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Okiciyap: A Few More School Supplies Needed
Hi everybody, I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who has sent school supplies to the Okiciyap food pantry so the children on the Cheyenne River ...
betson08 09/05/2014 19 28 1 -
School's Just Around the Corner: Okiciyap!
In the midst of all the turmoil in the world right now, you may have forgotten that school is just around the corner. This is the third year that the Daily Kos community has been sending school ...
betson08 08/20/2014 32 41 2 -
Frigid Winter Endangers Lakota Elders - Okiciyap!
Standing Rock Reservation, January 2009 If you've been shivering through this winter and ...
betson08 01/28/2014 57 45 1 -
(We help-ed) The Okiciyap Christmas Party - Photo heavy
As you probably know if you clicked on this diary, the Daily Kos community supports a food pantry on the Cheyenne River ...
betson08 12/31/2013 24 37 1 -
'Tis the Season for the Okiciyap Christmas Party!
betson08 12/18/2013 28 37 1 -
Want to help Okiciyap Shine a Little Holiday Light on the Cheyenne River Reservation? (UpdateX2)
betson08 12/07/2013 34 42 - -
Annual School Supplies Drive for Okiciyap
As you may know, Okiciyap is a food pantry on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation supported by this community. This year we are continuing with a school supplies drive for 50 middle and high ...
betson08 08/13/2013 53 39 - -
The Okiciyap School Supplies Drive is HERE
Thanks to Dr Erich Bloodaxe, RN for writing the inaugural diary of the drive. Can you believe it's already August?! That means school is right around the corner....and once again the Okicyap ...
betson08 08/03/2013 53 45 3 -
Okiciyap School Supplies Drive is ON
Thanks to Dr Erich Bloodaxe, RN for writing the inaugural diary on this today. I can't believe it's already August. That means school is right around the corner....and once again the Okicyap ...
betson08 08/02/2013 21 28 - -
Food, Healing and a Quilt Auction: Okiciyap [updated 2x with photo and video thank yous]
If you're reading this diary today, the last day of the quilt auction, you're probably aware of the Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community food pantry on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, which ...
betson08 04/07/2013 61 50 2 -
Okiciyap families are having a hot Thanksgiving dinner thanks to this community
Just a short note to let you know that 50 Thanksgiving dinners got packed up and distributed - the first 35 were distributed in 2 hours on Monday, and the rest were given out the next day. The ...
betson08 11/22/2012 9 56 2 -
With $250 More, 50 Cheyenne River Reservation Families will have a full Thanksgiving Dinner
Well, we've come to the end of a great week for giving 50 poor families on the Cheyenne River Reservation a full Thanksgiving Dinner. That was the goal of the women who run Okiciyap (we help) and we ...
betson08 11/16/2012 159 145 2 -
You bought 50 Turkeys for Okiciyap so fast! Now We Just Need the Fixins! (Match offered)
UPDATE: Oke has offered to match all donations up to $200! So now is the time to donate! The other night I posted that Thanksgiving is upon us.....and it has only been a week since Election Day. ...
betson08 11/14/2012 63 54 1 -
Let's Help 50 Families in SD Gobble Up Some Turkey Next Week
OK, Thanksgiving is upon us.....and it has only been a week since Election Day! Last night I started a little marathon to help Okiciyap provide Thanksgiving dinner for 50 families. We've got over $...
betson08 11/13/2012 64 41 - -
Let's Buy Some Turkeys for 50 Okiciyap Families
I don't know about you but I feel like it was election day and now suddenly Thanksgiving is upon us..... So it has occurred to me that we'd better get going if we want to help Okiciyap provide ...
betson08 11/12/2012 54 85 4 -
Voting Problem in the Bronx, need some advice
I am leaving the house pretty soon to go down to the Albany SEIU offices, today the OFA phone banks. So I check Facebook and here's what a friend in the Bronx experienced trying to vote this morning.
betson08 11/06/2012 12 5 - -
Does Obama Make You Smile?
