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Fredo Corleone and the 47 Traitors
The 47 traitors in the Senate remind me so much of Fredo, the iconically pathetic weak link of the Corleone Family in The Godfather . As you may recall, Fredo was pretty much useless in New York, ...
blackpete 03/11/2015 7 9 - -
De Blasio's "Anti-Police Rhetoric"
Mayor de Blasio's remarks about his dark-skinned son Dante echo, in a more personal way, the tragedy themes of the defense attorneys' closing argument for police officers in the Amadou Diallo ...
blackpete 12/24/2014 4 10 - -
Boehner Is Bluffing
Curious that we haven't heard much about revenues in this shutdown fight. Rand Paul blew Boehner's cover. Paul claims that not raising the debt limit will not trigger a default on Treasury bills. ...
blackpete 10/09/2013 112 138 1 -
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