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Sen. Durbin Filibuster Reform Petition
This came into my email inbox in the last hour: Senator Dick Durbin has started an online petition for filibuster reform, to "Make them talk"! Sign here: Click to sign I'll put the whole email ...
bewert 11/28/2012 1 3 - -
Share Facebook stories of loved ones lost because they didn't have health insurance
I just set up a Facebook page to share stories of losing loved ones simply because they had no health insurance. I want to gather as many stories as possible before the Supreme Court hears arguments ...
bewert 03/12/2012 4 7 - 36
Repub Trust PAC Targeting 10 Blue Dogs-The List
This is going to be pretty short, but with some important information. I have to go do a pee test for a new job and deal with a broken car. The important info:, perhaps the leading ...
bewert 03/08/2010 7 2 - 26
This is new--can't respond to Obama email
I've got zero time right now, but I want to put this out there. The WaPo article about how Obama "didn't campaign" about a public option really pissed me off, as I was in press row in Bend, OR, and ...
bewert 12/22/2009 63 5 - 39
UPD2: We don't get health care--but rich get Bush estate tax cuts forever
In a curious happenstance of timing, right when we are watching our supposedly progressive President and his limp-wristed spineless minions in the Senate hand the health insurance ...
bewert 12/17/2009 61 15 - 121
"Impeach Obama Movement Gaining Steam"
That is the title of an email I received a few minutes ago from the proudly right wing I subscribe to their Spotlight service, just so I can see what they are thinking. When I first ...
bewert 11/25/2009 65 10 - 203
We be winning-"Reid says bill will include a public option"-WaPo
"Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid announced Monday that he will include a government-backed insurance plan in the chamber's health-care reform legislation, a key concession to ...
bewert 10/26/2009 7 1 - 11
A Lesson From The Canadian Health Care Fight
If you think our fight for affordable universal health care with a public option is difficult, you should know something about what Canada went through. Or, more accurately, Saskatchewan, the first ...
bewert 10/05/2009 20 12 - 13
Use GMAIL? Watch out for this PHISHING ATTACK
Just received a blatant attempt to break into my Google account. It came in the form of an phishing email from the "Google Email Team", and is pretty well done unless you look closely. UPDATE: Yes,
bewert 09/25/2009 57 16 - 46
A Letter From Rep. Joe Wilson via
I subscribe to Townhall's emails to stay on top of the conservative viewpoint. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad, and sometimes I even agree with something. And sometimes it is tragi-comic. ...
bewert 09/11/2009 5 3 - -
OK, this is truly disgusting
Shooting naked, bound people. Drag him up, toss him down, and shoot him in the head. "Look, it's like he jumped!" Sri Lanka, which has been a tribal mess forever. Go here:
bewert 08/28/2009 70 3 - 2
Letter to my Blue Dog
My representative here in the Salt Lake City area, Blue Dog Jim Matheson, has refused to hold any town hall meetings (in-person, telephonic or otherwise) during the August recess. Yes, that is ...
bewert 08/24/2009 6 13 - 8
Cancer takes another wife: "Let's All Fight Like Susan!"
(NOTE: This is a repost/update of a diary I put up late at night. Hopefully it will get more attention in the light of a beautiful day.) This simple Tweet showing up on my feed signaled the end of ...
bewert 08/07/2009 7 10 - 17
UPDATED: On a wife's passing: @fatcyclist Dude, I wish I had your strength. Godspeed.
(NOTE: This is a update of a diary I put up late last night.) That was the tweet I just sent Elden, whose wife died tonight after a long battle with cancer. His reply?
bewert 08/05/2009 30 42 2 38
ACTION: Your vote on health care bill at Opencongress
Another way to make our views known:'s page on America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 . You can sign up and vote, and you should, ...
bewert 07/16/2009 12 7 - 70
HnR: Obama & Jewish Leaders In DC Today
Just got an email from J Street, one of the progressive answers to AIPAC's neocon agenda. A most excellent email. I'll reproduce it over the fold. Then I have to run, as I have to get some things ...
bewert 07/13/2009 31 7 - 3
Dem Wyden(OR) starting to turn towards public option
Just received an email from Ron, stating his support of a public option in "...states that want one..." More over the fold. This is a key Dem, feeling pressure. Let's keep it up.
