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A decisive victory in New England
From Maine to Connecticut, I find it hard to see how the Republican party's night could possibly have gone worse. Barack Obama carried all 33 of New England's electoral votes. At the senate level, ...
birdboy2000 11/07/2012 5 10 - -
This is what dying democracy looks like
It's enough to shatter your faith in electoral democracy. As of this writing, the Wisconsin recall elections are a tossup. Maybe the Democrats will pull it out, maybe they won't. This shouldn't ...
birdboy2000 08/09/2011 14 9 - 242
What does the Republican Party stand for?
The current Republican Party does not want to fight unemployment. If they did, they'd have a real economic policy. There are a few ways to do it – targeted infrastructure spending, for instance,
birdboy2000 10/29/2010 14 2 - 110
Sympathy for Obama
The more attention I pay to politics, the more I feel sorry for Barack Obama. Yes, the president of the United States. Duly elected. The most powerful man in the world.
birdboy2000 08/08/2010 103 13 - 42
The Case for Alvin Greene
I freely admit I don't know much about South Carolinian politics. I'm from Massachusetts, after all, and not as much as a politics geek as some people on this site. I don't know how he won - I ...
birdboy2000 06/09/2010 32 3 - 21
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