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Bookflurries-Bookchat: Stars, Our Daily Kos Writers
Welcome to bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and books on tape. You don’t have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us. Ten years ago, on ...
cfk 06/03/2015 25
The Duggars think Josh's victims "defrauded" him--but this family has defrauded us
Megyn Kelly has hinted that she won't go after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as hard as we've hoped. However, I'd like to think she would be somewhat less kind to them tonight if she knew about the ...
Christian Dem in NC 06/03/2015 16
Spotlight on green news & views: Bonn climate meet begins; oil and water do mix; divestment spreads
See Walter Einenkel's post on why these creatures are rapidly dying. Many environmentally related posts appearing at ...
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 13
Cartoon: Blaming immigrants for a drought
An anti-immigration group in parched California recently blamed immigrants for the long drought. Xenophobic groups like these have long blamed everything under the sun on immigrants, and ...
laloalcaraz 06/03/2015 15
5th worst heat wave killing thousands India's Earth Sciences Minister: "it is Climate Change"
Usually this is the time of year when the monsoon rains move north from the Indian Ocean bringing relief from sizzling summer temperatures with steamy downpours on the subcontinent. But this year's ...
Lefty Coaster 06/03/2015 5
EPI research: Young women newly graduated from college earn much less than their male counterparts
Nearly four years ago, two researchers at the American Association of University Women researched and wrote Graduating to a Pay Gap . The two, Christianne Corbett and ...
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 30
Mitch McConnell's NSA antics won him very few friends
The most remarkable aspect of the last three weeks of Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act wrangling in ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 4
Pennsylvania takes lead in finding Obamacare solution ahead of court decision
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Elections do ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 3
Email-obsessed Trey Gowdy not so worried about Bush-era transparency
GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, top Benghazi investigator During a House hearing on government transparency Tuesday, Democrats wondered: where were the emails from President Bush's former Secretaries of State ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/03/2015 17
Democrats consider filibuster of defense authorization
Democrats want to force the Republican majority in Congress to finally deal with ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 19
Midday open thread: ADP says 201,000 new jobs in May; no, the queen isn't dead; bison tosses tourist
Today's comic by Matt Bors is Finally, an exoskeleton for Millennials!
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 43
Republican Party chair is significantly out of his mind
It was just last month that Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee was singing the praises of the GOP majority (granted, he was peddling utter bullshit, but ...)
Barbara Morrill 06/03/2015 28
Alabama Senate votes to rename Edmund Pettus Bridge
Alabama took a step toward renaming the historic Selma bridge, known as the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where the Bloody Sunday beatings of civil rights marchers ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/03/2015 15
Woozle Wednesdai
Those of you who already either ...
triciawyse 06/03/2015 63
Hillary Clinton allies plan lawsuits to fight voter suppression
Maggie Haberman and Amy Chozick at The New York Times report : The Democrats began last month with lawsuits filed in Ohio and Wisconsin, presidential ...
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 58
Lincoln Chafee announces he's running for president
The Democratic side of 2016's run for the presidency has ...
Hunter 06/03/2015 101
What the new NSA reforms mean
Dragnet surveillance of American's phone records is over, ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 23
John Kerry broke his leg, which proves he's rich (and possibly French)
Kerry, looking suspiciously like a cheese-...
Barbara Morrill 06/03/2015 96
Rich Republicans with money to burn eye the GOP's 2016 contenders
Rubio's making a splash among the GOP heavies. Mother Jones has a fun look at which Republican candidates some the GOP's ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/03/2015 29
Baltimore school lunch is now free to all children
Time to focus on learning and not whether or not there's food on the ...
Walter Einenkel 06/03/2015 17
Make Your Case - 2015
An essay by Paul Graham on how to disagree is summarized visually by this pyramid : Where does your comment fit into this ...
Wee Mama 06/03/2015 22
Hillary Clinton: To the left, to the left ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/03/2015 392
Deep red Florida town is epicenter for Obamacare
There's trouble ahead for Rubio back home. Here's a bit of irony—the ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 32
Scott Walker wants to wreck the EPA. He's not the only one
Scott Walker gives gollum a bad name. Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who has said he will announce whether he is running for president after the state budget is wrapped up this month, has a ...
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 52
Daily Kos Elections presents the best map ever of United States congressional districts
(click to enlarge all images) Daily Kos Elections is pleased to introduce a brand-new approach to mapping America's congressional districts. Months in the making, and inspired in part ...
Daniel Donner 06/03/2015 80
High Impact Posts: June 2, 2015
jotter 06/03/2015 6
Poll: Iowa caucus-goers support the idea of George W. and Bill Clinton advising a future president
The Hawkeye State isn't afraid of either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton taking a significant role in advising Jeb or Hillary, apparently. From a new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines ...