bewert 06/30/2009 47 28 - 35
ACTION: McCain just said "Americans aren't calling!" for public option
On the Senate floor. He said we are not calling for a new government program. We are not calling for a public option for health care. Well, I called him, or at least his office. You can too, at (...
bewert 06/16/2009 18 40 - 27
Obama declares public health need trumps politics
EP-SLC, UT-President Obama today declared that a public health care emergency trumps political considerations when it comes to the implementation of the "public option." "The 180 million Americans ...
bewert 06/15/2009 14 8 - 8
Bibi: "Israel will never withdraw from Golan"
Israel's newspaper Haaretz recently reported that Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu told a group of Russian-language reporters that ...
bewert 05/08/2009 237 7 - 33
Schwarzenegger: High Time for Marijuana Debate UPDATED
That is the plagiarized headline from the NBC Los Angeles Affiliate. One excerpt: "I think it's not ...
bewert 05/06/2009 39 46 - 23
FIXED: Blumenauer(D-OR) Intros 100 Percent Tax on Bonuses
Just got this not too long ago and don't see it on the diary list, so I thought I should throw it up there. Probably a few more similar bills coming, too. One of my states congressman, Earl ...
bewert 03/17/2009 21 7 - -
UPDATED: On the 1st Amendment and Israel or "The List"
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people ...
bewert 03/14/2009 368 25 - 20
Quick--Who Preceded Chas Freeman At MEPC?
This controversy over the abrupt withdrawal of Chas Freeman from the NIC after an concerted campaign from right-wing neocon Israeli lobbyists has become the latest evidence of the influence of this ...
bewert 03/11/2009 47 9 1 11
Israeli Lobby Re-asserts Control Of Obama Admin
Earlier today Chas Freeman withdrew his nomination to head the NIC, the agency that prepares the Daily Intelligence Brief. Chas was driven out by a relentless campaign from within and without that ...
bewert 03/10/2009 713 69 4 42
UPDATED Raytheon head lobbyist to be #2 at DoD?
"Pentagon nominee agrees to sell his stock in Raytheon" That was the headline on the last page of our local newspaper here in Bend, Oregon. Right below an article about how our little city ...
bewert 01/24/2009 38 11 1 32
ADL's Foxman states only six countries are decent
From Abe Foxman's letter to Bill Moyers, as quoted in the recced diary: On one point you are correct – "America has officially chosen sides." And rightly so. Fortunately for our ...
bewert 01/18/2009 107 15 1 19
Israel bombs UN schools that are bomb shelters
Can we stop being so blindly supportive of them, Barack? Please? Details over the hump.
bewert 01/06/2009 292 38 1 16
ACTION: Bush's BLM plans drilling beside Arches NP
In an utterly unnoticed announcement on Election Day, Bush's BLM announced it is planning to auction oil and natural gas leases on land adjacent to Arches National ...
bewert 11/09/2008 47 56 2 252
Reactions from the other side
Today was one of the longest of my life. On this historic day, I was only serving my first day on our county grand jury, and we had so many cases to pass judgment on that we were there until 6 PM. ...
bewert 11/05/2008 12 7 3 1
Merkley(OR-Senate) race--Smith is targeted with Ethics Complaint
In last minute twist in the closely fought Oregon Senate race, a new twist emerged today, when Oregonians have their ballots in hand and are deciding who to vote for. From BlueOregon:
bewert 10/23/2008 1 8 - -
Wexler--ongoing voter caging in FL, MI, and more
I just received this from Congressman Wexler: "In Florida, my home state, the Republican led Supervisor of Elections is aggressively applying a new law designed to limit voter fraud by summarily ...
bewert 10/21/2008 8 11 - 5
Hunter, me too. I quit canvassing tonight
I am so fed up with our elected officials going directly against the wishes of those that elected them that I just quit. Enough. I'll worry about my own family. It's obvious that the Dem's I ...
bewert 10/01/2008 197 14 - 20
Bailout Overview--A Closer Look At The Draft Bill
An informational diary so you all can get a read on what this bailout deal really is. Info links: Section-by-...
bewert 09/28/2008 20 23 2 42
I agree with Michelle Malkin--kill the bailout
I can't believe I wrote that title. Michelle Malkin? Is she even human? But it gets worse. She wrote :
bewert 09/27/2008 139 12 - 22
The big issue: CFMA = no oversight of derivatives = endless bailouts
This might seem somewhat wonkish to a few here. But it is the underlying issue to what ails the credit markets today. The elephant in the room that I have seen no one on either side address in ...
