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Wolfeboro responds to commissioner's racist remarks
I see a few diaries here about the Police Commissioner's remarks and the meeting held on Thursday in which the public addressed the Commission meeting with our concerns. I live in Wolfeboro, and I ...
beverlywoods 05/17/2014 94 411 2 -
New NH Law: Nursing Home Can Sue Your Kids
Last night I went to a presentation about estate planning in a neighboring town. There in a library basement meeting room a financial planner and an attorney set out to educate a capacity crowd on ...
beverlywoods 04/24/2014 32 20 2 -
NH Medicaid Expansion replaces subsidized coverage with estate recovery
NH recently passed Medicaid expansion. This was needed in order to provide coverage for the many people whose incomes were too low to qualify for subsidized coverage under the ACA. However, for a ...
beverlywoods 04/14/2014 56 17 - -
Consumer Reports comes out against Estate Recovery
In a piece published yesterday , Consumer Reports advises readers in 10 states to contact their legislatures and work for changes in the estate recovery laws: Tell these 10 states: Don't let ...
beverlywoods 03/01/2014 20 23 3 -
Estate Recovery: CMS speaks, confusion remains
For some weeks now, we've been waiting to hear what the Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would say regarding those newly qualifying for Medicaid because of the Affordable Care Act. ...
beverlywoods 02/24/2014 7 13 - -
WaPo on Estate Recovery: Experts agree, everything is fine
On January 24th, 2014, the Washington Post published a story entitled "Little-known aspect of Medicaid now causing people to avoid coverage" . While I am happy that the Post decided to take notice ...
beverlywoods 01/26/2014 23 16 1 -
Estate Recovery and the ACA: drastic differences between states
Since I published my previous diaries on Medicaid Estate Recovery and its implications for those of low income ages 55-64 who sign up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act and end up on ...
beverlywoods 01/21/2014 20 27 1 -
NH Rebellion Walk starts Jan. 11
Starting tomorrow morning, citizens will begin walking from Dixville Notch to Nashua, New Hampshire. The walk continues the work of Granny D, who walked across the country for campaign finance reform.
beverlywoods 01/10/2014 5 4 1 -
"Medicaid is Welfare. It's right to expect repayment." With poll.
Continuing my series on Medicaid expansion and Estate Recovery: Medicaid-Estate-Recovery-ACA-Unintended-Consequences Estate-Recovery-It-s-Worse-Than-You-Thought Welcome to Chapter 3: "Medicaid is ...
beverlywoods 10/24/2013 60 21 2 -
Estate Recovery - It's Worse Than You Thought.
A few days ago I published a diary called Medicaid Estate Recovery + ACA: Unintended Consequences? I've learned a lot since then, some of it owing to helpful comments in that diary, and some of it ...
beverlywoods 10/21/2013 46 37 3 -
Medicaid Estate Recovery + ACA: Unintended Consequences?
I've been looking into this issue for the last couple of years, and here's something I think is very important that many people don't seem to be thinking about: Medicaid + ACA + Estate Recovery = a ...
beverlywoods 10/17/2013 128 45 6 - in bed with Opus Dei looks like a wonderful idea: a microcredit site where members can make $25 loans to the borrowers of their choice in dozens of countries all over the world. According to Since ...
beverlywoods 08/26/2013 48 83 2 -
"Americans For Prosperity" co-opt "Occupy" name
Good grief. WINDHAM – We The People and Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire will host a rally on Thursday to coincide with President Obama’s appearance in the state to discuss the economy. ...
beverlywoods 03/01/2012 16 15 - 111
People are dying all around us
I’d like to talk with you all about my feelings about losing two friends of ours: I’ll call them Todd and Andy. Soon after graduating from college, Todd got a job at a small store in NH. Todd ...
beverlywoods 01/27/2012 27 81 2 285
Occupy Caroling!
Recently it was suggested to me by several friends that it would be great if I would write some Occupy versions of familiar carols. So for the Conway, NH Occupy event Sunday I concocted some, with ...
beverlywoods 12/06/2011 12 16 - 82
A quick musical guide to recent NH politics
I've found that a lot of people have not been able to keep up with political happenings in Concord these days. "So what's been going on?" they ask me. Seth and I have done our best to fit the Cliff'...
beverlywoods 04/19/2011 4 11 - 64
NH House votes to end gender discrimination
This afternoon by ONE VOTE! 188-187, the NH House of Representatives voted for HB 415, which adds "gender identity and expression" to laws meant to protect against discrimination. According to ...
beverlywoods 04/08/2009 31 29 - 37
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