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Now THIS makes me optimistic: The Economist Slams Romney
As always, apologies if this has already been diary'ed. But I don't see it. For the last weeks, I have been wondering about Romney's seemingly unshakeable support in the business community. I ...
benvautier 08/25/2012 91 363 12 2784
Justice Department Prepares to Target Peace Activists. Yes, US peace activists. Yes.
Note: I don't write this diary to engage in any counter-productive bitch sessions, to throw up my hands in despair, or to vent. I'm writing it because finally, FINALLY, I've seen enough evidence to ...
benvautier 12/11/2010 29 36 - 55
Rapid Response to Reid Rumor (RRRR)
UPDATE: I put the denial in the body, sorry I was at work, didn't get to do this earlier. A bit late now, but better late than never. UPDATE: see slinkerwink's comment below, ...
benvautier 09/28/2009 83 145 2 31
The serious article about US fascism we've been waiting for (Update, with Paxton link, thanks RTP)
UPDATE: here is a link to Robinson's source, an article by the historian Robert Paxton, "The Five Stages of Fascism." I apologize for posting a diary without checking the original source first, but ...
benvautier 08/13/2009 71 26 3 38
What I Learned Phonebanking Today
I started phone-banking last week, and I've been doing a couple of hours a day since then. Today I called a bunch of voters in Pennsylvania, and had long conversations with five undecided voters. ...
benvautier 09/14/2008 476 1201 68 142
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