OK folks. Some of us are freaking out because the race is closer than it should be....Obama might lose.....Others aren't freaking out because we read Nate Silver on a regular basis and we know he's ...
betson08 10/25/2012 32 14 - -
Romney left Bullying Messages on a Dead Soldier's Family Voicemail
Last week, Anne Romney went on The View and claimed that her husband went to "every funeral" of the military personnel from MA killed on duty when he was governor. Well, that is except for 2. She ...
betson08 10/22/2012 172 447 5 -
Eagle Wings Woman, Georgia Little Shield, Has Entered the Spirit World (*updated with family obit)
Georgia Little Shield (1959-2012) Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Georgia Little Shield has died. On Tuesday morning she had a heart attack at home and could not be ...
betson08 04/29/2012 103 280 6 934
Okiciyap Food Pantry Up and Running (with Photos) UPDATE X3: $300 to go of a $500 challenge
I'm reposting a diary I wrote yesterday to update you on the status of Okiciyap, the food pantry we support on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. At 6:30 pm yesterday a $500 challenge was made ...
betson08 04/01/2012 18 32 1 125
Okiciyap Food Pantry Up and Running (with Photos) UPDATE: $500 challenge
UPDATE: An anonymous donor has pledged an additional $500 match if we can get a bunch of small donations for that amount by the end of Sunday. RIght now it's 7pm EST on Sat, so let's start from NOW.
betson08 03/31/2012 41 45 1 244
Working the Skirt: a $500 Okiciyap Challenge
"What skirt," you say? Yesterday, volunteers for Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community, put the skirt on the trailer for what is basically a Kossack-sponsored food pantry and learning annex. AND..
betson08 02/19/2012 33 30 - 137
Okiciyap on the Brink: BRAND NEW $500 Match Offered (photo diary with updates)
UPDATE #3 THERE IS A NEW ANONYMOUS $500 MATCH UP. IT'S GOOD THROUGH MONDAY . The donor is asking all the small donors to get together now....can you pitch in $5, $10, $15? And don't forget to rec ...
betson08 02/18/2012 114 73 2 376
A Message from Georgia Little Shield: the Okiciyap Community Christmas Party
Georgia wanted me to forward this message to YOU, the Kossacks who funded this wonderful Christmas party for the community.
betson08 12/24/2011 28 71 - 248
Came for the community, stayed for the politics
betson08 12/18/2011 45 26 - 177
Lets Keep the Momentum Going!
It has become a tradition here on the Daily Kos to support American ...
betson08 12/14/2011 13 16 - 115
'Tis the Season...(we help) Reservation Families in Need
We're now officially in the holiday shopping season. It's also the ...
betson08 12/12/2011 17 23 1 140
'Tis the Season...(we help) Reservation Families in Need
We're now officially in the holiday shopping season. It's also the ...
betson08 12/11/2011 64 78 2 330
Lifting the Digital Curtain: a Netroots Nation Pepsi Challenge Grant. We Need Your Votes
Your VOTE can help us win a grant to send people of color to Providence for Netroots Nation ...
betson08 12/08/2011 10 12 - 61
North Dakota U Dumps Fighting Sioux Mascot. Can We Finally Get Rid of 'Prairie N****r,' Too?
betson08 12/04/2011 133 131 4 681
(We help)
I don't know about you, but I had parents who would pull the "starving children in Africa" thing if I was going to leave food on my plate. Then one day I came up with something that made them quit. ...
betson08 11/25/2011 16 33 1 115
Cold, Hungry and Sick: Winter in Indian Country
I hate the winter. I especially hate the darkness and the cold. Yes, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. But I also have a warm apartment and a job, even if I am underemployed right now.... But I'm ...
betson08 10/30/2011 42 46 8 221
Skinheads Hunt Native American Family: Guess Who Gets Arrested?
