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Piketty's Capital - A Review - Part 1
Paul Krugman calls it "the most important economics book of the year - and maybe of the decade. The New Yorker Magazine says it's a book that "nobody can afford to ignore." And not to be outdone ...
blip1944 05/12/2014 3 3 - -
Christie Tries The Non-Denial Denial
I always counted Richard Nixon as one of the two greatest fixers in American history; the other being the gambler Arnold Rothstein. Why were they great fixers? Because one tried to fix a World ...
blip1944 01/24/2014 24 25 - -
I Was Wrong: Christie's Not A Fat Schmuck
A few days ago I posted a diary about Chris Christie in which I called him a "fat schmuck" and the comment drew lots of criticism from the KOS readership because, as one of them pointed out, I ...
blip1944 01/23/2014 38 10 - -
The Scoop on Christie
Like everyone else in the "mainstream" media, the New York Times is desperate to keep Chris Christie alive, if only as a counter-weight to the Tea Party and to maintain the fiction that we ...
blip1944 01/19/2014 34 3 - -
Bloomberg Goes After Gun Traffickers: Does He Know Who He's Looking For?
Mike Bloomberg, soon-to-be former Mayor of New York City, has blanketed the airwaves and the internet since Sandy Hook with his campaign to stop gun trafficking. Although I can't find a strict ...
blip1944 10/21/2013 11 1 - -
Want A Gun? Move To New York City
If you follow the gun debate at all, you're aware of the fact that Mike Bloomberg, the soon-to-be ex-Mayor of New York City, takes credit for a steep decline in the city's crime rate due to ...
blip1944 10/20/2013 98 - - -
Understanding Crime - A Tale Of Two Cities
After I published my last blog I received an email from Susan W: "So why does Chicago have such a high murder rate?" She's not the only one asking that question. Problem is that the answer isn't ...
blip1944 10/10/2013 5 - - -
It's Official! When It Comes To Murder, The Second City Is Now The First City
Chicago has always been known as the 'Second City' because it can't seem to compete with New York. But that's changed. The latest report on American crime released annually by the FBI, shows ...
blip1944 10/09/2013 7 2 - -
Wilderness Versus Progress: Is There Really A Conflict?
John Muir Tap an environmentalist on the shoulder and they'll tell you that economic development is the death-knell of wilderness. But the history of the relationship between wilderness and ...
blip1944 10/08/2013 18 2 - -
What Do We Do About Gun Homicide?
At least two-thirds of the perpetrators who commit gun homicides are males under the age of 30. What else do these shooters have in common? They live in neighborhoods with overall high ...
blip1944 10/06/2013 55 1 - -
Where's Henry Clay When We Need Him Now?
That's Henry Clay, a Senator from Kentucky, who twice engineered political compromises that kept America from plunging into civil war. Unfortunately, he died shortly after the second ...
blip1944 10/03/2013 9 2 - -
Don't Think The NRA Is Being Quiet Since The Navy Yard
Don't believe for a second that the NRA is sitting back quietly after the Navy Yard massacre. They don't stop campaigning no matter what. And the way they do it is to get someone outside the ...
blip1944 09/27/2013 3 2 - -
More Guns Equals More Gun Violence: Still Arguing About That One?
What a surprise! We are treated to yet another piece of research, this time in the American Journal of ...
blip1944 09/25/2013 6 13 - -
When It Comes To Mental Illness & Guns, The NRA May Be Crazy Too
I have been writing multiple diaries about mental illness and gun violence because the issue of how to identify and isolate people who otherwise would go on rampages with guns seems to have ...
blip1944 09/23/2013 7 10 1 -
Mental Illness Leads to Gun Violence: They Finally Agree On Something And So What?
One thing that both sides in the gun debate seem to agree on is the notion that we would suffer much less gun violence if we did a better job of dealing with people who are mentally ill. After ...
blip1944 09/22/2013 25 3 - -
It's Time To End Gun Violence Against Kids
For a country that's as wealthy as we are, the failure to do something about violent gun deaths suffered by children is really shameful. And it's particularly shameful when we consider the ...
blip1944 09/22/2013 9 3 - -
Did America Really Lose Its Frontier?
The American frontier has been one of the enduring cultural motifs of our entire history. After all, we started out as a couple of rag-tag coastal towns in what later became Virginia and Florida, ...
blip1944 09/20/2013 4 1 - -
Why Does The Gun Control Crowd Want To Take Away Our Toys?
Is there any American boy who didn't own a Red Ryder? Talk about a near-universal toy. If you owned a Red Ryder you might understand why guns mean so much to gun owners. If you didn't own one, ...
blip1944 09/19/2013 41 4 - -
Want To Know What The Gun-Control Crowd Will Do About The Navy Yard? What They Always Do: Nothing
Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) signing the NSSF "safe gun" pledge. Want to know why he signed it? See below the fold.
blip1944 09/17/2013 69 3 - -
Whedre are All the Victims of Gun Violence?
The Urban Institute just published an important report on the costs of gun violence. Titled, “The Hospital Costs of Firearm Assaults,” it attempts to calculate the costs associated with ...
blip1944 09/16/2013 14 - - -
Want To Get Rid of Guns? Here's My Plan
There’s been an unending debate about how to curb gun violence so that we won’t experience more massacres like Sandy Hook. Whether it’s expanding background checks, or ...
blip1944 09/15/2013 56 - - -
Ever Hear of the NSSF? Not If You Don't Own a Gun
Order our new book now! The biggest problem in dealing with the issue of gun violence is that the two sides don’t have the foggiest idea of ...
blip1944 09/14/2013 19 1 - -
Guns for Good Guys, Guns for Bad Guys - The Book
It's finally here and you can buy it on Amazon . The first of four books that I am going to be publishing about the gun business. It's not a ...
blip1944 09/13/2013 9 - - -
Hunters and Environmentalists: Why Don't They Like Each Other? (2)
The response to my last diary on hunting and conservation made me decide to continue this series and I have also formed a group - Hunters and Environmentalists - which I invite everyone to join so ...
blip1944 09/12/2013 35 11 1 -
Hunters Versus Tree-Huggers: Why Don't They Like Each Other?
