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I Think Our Imminent Attack on Syria Will Turn Out Pretty Well
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is suggesting that it's time for military action in Syria.
bink 08/22/2014 92 35 2 -
Mississippi Tea Party Leader Commits Suicide After Arrest and Cochran Win
Good grief .
bink 06/28/2014 26 21 - -
Report Shows Obama's Negotiators in Trans-Pacific Trade Scheme Being Paid Millions by Big Banks
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is widely believed to be in the process of transferring significant regulatory power from sovereign governments to private industry, specifically ...
bink 06/27/2014 126 262 8 -
Anti-Hillary Hysteria Returns to Daily Kos
She's a bitch! She's racist! She's a rich racist bitch who is out of touch! She's Hillary! And we're Daily Kos, duly repeating every piece of messaging that comes out of the RNC to describe her.
bink 06/25/2014 1020 251 3 -
Casey Kasem Has Passed Away
News outlets are reporting that Casey Kasem has passed away .
bink 06/15/2014 42 68 - -
The Nephew Just E-mailed Me. He's in Ukraine and says Putin Is Going to INVADE Poland!
The Nephew just e-mailed me. He's in Ukraine and he says that Putin is planning to invade Poland !
bink 04/20/2014 87 11 - -
More on Why Oklahoma Will Always Be a Poor State
Oklahoma ranks at the bottom of every measure. It's dirt poor. It's people have poor rates of education. Their incomes are low. It's a bad place to live.
bink 04/16/2014 73 35 3 -
Gays Went Too Far on Brendan Eich
I'm really concerned about what happened to Brendan Eich last week.
bink 04/06/2014 370 3 - -
I'm Afraid You Misunderstood
I am a registered Democrat.
bink 03/15/2014 696 437 10 -
Europe's Russian Gazproblem
Like most in the Daily Kos community, I want Barack Obama to start a nuclear war with Russia as soon as possible. I'm not a sucker for Russian propaganda! Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. ...
bink 03/10/2014 47 2 - -
Putin Just Doesn't Understand the Neoliberal Consensus
He doesn't understand the way the world works now!
bink 03/03/2014 7 8 1 -
Big Trouble in Little Crimea
Armed gunmen have taken over airports in two cities in the Crimea, a historically-Russian region ceded to Ukraine in the 1950s and now part of the independent Ukrainian state.
bink 02/28/2014 23 9 - -
Pope Francis Comforts the Poor; NYC Cardinal Dines at Wall St. Event Honoring Lloyd Blankfein
It's hard to imagine a greater contrast between the new Pope in the Vatican and the hard-right, cold-hearted, greedy American church hierarchy than this .
bink 12/04/2013 74 131 2 -
U.S. Citizenship Should Be Automatic And Compulsory for All Residents After 5 Years
The New York Times is offering you -- surprise, surprise -- this suggestion on behalf of the 1%. In the article, they advise the creation of a permanent guestworker underclass in America, because, ...
bink 11/21/2013 32 10 - -
Iranian Embassy in Beirut Bombed; At Least 22 Dead
Strife continues -- does it ever let up? -- in the Middle East.
bink 11/19/2013 13 11 - -
Maria Bartiromo Moves to Fox News, Finds Her Ideological Home
See ya, Maria .
bink 11/18/2013 48 29 1 -
If You Could Be Pulled Over and Raped Roadside By Cops at Any Time, Would It Change Your Commute?
Over the last couple weeks, news outlets have reported several high profile cases where police pulled over motorists, raped them anally and vaginally roadside and then took them to a hospital where ...
bink 11/08/2013 63 38 1 -
Breaking: U.S. Confirms Israel Was Responsible for Today's Strike at Syrian Targets
CNN doesn't have much yet but there will be more to come.
bink 10/31/2013 176 31 - -
Was the NSA Spying on Congress, Obama Administration?