Warning: the information below is likely to make your blood boil. A hate crime happened a few weeks ago in Fernley, Nevada that is just becoming known to the wider public. A family has lost its car,
betson08 07/10/2011 246 581 10 2457
Spiritual Incest: Jesuits to Pay $166 Million for Boarding School Abuse
Spiritual incest is what one of the plaintiff's lawyers called the abuse suffered by the 470 survivors of sexual abuse at ...
betson08 03/26/2011 20 23 1 100
Military Mishandles Rape Cases: The Victims Sue
Two things sparked this diary: 1. Yesterday, the minister-trainee of my local Unitarian Church teared up with anger during his sermon when talking about how the military doesn't properly care for ...
betson08 02/15/2011 31 19 1 100
It's About the EGYPTIAN PEOPLE, Not Obama or Pie Fights
I really appreciate the mothership and people who have kept it up. What I don't appreciate are the people who have taken these incredibly historic and inspiring events, which are about the people in ...
betson08 02/10/2011 50 38 - 127
Forget Reagan. It's BOB MARLEY'S Birthday too!
Personally, I can't stand to think about Ronald Reagan and his legacy. The man was a supreme fake and it astounds me that anyone would admire anything beyond his ability to fool millions of people ...
betson08 02/06/2011 171 211 7 210
Here's What Happens When the Republicans are in Charge
I just received a news flash from the New York Times that the State of New York has officially taken control of Nassau County's finances. Nassau is one of, if not the, richest county in the state (...
betson08 01/26/2011 13 20 - 73
Can we unite behind THIS?
[update] FYI I changed the diary's name to something more general. In being horrified at the success with which the Republicans deployed a huge pack of lies to regain control of the House, and ...
betson08 11/12/2010 23 9 - 85
An E-mail Message for Your Right Wing Friends & Family
I don't know about you, but I have my share of Republican family members. I won't communicate with the few truly bizarre wackos, but I am aware of their arguments and the kinds of emails they forward.
betson08 11/05/2010 59 32 10 90
Possible Attempted Coup in Ecuador
I just got an email from CEPR about this news, which has not been too widely reported yet. There seems to have been an attempted coup in Ecuador. Correa to me ...
betson08 09/30/2010 46 24 - 107
Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Ongoing Diary series
betson08 01/26/2010 21 46 - 182
Helping the Victims of the Haiti Quake, Day 9, Diary 16
betson08 01/21/2010 46 96 1 109
Some Notes on Trauma in Haiti
As we know, a massive earthquake is the epitomy of a traumatic experience. While we're all thinking about Haiti, I thought I'd share some facts about individual and collective trauma that you might ...
betson08 01/20/2010 115 127 3 122
Some Notes on Trauma and Haiti
As we know, a massive earthquake it the epitomy of a traumatic experience. While we're all thinking about Haiti, I thought I'd share some facts about individual and collective trauma that you might ...
betson08 01/19/2010 10 13 - 37
Helping Victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Day 7, Diary 12
betson08 01/18/2010 131 203 1 152
Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Day 3 (11+ Updates)
This is the fourth diary on the earthquake disaster in Haiti. The first diary was ...
betson08 01/14/2010 155 325 3 240
Pretty Bird Woman House, update and last call for donations
This the annual fundraising diary for the Pretty Bird Woman House, a women's shelter on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation , which the Daily Kos community ...
betson08 12/22/2009 11 23 - 24
Pretty Bird Woman House - last call
This the annual fundraising diary for the Pretty Bird Woman House, a women's shelter on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation , which the Daily Kos community ...
betson08 12/21/2009 70 54 1 53
Pretty Bird Woman House (Women's Shelter) 'Tis the Season
This the annual fundraising diary for the Pretty Bird Woman House, a women's shelter on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation , which the Daily Kos community ...
betson08 12/20/2009 15 26 1 35
Pretty Bird Woman House - 'Tis the Season!
This the annual fundraising diary for the Pretty Bird Woman House, a women's shelter on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation , which the Daily Kos community ...
betson08 12/19/2009 22 23 - 31
Huge Victory for Student Anti-sweatshop Movement !