bewert 09/25/2008 7 9 1 26
Townhall F888up--no link to McCain  plus polls
OK. I admit. I'm a registered member of Home of Dennis Prager and others if his ilk. Just checking in, you know? So today they have the main ...
bewert 09/18/2008 19 - - -
Palin on abortion after rape-video
I've been waiting for this to show up. It will turn around independents that aren't fundies:
bewert 09/09/2008 38 32 - 33
China Just Beat US to Iraq Oil
Some days it just seems like everything you touch just goes to shit, doesn't it? John McCain is probably feeling that way right now, with the precocious pick of one Sarah Palin for his VP. And in ...
bewert 09/02/2008 29 25 1 -
BushCo to EPA staff: do not talk to Inspector General!
On top of the confirmation of the politicalization of the Dept. of Justice, a recent news story is showing that BushCo also sent an email to EPA employees instructing them to keep their mouths shut ...
bewert 07/28/2008 4 3 - -
...took my p*n*s in his hand and began to make cuts.
This is a diary that may shock and even sicken you. It is the story of Benyam Mohammed , a British citizen who ended up in Guantanamo. ...
bewert 07/23/2008 49 58 2 31
Want to learn how to help elect Obama tonight?
You can, at Democracy For America's Night School Class "How To Get A Job On A Campaign". Here, in an hour, you will learn: Campaigns are gearing up in all 50 states right now, and they ...
bewert 06/25/2008 3 5 - -
"Obama Caves to Bush on Domestic Spying"
That's the title of an op-ed piece in the New Jersey newspaper site Of course, it's not true, because Senator Obama does not cast votes in the House of Representatives. But the statement ...
bewert 06/20/2008 33 8 2 -
CIA had a back door in its security to let Halliburton put anyone they wanted
Please read this and recommend: Two-Star General Details Bush Family-CIA Corruption, Goes to Waxman It's a diary about an ...
bewert 06/11/2008 16 9 - 16
Hillary, you make me proud to be a Dem!
I just listened to the best speech I have ever heard her give. One that must have been incredibly painful to deliver. And yet it was delivered forcefully, with passion and fire. Hillary, you make ...
bewert 06/07/2008 8 8 - -
UPDATE: I actually think this may be the first announcement that Barack Obama has confirmed that the Michigan and Florida delegations will be seated at the convention in a fair way. After all,
bewert 05/10/2008 26 23 1 49
My lawn has a new Obama sign--my answer to ABC
Last night was ridiculous. We all agree, along with many other Americans. We are pissed and we are not going to take it anymore. I have one simple answer to ABC, to CNN, to Fox, to whomever ...
bewert 04/17/2008 8 10 - 28
Died hanging from wrists and gagged, with over 25 rib fractures UPDATE2-His Name
This is my first of a series of diaries about prisoners murdered by US forces. It will tell the story of an Iraqi man who died hanging by his cuffed wrists from a door frame, gagged, and beaten to ...
bewert 04/12/2008 424 681 34 304
Framing "Support Our Troops"
(NOTE: I wrote this yesterday afternoon, but couldn't post it as I had posted the speech one and deleted it. It's important to frame this issue in our terms, so here it is.) I put up Obama's latest ...
bewert 03/20/2008 4 2 - 7
Oregon Republican Party on Life Support--Gordon Smith Must Be Worried
From the Oregonian this week we learned that the Republican Party in Oregon is even worse off than nationally. To quote: The Oregon Republican Party has hit the financial skids, facing ...
bewert 02/22/2008 10 9 - 43
Breaking--I stubbed my toe
OK, enough of "BREAKING!!!" Enough said. Over the fold I will regale you with a great HST rant...
bewert 02/19/2008 11 4 - -
Winter Soldier circa 2008
This is going to be a hit and run diary of necessity. But I simply must put forth the news that a new, current "Winter Soldier" event is happening in DC in March. Here is the link:
bewert 02/16/2008 1 9 1 -
DLC says "Like Edwards? We Don't, So F*** OFF" (UPDATED)
This began as a comment on Larry O'Donnell appearing on Olbermann's show last night and defending Obama's remarks on Reagan. O'Donnell, he of ...
bewert 01/18/2008 337 390 7 35
CNN Poll--One poll, two results
I am an Edwards supporter who thinks he has the best chance of beating McCain or whomever ends up being the Republican nominee. And I, too, am sick of the ongoing suppression of JRE's populist, anti-...