How many of us really believe that Dianne Feinstein cares whether the NSA was spying on the German Chancellor?
bink 10/29/2013 365 199 4 -
NYT: Obama Asks Netanyahu, AIPAC to Lobby Congress for Syria Strike
I do not think that this is especially wise.
bink 09/10/2013 42 29 - -
Whoa: New York Times Now Has Snowden Docs Carried By Secret Courier into the US
And now the plot really thickens, as the New York Times enters the fray.
bink 08/23/2013 247 298 2 -
NASDAQ Trades Halted
The NASDAQ has been down for about 90 minutes following a "technical glitch."
bink 08/22/2013 41 26 - -
Pfc. Manning Statement Re: Gender Identity on Today Show
The Army private who pled guilty to leaking confidential material gave this statement:
bink 08/22/2013 137 80 - -
Should Daily Kos Start Its Own Free Encrypted E-Mail Service?
Even though Washington thinks that savvy businessmen are located exclusively on Wall St. and run from the manor houses in the Hamptons/St. Tropez/Aspen where their executives live and vacation ...
bink 08/09/2013 23 3 - -
Pennsylvania's Marriage Equality Limbo: Just ... Wow
Sumpin' odd is going on in Pennsylvania .
bink 08/03/2013 4 29 - -
Detroit Emergency Manager Approves Go-Ahead on New $450 Million Sports Arena
More evidence that the effort to bankrupt Detroit is ideologically, rather than fiscally driven: New $444 Million Hockey Arena Is Still a Go in Detroit .
bink 07/26/2013 247 287 6 -
If the Security of Our Country Rests on Secrets, We've Got a Problem
I was just reading this provocative diary entry and musing ... If the security of our country rests on secrets, we've got a problem. A big one.
bink 07/13/2013 362 267 4 -
Bolivian President Not Free to Move Around the World Without Permission from the U.S.
Well, this was a big, big, big mistake .
bink 07/03/2013 345 222 4 -
A Tale of Two Exiles: U.S. Gave Asylum to Ferdinand Marcos
Oh my, oh my, oh my ...
bink 07/02/2013 31 31 - -
I Doubt the NSA Knows What Data It Has, Where It Came from, Who Has Accessed It and If It Was Stolen
I'm going to make a guess here.
bink 07/01/2013 158 138 4 -
Soledad O'Brien Joins Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera America confirmed this morning that former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien has moved to their network .
bink 07/01/2013 83 142 2 -
Breaking: Obama Puts 4-Star General Under Investigation for Leaks to New York Times
Retired four-star general James E. Cartwright of the United States Marines has been put under investigation by the Obama Administration, according to a new article on the New York Times website.
bink 06/28/2013 212 111 2 -
APB for New York Area Kossacks: 5:30 PM at Stonewall Inn
Hi folks, In response to today's Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and California Proposition 8: The Stonewall Democrats of New York City are putting on a hell of a party tonight from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. ...
bink 06/26/2013 4 6 - -
No, Edward Snowden Is Not a 'Traitor'
Over the last 24 hours, we've seen dozens of high-profile politicians in both parties step before the microphone, each obediently repeating the words that they have been given to speak: "Edward ...
bink 06/24/2013 675 270 2 -
Booz Allen Is Owned By the Carlyle Group
In case you were wondering if there would be any repercussions against them in the wake of the Snowden mess.
bink 06/23/2013 75 84 4 -
We Must Pray for Obama to Endure this NSA Leak Scandal
I'm sick of these leakers attacking our president and his administration. It doesn't matter how you feel about NSA surveillance, leaking is never okay .
bink 06/07/2013 99 18 - -
Obama Should Use the Phone Records to Uncover Adultery Among GOP House Members
Come on, folks. Let's get real. Politics is hardball. The Obama Administration should use the phone records that it is collecting to uncover adultery and other blackmailable activity on the part of ...
bink 06/06/2013 40 11 - -
If You Read This, You Will Laugh
My apologies for the short diary, but I have to share this. I don't want to describe the article on the other side of this link, though you might deduce what it is about from the title. Please do ...
bink 06/05/2013 18 15 - -
Detroit Emergency Manager Considers Selling off Matisses, Van Goghs in Detroit Institute of Arts
In Michigan, everything is for sale ! Or it might be, if "emergency manager" Kevyn Orr decides to sell of the multi-billion dollar collection of fine art in the city's art museum to pay off its ...
bink 05/24/2013 196 225 2 -
Holy Jesus. NYT's Keller Calls on Obama to Appoint KENNETH STARR to Investigate IRS Pseudo-Scandal
I can't stop laugh-crying .
bink 05/21/2013 85 62 - -
It's Okay for Christians to Celebrate Easter, Too
This wonderful diary entry by Purple Priestess is full of fun info and is a great reminder about the origins of Easter. It follows on a very strange Facebook post by Richard Dawkins on the same ...
bink 03/31/2013 43 20 - -
Yep. Fox's Bill O'Reilly, Traditional Marriage Advocate, Recently Got a Nasty Divorce.