Anyone who has been at a university during the past 15 years or so is probably aware of student efforts to get their schools to refuse to sell clothing made in sweatshops. The students organized ...
betson08 11/18/2009 10 18 1 372
I'm so mad I want to vomit
Yes vomit. Out of revulsion. You see, I was going to write a diary today to officially kick off the Pretty Bird Woman House holiday fundraiser. Now I have to get his off my chest instead. I won't ...
betson08 11/15/2009 192 249 2 185
VICTORY: Honduran Coup Govt. Agrees to Step Down - Probably (updated w/official statements)
First, if someone else has just diaried this, my apologies. Just ask me to delete. I just checked the list and did a search, but sometimes that's not enough... Anyway, breaking news out of ...
betson08 10/30/2009 58 14 1 94
Holy Crap: Obama asks Gov. Paterson to Withdraw from Race!
I hope "holy crap" is a more interesting way to say "breaking," but in any case it was the first thing that went through my head when I read the story on ...
betson08 09/19/2009 613 255 4 86
Independent Women's Forum as Insurance Industry Shill
I've been trying to keep up with the debates here, in the midst of selling my family house and taking a trip to North Dakota to do a survey on the Standing Rock Reservation (more on that in another ...
betson08 08/19/2009 16 12 - 11
Broken: Honduras. Quits the OAS
Reuters is now reporting (in Spanish, sorry) that Honduras is going to resign from the OAS. This is huge ...
betson08 07/03/2009 187 112 1 36
Attempted Coup in Honduras?
With all the things going on everywere these days, it might seem insignificant that this little country is now on the brink of unprecedented civil unrest. But it IS significant. Throughout the 1980s,
betson08 06/26/2009 19 20 2 121
The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation - Photo Edition
For those of you who haven't followed the Pretty Bird Woman House diaries here, to make a long ...
betson08 02/13/2009 39 42 2 86
Nick Kristof Made Me Cry Today
I don't know about you, but I have always admired Nick Kristof, the OpEd columnist for the Times. He goes tromping all over the world to raise our awareness of issues such as genocide in Darfur and ...
betson08 01/01/2009 21 31 1 67
Pretty Bird Woman House (x-mas reminder)
Hi everyone. In case you don't know the story about how this community saved the Pretty Bird Woman House on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, I have a link to some diaries in the body of this ...
betson08 12/13/2008 25 30 1 46
Anti Gay and Anti Latino Hatred Claims Another Victim in NY
I am apologizing in advance for the thin analysis in this diary, but I'm mad and probably can't come up with a more thorough one right now. I live on Long Island, in Nassau County, next door to the ...
betson08 12/09/2008 15 22 - 21
Pretty Bird Woman House (round 4 with news)
You might have seen this diary posted by me or Norbrook or Jasper Johns over the past couple of weeks. If so, this is just a reminder. If not, read on, it will give you some warm fuzzies and ideas ...
betson08 12/03/2008 19 47 2 54
Escape from Commodity Fetishism this Season Guilt Free! (updated)
Right now two diaries on the Rec list would seem to be at war with each other. TeacherKen is feeling some kind of guilt ...
betson08 11/29/2008 40 11 - 18
Pretty Bird Woman House Update: 'tis the Season!
Many of you know the story of Kossacks' involvement with saving the Pretty Bird Woman House, which is a women's shelter on the South Dakota ...
betson08 11/25/2008 82 159 16 189
Some Sexually Assaulted Military Women Forced to Pay for Rape Kits [updated 2x]
This Veteran's Day might not be too happy for you if you are a female veteran trying to get over a rape. Some female veterans have been billed for their rape kits at civilian facilities. Rules are ...
betson08 11/11/2008 282 306 5 176
NY State Senate Goes Democratic for 1st time in 40 Years!
Here's another great little coattail story from tonight's election: Democrat Brian Foley has defeated Cesar Trunzo in Suffolk County, and the New York State Senate is now under Democratic control ...
betson08 11/04/2008 27 18 - 15
Suppression of Native American Votes
Some people around here know me as the fundraiser for the Pretty Bird Woman House. Since I became involved with the shelter I've become more aware of Native American issues in general. Suppression ...
betson08 11/04/2008 7 21 - 6
Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted!
