This was a prank. It was perpetrated by a group of people across a number of internet message boards. It did not originate on 4chan, either. Somebody ...
beatpanda 09/18/2008 49 6 - 25
Swing State Dispatch- Reno, NV (Exclusive Video!)
or "Why You Haven't Heard About All the Ass We've Been Kicking" In light of all the meta-griping, handwringing, bedwetting, and Kool-Aid quaffing, I thought now would be a good time to post some ...
beatpanda 09/12/2008 9 13 - 11
Pork Hot Dogs and Turkish Tobacco
Circa 2005. :: I woke early, forgetting the date. Quickly reminded by the trappings of the grotesque celebration-
beatpanda 09/11/2008 3 - - -
My Girlfriend, the Activist
or "Further Proof That 2008 Is Not 2004", or "The Political Really Is Personal".
beatpanda 09/06/2008 15 14 - 7
Stop making excuses- go to a swing state...
...or "Learn to start thinking about this election like the Obama campaign thinks about it", or "Why sports writers often make better political analysts than Washington insiders". Forget perception.
beatpanda 08/31/2008 39 31 3 174
Journalism Students Against Ron Fournier
Ron Fournier is poisoning the well of American Journalism. Fournier's abuses of the public trust have been very well documented here, so I won't bother to re-hash them. What is ...
beatpanda 08/26/2008 27 37 - 22
Not a VP diary- Swing State Dispatch
Ah, Nevada. How I missed you.
beatpanda 08/22/2008 7 1 - 2
Our President is an a**hole.
I know, I know, I know. This topic has already been diaried, ad infinitum. I just wanted to add a little more shit to the pile. Did anyone see Shrub at the opening ceremony of the Olympics? ...
beatpanda 08/08/2008 53 18 1 20
CA-Prop. 1- "...end the age of oil in our time"
Barack Obama said this week that we must seek an end to the age of oil in our time. California High Speed Trains will be a big step in that direction.
beatpanda 08/07/2008 9 7 1 3
Doubt, fragility, and shoe leather
Watch this video carefully. Not for the rhetoric, but for the doubt.
beatpanda 07/28/2008 7 5 - 15
Al Gore misses an opportunity...
...or "Al Gore is a pansy" Punt!
beatpanda 07/20/2008 56 - - -
John McCain hates college students
So it started with the gas tax holiday... He said the average consumer would save a "quarter and a nickel" a day, and only $28 in three months. McCain ...
beatpanda 07/18/2008 68 22 - 41
CA-04: Support CA high-speed trains, defeat McClintock twice in '08
State senator, serial campaigner, carpetbagger, Conservative Icon, and ...
beatpanda 07/15/2008 24 19 1 58
Oh, bama. (profanity)
I'm sorry. I had to do it. Missed the rave. Isn't it awesome that we have a nominee that talks about science? And net neutrality? And ...
beatpanda 07/12/2008 40 6 1 16
The myth of "purity" (community project)
There's been a lot of talk about "ideological purity" these days, along with plenty of accusations that Obama has "sold out" or "isn't a real progressive". On the other side of this "divide", there'...
beatpanda 07/02/2008 21 7 1 21
Save money, lose weight, and fight the climate crisis
In response to this diary . In the interest of getting to 350 , I am making enormous ...
beatpanda 06/24/2008 45 14 - 28
Sam Donaldson fabricates information, and ABC happily publishes it
Not joking!
beatpanda 06/19/2008 20 3 - 7
Forget Obama- I'm campaigning for Bob Barr in NV
Why? Because Bob Barr, or even dead-enders for Ron Paul, can swing Nevada for Obama, big time. Let me tell you a story. In January, I traveled to Nevada for three days to Get Out The Caucus for ...
beatpanda 06/17/2008 52 7 - 14
Ya Voté
I just got back from my polling place in Sacramento, CA with a sticker on my chest reading "Ya Vot´┐Ż", and I have to say, my mood has improved substantially with the simple act of dropping my ...
beatpanda 06/03/2008 5 8 - -
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