Bill O'Reilly, proud patriot, proud American Catholic, proud advocate of "traditional" marriage ... Is coming out of a nasty, nasty, nasty divorce.
bink 03/18/2013 206 333 3 -
6 Shot, 4 Dead, Killer on the Loose in New York State
The latest in our current drama, "AMERICA, A CELEBRATION OF GUNZ!!!1"
bink 03/13/2013 15 30 - -
Host of TV Show "A Rifleman's Journal" Shot and Killed in Montana, Followed by Shooter's Suicide
Gunz : Police in northwestern Montana say a man shot and killed the host of the Sportsman Channel show A Rifleman’s Journal while the TV personality was visiting the shooter’s wife. Whitefish ...
bink 03/08/2013 35 29 - -
WHOA! Holy Carp.
This great video from YouTube user politizane has been making the rounds for a couple of weeks. I'm sure you've seen it, as it has appeared a couple of times on Daily Kos and doubtless in your ...
bink 03/06/2013 10 21 - -
You People Get Back to Work, or Marissa Mayer Will Take Over Your Company and Chain You to Your Desk
New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has sparked outrage and open derision from technology professionals with her recently command that Yahoo! employees stop working from home and come into the office every ...
bink 02/27/2013 25 21 - -
Britain's Top Catholic Prelate Resigns in Gay Scandal
Oh, well .
bink 02/25/2013 109 99 - -
USA Today: Atrios Says, "401(k)s Are a Disaster;" Raise Social Security Benefits 20% Or More
The big Pale Blue guy has an online column on USA Today .
bink 02/06/2013 386 447 17 -
Reports: Timbuktu Manuscripts Threatened By Mali Insurgents; Some Saved
UPDATE: A report by Time says that manuscripts in one library earlier reported destroyed are safe, having been smuggled out of Timbuktu before insurgents took control of the city. News is leaking ...
bink 01/28/2013 221 169 2 -
The National Catholic Reporter Prints a Pro-Marriage Equality Opinion Piece
Progressive Christians have a hard time getting their views into mainstream discourse. Popular media, eager for sensationalism, far prefers the religious right to the religious left. For progressive ...
bink 01/11/2013 17 30 - -
Why Are Atheists Always Attacking Christians?
Here is the answer.
bink 01/06/2013 570 9 1 -
If You Knew People Were Bringing Guns to a Party, Would You Still Go?
I just asked myself this question. If I were planning on going to a Holiday party and I knew that people were bringing guns, I would feel very uncomfortable about going. Why?
bink 12/21/2012 56 23 - -
Retire at 55: Guess Who Else Is Suggesting an INCREASE in Social Security Benefits?
It's Matthew Yglesias .
bink 12/18/2012 90 287 3 -
Four Dead in Colorado Murder/Suicide
Gunz ...
bink 12/18/2012 153 250 2 -
Canned Food? Bomb Shelters? How Are You Preparing for the FISCAL CLIFF?
I was watching CNN yesterday morning and I found out that we have a huge crisis on our hands: THE FISCAL CLIFF! I watched a bunch of segments on it and -- well, it turns out that I never actually ...
bink 11/08/2012 18 6 - -
U.S. Must Immediately Seize and Execute Manning/Assange
Well, this story is getting pretty scary. I feel like the UK military needs to do something really quickly before it gets out of control.
bink 08/16/2012 30 6 - 345
Romney/Ryan Can Make White Men Feel Like Men Again
There are, of course, many valid criticism that can be made about the Romney/Ryan ticket. The men are unsuitable for the position of President and Vice-President in myriad ways: Philosophically, ...
bink 08/11/2012 29 9 - 159
Retire at 55: Lower Social Security Eligibility to 55; Raise Benefits By 15%
You want to know how to save the economy? Temporarily lower Social Security eligibility to age 55 and raise benefits by 15%.