Like you, I firmly believe that Barack Obama will be elected President tomorrow. But perhaps like you, I am also remembering the 2000 and 2004 elections, which I believe were stolen. This time Obama ...
betson08 11/03/2008 3 3 - 39
Marxists for McCain
Last night I was at a dinner party with a few friends, definitely of the left-of-center persuasion. One, a Marxist, had the best argument I've ever heard for voting for McCain. Of course we know ...
betson08 11/02/2008 12 1 - 13
Your Vote Can Be Stolen: Let's Protect the Count
Many of us here believe that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. In 2004 Ohio seemed to be the epicenter of those efforts by the Republicans. I for one believe that if Ohio hadn't had such ...
betson08 10/31/2008 13 12 1 61
Barbara the Plumber is Voting for Obama
OK, so we know that Joe the Plumber was a plant; the guy wasn't even a plumber (although you'd never know that from the media's continuing use of that meme). Today I had to have a major pipe ...
betson08 10/28/2008 14 12 - 3
Kossacks Donate Furnace to Women's Shelter in Tribute to Biden
That's the press release that we can issue after we are done raising the money for a new furnace for the Pretty Bird Woman ...
betson08 10/12/2008 82 110 - 45
Can We Do This For the Biden Family?
On Sunday, Joe Biden lost his mother-in-law, Bonny Jean Jacobs, after a long illness . Many ...
betson08 10/09/2008 31 30 1 190
Lets Do This to Honor the Biden Family
[UPDATE: Bubbanomics will match the first $500 donated tonight!] On Sunday, Joe Biden lost his ...
betson08 10/07/2008 55 42 3 52
UPDATED: Lets Honor the Biden Family with This
Update [2008-10-6 12:12:48 by betson08]: I had originally thought that we could do a snarky fundraiser in Sarah Palin's name for a furnace for the Pretty Bird Woman ...
betson08 10/06/2008 35 37 - 28
The Bailout: Are We Being Blackmailed?
Five years ago I heard Dean Baker, one of the main economists at the Progressive think tank, the Center for Economic Policy Research ( CEPR ) speak at SUNY Albany. ...
betson08 09/30/2008 17 10 - 53
Bushed Again: DOJ Won't Say How Many Crimes it has Refused to Prosecute in Indian Country
Just when I thought my outrage fatigue would prevent me from being appalled at any new Bush appointee behavior, one of them refuses to provide Senator Dorgan with statistics on the number of ...
betson08 09/20/2008 18 39 2 230
OK, Olbermann, When Palin Lies Again, Donate to THIS!
Keith Olbermann was great tonight. He focused on the lies that Palin keeps telling about stopping the Bridge to Nowhere, Troopergate, earmarks, and the rest of the mess. Lies, lies and more lies. It'...
betson08 09/10/2008 37 59 1 41
Hurricane Ike Whacks Haiti and Cuba (photo edition)
I saw in another diary this morning that some people were wondering about sending aid to Cuba and Haiti. Well, right after that, a friend emailed me a few pictures from Holguin Province in Cuba, so ...
betson08 09/09/2008 43 56 1 115
Obama will help Native American women, will you? UPDATED 2x
OK, the conventions are over, and Sarah Palin's dicey background and odd views are clear, so I want to re-introduce a Daily Kos pet project, and ask for help on a related one. Last spring, the ...
betson08 09/08/2008 21 35 3 255
Thanks for coming through for AndyT
I just wanted to thank Kossacks and Street Prophet folks for helping AndyT out with his Netroots Nation pickle in response to the diary I wrote ...
betson08 07/04/2008 5 9 - 2
AndyT is in a Netroots Nation Pickle
Yesterday, Andy announced the panel that he and I (but mostly he) organized at Netroots Nation,
betson08 07/02/2008 28 19 1 34
Artificial Sweeteners: And You Thought High Fructose Corn Syrup Was Bad!