bewert 01/14/2008 6 2 - -
On preferring a fighter over a "hoper"
I have been behind Edwards for awhile now, after a flirtation with Obama. I'm almost 50 years old, my first vote was for Carter, and I grew up in the JFK-MLK-RFK-Nixon era. Edwards fought these ...
bewert 01/03/2008 16 9 - -
I just gave some $$ to John
It's the last day of the quarter, and I want to hear more, much, much more, about "America Rising". So, even though we are in worse financial shape then ever after the holidays because our vehicle ...
bewert 12/31/2007 5 8 - 11
Wexler Pressing Cheney Impeachment Effort-NOW W/VIDEO!
Just received an e-mail for Rep. Wexler. His New Years resolution? Hold George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for their abuses of power. Yeah, we're talking about this creep here:
bewert 12/27/2007 228 289 4 30
Gitmo: Secret witnesses A-OK (UPDATED)
This is rather stunning: A U.S. military judge has ordered attorneys for a Guantanamo detainee accused of killing a U.S. soldier not to reveal the identities of trial witnesses to anybody,
bewert 12/01/2007 17 8 - 1
SEAL Trainer: Waterboarding is TORTURE.
Period. I have about five minutes before I go teach some kids to read, write, and count, but Morton Kondracke's comments as posted on the front page just really pissed me off. Especially as I ...
bewert 10/31/2007 19 21 2 9
Israel Bombed Syria On Sept. 6
A secret mission reportedly used eight fighter planes to destroy a nuclear cache: "Israel has enforced a news blackout on what may be its air force's most audacious raid since its jets ...
bewert 09/16/2007 92 17 - 5
Bush personally decides surveillance warrants
From this WaPo article :Senior Bush ...
bewert 05/03/2007 16 13 - 26
Gonzales Live Blog #15 UNREC NOW
This diary provides live-blogging of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing involving Alberto Gonzales. This is #15 of the series. Rest over the leap...
bewert 04/19/2007 476 92 3 18
Live Blog Part XII: Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys--UPDATED--MAKE CALLS
"I can't remember" count: 1069 or so... This is Part XII of the Live Blog on the Senate hearing on the Dismissal of the US Attorneys. This is liveblogging. No ...
bewert 03/29/2007 349 83 - 10
Fitzgerald made list--"not loyal"--UPDATE 2
At Katie Couric's blog, of all places, I noted the following fact, which was not released in the latest document dump: that Fitzgerald was ranked by Justice Department officials in March ...
bewert 03/20/2007 28 29 - 15
Israel  wants US taxpayers to pay for Lebanon War
In a development that has flown well under the radar in the US MSM, Bank of Israel Director Stanley Fischer is heading a delegation to the US that is lobbying Congress and BushCo to increase the $2....
bewert 02/27/2007 87 27 2 6
LIVE: House Hearings on Iraq Funds disappearing
Anyone else been watching this train wreck? It's on CSPAN2 right now. It's rich. Kucinich: also says "Composition--To Be Determined". Mr. Bowen, have any of your audits uncovered where ...
bewert 02/06/2007 57 32 1 6
Najaf: Victory? Or Pilgrim Massacre? And We Backed Up Who?
I caught this on Democracy Now this morning, after the Molly Ivins interview. British journalist Patrick Cockburn was on, along with Dr. Amer Majeed. He is an Iraqi doctor at Al Sadr hospital in ...
bewert 02/01/2007 15 9 - 9
Got a happy story?
I seem to remember a weekly diary titled thus, and haven't seen it for awhile. So, I'm bringing it back. After watching CSPAN this morning, I feel inspired. My happy story is about a great athlete,
bewert 01/28/2007 27 6 - -
CSPAN2 NOW-CIA "renditions" in Europe
Friday night brings the most interesting things. The European Parliament had a hearing on their findings, and it's being broadcast right now. This is the actual findings of the EU Committee ...
bewert 01/26/2007 21 8 - -
Overton Window: Simple facts on single-payer  UPDATED: Wait times
This started as a comment on John Edwards blog , but it is such a simple and short way of moving ...
bewert 01/23/2007 31 19 4 14
Open thread: Repugs blocking ethics bill in Senate right now
A quickie, as I'm watching this happen. Republicans are insisting on adding a line item veto to the ethics bill. Byrd refuses to allow this, saying it is too big of issue to pass without much more ...