bink 08/10/2012 328 317 6 1781
Knowing that Romney Paid $0 Taxes for 10 Years, I Feel Dumb for Having Paid Mine
Now that I know for sure that Romney paid $0 taxes for ten years, I feel dumb for having paid mine.
bink 08/07/2012 21 10 - 99
Washington Post: "Iran Paid Obama" $100,000
The front-page headline says: Firm with ties to Iran paid Obama adviser $100,000 Me : IRAN PAID OBAMA??!? Washington Post : Come on, silly. We didn't say that! Just because we put the words ...
bink 08/06/2012 42 30 - 462
Chik-Fil-A Is Poor People's Food. Why It Matters
From Tumblr , accompanied by a photo of a fat person sitting in a Chik-Fil-A char: Chick-fil-A now has a white trash reputation that rivals Walmart Congratulations, Dan ...
bink 08/03/2012 100 21 1 579
Another Big Trading Company Goes Belly-Up on $440 Million Loss
And here we go again .
bink 08/02/2012 25 39 - 412
New York Times: As Boomers Retire, 75% Have 401(k)s Essentially Empty
You all gotta read this.
bink 07/22/2012 302 268 6 1936
Are There Uncomfortable Parallels Between the 2nd Amendment Crowd and Anti-Vaxers?
A few years ago, "actress" Jenny McCarthy went on a crusade to convince Americans to stop vaccinating their children. No -- this isn't a new phenomenon, but her "celebrity" and that of her celebrity ...
bink 07/20/2012 38 9 - 289
Can You Trust Him? Romney Cannot Or Will Not Account for Recent Years of His Life
Oh -- yes. Now it all makes sense.
bink 07/15/2012 9 10 1 127
London Olympics: The Security Privatization Disaster
Like Mitt Romney says, if you want a government function done right, send it to the private sector.
bink 07/13/2012 8 55 2 273
Commodities Broker Reveals $200 Million Loss in Customer Accounts, Chairman Suicide Attempt
Like Jon Corzine, another con artist loses a big bet .
bink 07/11/2012 63 128 1 988
Anderson Cooper: I Am a Gay American!
From Andrew Sullivan, on The Daily Beast :
bink 07/02/2012 242 290 2 2361
Huge Wildfire Engulfs Colorado Springs as God Punishes Wingnuts. 32,000 Flee.
Tens of thousands of people are fleeing Colorado Springs this morning as a huge wildfire engulfs the wingnut capital of America.
bink 06/27/2012 54 9 1 448
Is Crisis Breeding Political Extremism in Periphery of Europe?
Dr. Krugman just linked to this article on Bloomberg ...
bink 06/14/2012 18 5 - 91
Is an International Rescue of the Euro on the Horizon?
The Euro, the Eurozone and the European Union are in trouble.
bink 06/06/2012 11 3 - 120
How the 1% caused the Facebook IPO Bust
The first thing you need to know about technology IPOs is that they are a con .
bink 05/20/2012 443 438 5 3000
Huge Crowds in New York. Occupy Wall Street Is Back
I just got back home from the HUUUUGE May Day rally in New York City. Borrowed photo here:!/blulaces/status/197458371337666560/photo/1 Just one corner of Union Square: http://
bink 05/01/2012 163 407 6 2512
My Idea: Forced Drug Testing for the 1%
Hey, 1%, you want those tax breaks?
bink 04/14/2012 40 7 - 155
Dangerous Exposure: Andrew Breitbart, Jason Kony Russell, Cindy Sheehan, Dave from Queens
Celebrity website TMZ has published video showing Kony 2012 producer Jason Russell en déshabillé on a San Diego street corner.
bink 03/18/2012 52 14 2 525
Howard Dean to Be Prosecuted for Supporting Terrorists?
