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Has anyone else noticed that Rihanna's hit song "Umbrella" contains the line: "Took an oath, I'm a stick it out to the end" ? Maybe the DNC should see if she'll do a robo-call ad ...
blawgger51 05/18/2013 6 1 - -
Back to the platform on rape
Did you see this: "And that's not accurate," said Rob Farley, the point man for's coverage of the convention and the Democratic response. He says the facts are the Republican plank ...
blawgger51 08/30/2012 1 1 - 25
CA Court of Appeal Rules for MERS
There has been much commentary that MERS has no authority to commence foreclosure proceedings and is perhaps some kind of conspiracy for evil purposes cooked up by lenders. A lot of these ...
blawgger51 03/18/2011 1 - - 24
WI Fundraising Idea
I live in CA and have been following the events in Wisconsin religiously. I wish I could be there. I think those of us from out of state would love it if we could "sponsor" a union activist or ...
blawgger51 03/18/2011 1 - - 18
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