bewert 01/17/2007 33 11 - -
Just like Somalia in 1993--a bill prohibiting funding Iraq War
Amid all the calls to end this mess somehow, after watching W give a 20 minute speech looking like a cornered rabbit with a shotgun pointed at him, I thought "he needs some help!" No, not that ...
bewert 01/12/2007 7 1 1 9
SOMALIA RAID: Many dead civilians, Al Qaeda got away
More results from the W method of how to get along with the world: More than 100 Somali civilians have been killed this ...
bewert 01/11/2007 34 25 - 4
Saddam's throat cut?
Just a quickie diary here, as there is not much substance. But this video (CAUTION:GRAPHIC) purportedly shows the body of ...
bewert 01/08/2007 11 3 - -
CSPAN Poll-Should Dems listen to Repugs?
"Should House Democrats seek GOP input when crafting bills during the first 100 hours?" Poll located middle right on Right now it's 55% in favor of listening to ...
bewert 01/02/2007 38 32 - 12
Edwards smear..changed.. to VP poll
UPDATE: They change the pic to a not-so-closeup goofy but still nice smile shot. I like it. And yes, I agree, we need someone who can smile at the same time he can be serious. I have a nice ...
bewert 12/27/2006 54 12 - -
Let's Give Joe Scarborough Some Love
Joe had two people on tonight, and constitently slapped down the right wing guy. He stated how he went after left wingers consistently, but how David Gregory was tough but fair today. God, I hope ...
bewert 12/07/2006 60 7 - 5
Ex-CIA: Israel Committing Genocide
An ex-CIA husband and wife team published a report on the Occupied Territories last week. They recently returned from a two-week trip there, their fifth such trip since early 2003. Kathleen ...
bewert 12/04/2006 483 32 4 16
Watch Now--IDF 'On The Objection Front' refuseniks on LinkTV in 15 minutes (Dish/DTV)
My diary for the day, which will scroll to oblivion quickly. But I just want to let Dkoser's know about a great documentary on the I/P problem: "On The Objection Front" It will be on LinkTV (...
bewert 12/03/2006 10 6 1 -
On personal pleas and local vs. Kos solutions w/poll
bewert 11/18/2006 29 2 1 5
Dems growing balls in Senate?
bewert 11/14/2006 31 14 - 17
Secret Torture: Can it happen to Americans, too? YES says KO
bewert 11/05/2006 16 20 1 8
WaPo: Bush Wants "Terrorists" Thrown Deeper Into Black Hole. (w/POLL)
bewert 11/04/2006 81 113 4 17
Why We Fight (in Iraq) w/Karen K--a damning expose in 10 minutes
bewert 11/02/2006 5 5 - 10
The True Patriots--Vets Against The War (w/POLL)
bewert 10/28/2006 9 8 1 -
Can you help a cyclist bring his Cuban wife to the US?
bewert 10/24/2006 6 4 - 2
Dick Morris wants to give Japan the bomb
bewert 10/09/2006 34 1 - -
Kwiatkowski on moral courage and a Dem insurgency
bewert 10/04/2006 8 29 5 136
President Press Conference Open Thread
bewert 09/15/2006 794 84 3 26
Christian YWAM $$$ behind PT911 (UPDATED)
bewert 09/08/2006 620 781 34 77
"The blame on the Clinton team is in the DNA of the project"
bewert 09/06/2006 21 36 - 8
NOLA for YKos2007-Show America BushCo in action(POLL)
bewert 08/30/2006 17 14 - 6
Israel PM Olmert admits bombing civilians on purpose
bewert 08/02/2006 121 14 1 43
Some Jewish reactions to Qana
bewert 07/30/2006 303 31 1 21
Dixie Chicks Wow "Early Show" (w/POLL)
bewert 06/02/2006 22 11 1 41
Did John Bolton Lie Under Oath Today? UPDATED
bewert 05/02/2006 163 314 10 18
All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400
bewert 04/07/2006 38 42 26 10627
Delta Force Founder Rips Iraq/BushCo
bewert 03/29/2006 10 21 1 4
Maryland House Nixes Diebold, Senate Vote On Paper Trail Next
bewert 03/10/2006 34 16 - 2
Stabenow does it right--his record! Repugs dont't talk about record
bewert 01/30/2006 3 3 - -
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