Two stories caught my eye this morning. The first: Howard Dean, a long-time friend of this site, has appeared on a list of high-profile Washington Insiders who have been providing material support ...
bink 03/13/2012 75 19 1 554
Love Is Good, Desire Is Important, Sex Is Healthy
I think we're entering week three of "Contraception: America in Crisis" on the cable networks. I've seen media figures, men and women, and Republicans weeping over the nightmare of contraception for ...
bink 03/03/2012 10 23 - 96
AZ-4 GOP Candidate Had Secret Gay Relationship with Immigrant, Then Threatened to Deport Him
This time there's a twist to the story.
bink 02/18/2012 187 179 1 1372
Contraception Is NOT Controversial
Or, rather ... It's about as controversial as breathing.
bink 02/09/2012 22 17 - 149
My Guess: What Happened at Komen Last Year
Here's my guess at what happened at Komen last year.
bink 02/04/2012 258 360 13 2641
I'm Pleased to See Beautiful, Semi-Nude Women Protesting Davos
Not because they are topless, but because of the signs they are carrying : POOR BECAUSE OF YOU. No other ...
bink 01/28/2012 14 4 - 357
Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, the KKK and Authoritarianism
I'm trying to figure this out: A photo went viral this last week on Facebook showing Ron Paul posing with White nationalist Don ...
bink 12/30/2011 98 92 2 623
Thank You for My Subscription
I've logged in four or five times since Christmas Day ... and I thought that something seemed different around here.
bink 12/29/2011 9 31 - 93
10% of Greeks Chose to Emigrate in 2010
UPDATE: The data in this diary came from a Guardian article that has since been retracted. Please ...
bink 12/21/2011 16 15 - 155
Breaking: Sec. Paulson Gave Hedge Funds Advance Notice of GSE Bailouts
Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Henry Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary,
bink 11/29/2011 325 496 7 2129
Elites Are Attempting a Controlled Demolition of the Old Social and Economic Order
And so with the event in Europe of the last three weeks, their hand is revealed:
bink 11/27/2011 285 297 12 2143
What We Missed: Lobbyist Memo to Wall St. Was Extortion Letter
A light-bulb just went on over my head: So this is how the game is played.
bink 11/20/2011 66 272 4 1456
OWS Isn't Being Co-Opted. It's Winning.
There has been some hand-wringing among activists and the Netroots about Occupy ...
bink 11/19/2011 40 37 3 274
How I Knew the Financial System Would Implode
How I knew the financial system would implode:
bink 11/11/2011 8 16 - 130
Next Round of Big Bank Bailouts Coming Soon?
I'm reading the tea leaves here, so caveat lector .
bink 10/16/2011 74 81 2 519
Tens of Thousands Occupy German, Italian, French Cities
The Occupy movement got big fast in Europe this week and it has not been without problems. The numbers are vast -- ...
bink 10/15/2011 82 97 - 485
Geithner Vows: Financial Terror on Greece Will Last for Years
This is shameful.
bink 09/23/2011 45 16 - 221
The Day I Started to Be Abused
Media and politicians are called on the nation to gather today in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. I won't be there.
bink 09/11/2011 82 172 3 1020
The Insane Blather of Starbucks CEO
Starbucks CEO "Howard" Schultz is speaking out at an event for Oligarch group "No Labels."
bink 09/07/2011 28 26 - 208
75% Believe Country is Headed in Wrong Direction
Here is the Recent AP Poll . And it's getting worse. This is Barack Obama's biggest problem for 2012: Three-quarters of the country thinks that ...
bink 09/03/2011 77 19 - 223
NYT: Young People LOVE Being Jobless, Broke and on Welfare
A story in the New York Times today by dreadful dot-com era reporter Jennifer "8" Lee paints over the employment problems for today's recent college graduates in shocking neon rosy pink: ...
bink 09/01/2011 32 18 - 211
If I Work as Hard as I Can For the Rest of My Life
I will never be able to save enough to securely fund a private retirement. And, most likely, neither will you. That is all you need to know about my position with regard to Social Security. ...
bink 07/25/2011 242 312 4 1355
Putting $250k a Year in Perspective
Some well-meaning folks in my other diary made a counter-argument ...
bink 07/06/2011 554 179 - 1331
Pete Peterson Group: "$250k a Year Is Not Easy Street"
I'm not one to clog up the Recent Diaries list with too many entries, but you gotta check this out from ...
bink 07/05/2011 317 183 2 1156
Murdoch Paper Hacked Dead Girl's Phone, Destroyed Evidence
The Rupert Murdoch paper News of the World hacked into a the mobile phone of a missing 13-year old girl ...
bink 07/05/2011 157 307 5 1486
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