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The 1st EV Rally in freezing weather - Chicago
bldr 03/07/2013 12 9 - -
T Boone & WalMart
From the Gristmill Blog,a link to the Reuters Article: Pickens says Wal-Mart to study switch from ...
bldr 09/18/2008 22 3 - 1
Ace of Cakes
making a tank right now,..never mind this program sponsored by the US Army, go figure they're making a Tank. What worth watching tonight? A&E has "Sudden Impact" the ultimate Dirty Harry movie. ...
bldr 09/04/2008 7 - - -
The clock is ticking
It's 10 minutes past 5pm central standard time on Labor Day weekend here in Chicago, and I just went online to volunteer for the Obama campaign. I am now wondering how long will it be before the ...
bldr 08/29/2008 5 1 - 1
Poet slams Hillary, right in the kapootie
This has been my reply to every positive post about Hillary, since Hillary successfully used the white racist vote in Pennsylvania to continue on with her miserable campaign. Not one commenter has ...
bldr 05/06/2008 29 10 1 -
Officially Elitist night at DKos
Hamlet and now Poetry with 2 new stanzas I need to know if this new stanza is too harsh Prostrating herself to right ...
bldr 04/28/2008 39 6 1 -
$7.00 gas coming
CNBC is doing a special all day about world Oil & gas supplies. The last commentator/ analyst is predicting 7 dollar gas based on the facts: Most of the new supply in oil products is in Liquid ...
bldr 04/24/2008 28 11 - -
Hillary goes in an old blue shoe! Seuss tribute
Maureen Dowd's column today got me to thinking about how Dr. Seuss would have described the democratic primary. Feel free to ...
bldr 04/23/2008 8 6 1 24
I want my Obama mp3
So my HRC leaning father finally fell. On Sunday we met for brunch and he was a HRC fan. On Friday night he's on Team Obama. The "More perfect Union" speech, left him with no option but to switch ...
bldr 03/22/2008 19 2 - -
#2 w/ Fries, Please
bldr 09/13/2006 3 8 - 1
Blame 9/11 on airlines, Congress, Bush
bldr 09/01/2006 10 8 - -
I wrote a diary and didn't even know it
bldr 06/29/2006 17 7 - -
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