Kerry Eleveld 06/03/2015 73
Walmart's latest raises show just how low its pay is
You know you're a low-wage employer when you're bragging about raising base pay levels to $15 an hour ...
Laura Clawson 06/03/2015 19
Arrest warrants issued for proud black families who cheered at this graduation in Mississippi
Sigh. This really did happen . Have you ever been to a graduation ceremony where you were asked to hold your applause ...
Shaun King 06/03/2015 351
States stand to lose big in Obamacare case, but the majority of people in them don't know that
Texas stands to lose $205,586,498 in tax credits to ...
Joan McCarter 06/03/2015 60
Cartoon: Finally, an exoskeleton for Millennials!
Matt Bors 06/03/2015 35
Scott Walker went to Disney World 41 years ago, so he can totally win Florida
"Magic Mountain was scary high!" Proving that there is no issue big or small that he won't ...
Barbara Morrill 06/03/2015 24
Let there be songs to fill the air
The morning ear worm strikes again. At Cedwyn's memorial Roo and I played a few Grateful Dead tunes. Started with Friend of the Devil, then we played Black muddy river, Me and my uncle and ...
BOHICA 06/03/2015 21
Cuyahoga Sheriff's Office expected to turn over Tamir Rice case to prosecutors as early as today
Last known photo of Tamir Rice, taken just a month before he was killed Shot and killed nearly seven months ago by Officer Timothy Loehmann of the ...
Shaun King 06/03/2015 72
Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday
Bill in Portland Maine 06/03/2015 87
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
The reason we wanted to make sure the show was back on the air this week was primarily so that you wouldn't be deprived of Joan McCarter's insight for two weeks in a row. Well, mission ...
David Waldman 06/03/2015 0
Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Cole 4 West Virginia 4 Coal
West Virginia Senate President and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole Leading Off : • WV-Gov : On Tuesday, state Senate President Bill Cole became the first credible Republican ...
Jeff Singer 06/03/2015 42
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Rand's rotten reception reverberates
Elias Isquith : For the Republican Party in general, politically speaking, [the improving economy] was inconvenient — but not a disaster. Just as nature seeks to fill a vacuum, whichever party is ...
Greg Dworkin 06/03/2015 133
Which decade would you want to be part of? 1920's forward
All things being equal, entertainment-wise, policy-wise, etc.... if you could magically teleport yourself to another time, would you? Would you stay in the present day? I have a huge feeling that ...
BFSkinner 06/02/2015 30
Rachel Talks to Bernie -- About his Strong Rollout and his Cutting-edge Debate Ideas
Just watched the Interview. It was very good. Bernie is breaking records in Iowa, among other things. Well worth watching, if you missed it. The Rachel Maddow Show -- June 2 ...
jamess 06/02/2015 140
Open thread for night owls: UN experts warn of threats from secret 'trade' deals
RNs protest fast-track legislation in Sacramento, California in March 2015. At Common Dreams, Sarah Lazare ...
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 68
Community Quilt for crystal eyes
CelticLassie's quilt, detail Our friend, crystal eyes, has a brain tumor. He has blogged about it here, on Daily Kos -- and ...
Sara R 06/02/2015 21
2 New Polls shows both frontrunners slipping as Republicans narrow the gap
Poll: Hillary Clinton Weakens on Trustworthiness While Jeb Bush Slides Into GOP Free-For-All Weakening ratings for Hillary Clinton present opportunities for her potential Republican opponents, even ...
Lefty Coaster 06/02/2015 69
Game of Thrones 5.8—'Hardhome'
Winter isn't just coming, people. It's here. In Game of Thrones that doesn't mean Jack Frost nipping at your nose. It doesn't mean friendly snowmen in top hats. It sure doesn't mean picking up a ...
Mark Sumner 06/02/2015 166
FIFA: The Lunacy Continues
If you haven't been following this fiasco in corporate corruption you have been missinhg a fine show. Now this is fun: No one brought more shame on FIFA than its president Sepp Blatter and he ...
LaFeminista 06/02/2015 16
Mojo Friday - "I'm Sorry." Are You? Really? - Edition
How many times have you seen someone apologize and knew their heart wasn't in it? They weren't the least bit sincere? Or, they qualified their apology? Or. somehow in their apology, they manage to ...
TexDem 05/29/2015 346
Bookflurries-Bookchat: The Book I Didn’t Write
Welcome to bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and books on tape. You don’t have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us. Last week at ...
cfk 05/27/2015 96
Mojo Friday - Memorial Day, The Beginning of the Summer Season - Edition
Even though Summer doesn't start by the calender for almost another month for tourism, and commerce it starts this weekend. Yep, it's time to fire up all those engines and start belching even more ...
TexDem 05/22/2015 416

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