Today Orangeclouds115 did a great diary on high fructose corn syrup, which inspired me to write this one. If the HCFC diary isn't on the recommend ...
betson08 06/29/2008 45 29 5 50
Pretty Bird Woman House Needs a Coat of Paint and ......
This diary is an update on one of the favorite projects here at the Daily Kos, the Pretty Bird Woman House. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this project, it's a women's shelter on the South ...
betson08 06/09/2008 38 20 - 269
Pretty Bird Woman House Update
It's been a while since I have let the Daily Kos community know what's going on with the Pretty Bird Woman House shelter project, partly due to a family health crisis, so I thought I'd give you all ...
betson08 04/27/2008 35 55 3 222
Clinton and Obama on Native American Issues (Updated)
Even though I have a very strong personal opinion based on my position as an anti-war voter, I want to present both Obama's and Clinton's policy proposals on Native American issues. I believe ...
betson08 02/01/2008 92 30 - 143
Pretty Bird Woman House Update: It's a GO!!
First of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the Kossacks and other members of the netroots community for your commitment to the survival of the Pretty Bird Woman House. Helping this ...
betson08 01/30/2008 194 170 3 33
Pretty Bird Woman House Update: Why Isn't Anything Easy in Indian Country?
I want to update everyone who has been involved in the Pretty Bird Woman House fundraiser on the situation with the house purchase. After you read this you might also ask: Why isn't anything easy ...
betson08 01/10/2008 46 62 - 61
Pretty Bird Woman House Update: YOU are buying THIS house!
UPDATE: 9:15PM. NOWEASELS WILL MATCH THE NEXT $500 IN DONATIONS... Today lightnessofbeing started a little diary ...
betson08 12/07/2007 182 101 - 96
Joe and Valerie Wilson Say it's Treason, Why Don't the MSM?
Although other people have diaried the issue of Scott McClellan revealing that George Bush was the one who lied to him about the outing of Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson and Valerie herself are having ...
betson08 11/23/2007 27 17 1 9
Pretty Bird Woman House, Amnesty, and the Kossacks (with Photos)
betson08 11/17/2007 17 19 - 175
Sunlight is the Best Medicine: Cuba and the Stasi
I often find discussions about Cuba frustratingly polemic. On one side are the demonizers , who see everything the Cuban government does as evil, even if it's providing free ...
betson08 11/04/2007 40 6 1 -
Pretty Bird Woman House Has NO House!
In late April, after Amnesty International released a report on the problem of sexual violence against Native American women that included a story about the how the Pretty Bird Woman House was in ...
betson08 10/25/2007 59 56 3 34
People Power in Burma: Part III
When the military junta in Burma began its outrageously brutal crackdown on the monks, students and other pro-democracy activists last month, I had a feeling that this time it had gone too far. For ...
betson08 10/16/2007 14 9 - 8
Blog Action: Wolf Awareness Week (w/photos - 1 graphic)
Blog Action Day coincides with Wolf Awareness Week. So I thought I'd startle you into noticing an issue that has been really bothering me since I first heard about it a month ago, and diaried ...
betson08 10/15/2007 30 23 - 36
Turkish Bombing Incursions into N. Iraq Today
There are several stories coming up right now about Turkey making incursions into Northern Iraq. The BBC is reporting that here that ...
betson08 10/10/2007 57 20 1 4
People Power in Burma: Part II
The other day, my contribution to the Oct 4th bloggers protest over the military junta's crackdown in Burma was this diary on ...
betson08 10/07/2007 16 12 - 3
Bishop Tutu No, Anne Coulter Yes: WTF?
A friend of mine sent me a disturbing article this morning about the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. They have actually banned Bishop Tutu from speaking there, and transferred the woman who ...
betson08 10/05/2007 51 23 - 34
People Power in Burma: Hopeful Signs
Today is the day when we are all supposed to blog in solidarity with the people of Burma. From the beginning of the monk's protest and the junta's horrible crackdown, we have seen wonderful diaries,
betson08 10/04/2007 14 16 - 17
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