Why do hunters and conservationists dislike each other? It wasn’t always that way. In fact, the modern American conservation movement that appeared in the 1880’s was started by hunters, ...
blip1944 09/11/2013 57 10 - -
Gun Violence: Who's Killing Whom?
If we really want to do something about gun violence, it’s time to sit down and have a sober, serious and thoughtful discussion based on facts. Not based on opinions, not based on political ...
blip1944 09/06/2013 29 9 1 -
Conservation Begins With Wildlife
One of the issues that keeps coming up in the argument about banning lead ammunition is that substituting non-toxic materials for lead will drive up the price of ammunition, making it ...
blip1944 08/23/2013 41 12 1 -
Let's Get The lead Out Of Ammo
Right now there's an argument going on that shouldn't be going on. It involves leaded ammo. Please read below the fold to find out why we are having this agument and why we shouldn't be ...
blip1944 08/19/2013 21 4 - -
Where are all those unregistered guns?
All year long we've been hearing about all those guns that are sold or transferred without background checks - the usual number is 40 percent of all sales - which makes it easy for guns to end ...
blip1944 08/12/2013 22 4 - -
What's The Real Issue With Gun Violence?
With all the talk and counter-talk this year about gun violence, I'm not sure that we have actually looked at the real issue at all. And I'll talk about the real issue below the fold:
blip1944 07/31/2013 13 10 - -
Mother's Day Message from Evolve
I belong to a very unique organization called Evolve . The organization was founded by two New York advertising executives - Rebecca and Jon Bond - who were horrified by the Sandy Hook tragedy ...
blip1944 05/11/2013 3 4 1 -
My New Blog
I started my own blog recently and invite all of you to join. Just click here and enjoy. I just put up a couple of interesting posts about Glenn Beck and the NRA.
blip1944 05/11/2013 3 - - -
My Huffington Blog On Gun Violence
I put a blog on Huffington that sums up some issues about the current gun debate. So here's the link and feel free to leave a comment, etc. A federal court in Texas today ruled against ...
blip1944 04/30/2013 2 - - -
Do Background Checks Work?
The airwaves, the printwaves and most of all, the voicewaves have been filled to the brim with arguments about background checks. Even late-night television ...
blip1944 04/28/2013 17 4 - -
Is This Or Isn't This A 'Modern Sporting Rifle?'
When is an assault rifle not an assault rifle? When the gun industry and their PR folks decide that it's a Modern Sporting Rifle. And since many high-profile members of the gun control ...
blip1944 04/23/2013 37 14 - -
No Explanation Necessary
Thank you Milton ...
blip1944 04/18/2013 5 4 - -
Let's Find A New Way To Talk About Guns
Sometimes when I listen to arguments against gun control I think I'm getting beamed in from another planet. This week a lawsuit against the new CT gun law ...
blip1944 04/14/2013 34 5 - -
A Serious and Important Opinion on Gun Control
Dr. Clarence Jones is a remarkable man, now in his 80s, still active and alert. Fifty years ago, as Martin Luther King's personal attorney, he drafted the "I Have a Dream Speech." And over the ...
blip1944 04/12/2013 15 11 - -
Why Republicans Can't Win
You don't need Nate Silver to figure this one out. If you are as old as I am (b. 1944) it's very simple and it goes like this. When I was a kid there were White, Blacks and a few Hispanics -
blip1944 03/03/2013 9 7 - -
Rove Declares War on the Tea Party
So after the 2012 election demonstrated that Karl Rove's "America is Center-Right" mantra was simply wrong, the used-to-be Fox News contributor has now decided that at least the Republican Party ...
blip1944 02/04/2013 14 9 - -
The Myth of the Undecided Voter
Here we go again. The latest missive about the "undecided" voter is a debate on the impact of Obama's early television ads that painted Romney as an elite, vulture capitalist with overseas bank ...
blip1944 12/31/2012 7 4 - -
Eat The Rich - Chapter 5: The Tea Party
Remember the Tea Party? They were going to transform the political landscape. And when the reds captured the House in 2010 everyone on the Right was writing the Bomber's political obituary and ...
blip1944 12/10/2012 2 6 1 -
Eat The Rich - Chapter 4: Karl Rove
Can you imagine an evening on Fox without Karl Rove? How did this happen? How could such a huge hot-air balloon deflate so quickly? Please read below the fold.
blip1944 12/09/2012 5 3 - -
Eat The Rich - Chapter 4: DeMint Disappears
The colossal collapse of the Conservative movement, never mind the whole Republican party, was exemplfied today by the decision by Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) to give up perhaps the most secure seat ...
blip1944 12/06/2012 3 3 - -
Eat The Rich - Chapt. 3: Paul Ryan
Remember the Ryan Budget? The Magna Carta of the Tea Party that sailed through the House back in March, then got Ryan on the national ticket because Romney was so taken by his intellectualism and ...
blip1944 12/06/2012 1 5 - -
Eat The Rich - Chapter 2: Grover Norquist
We continue our little series on how the Republican Party is "coming to grips" with the results of November 6 by conducting a lovely internecine battle amongst themselves to emerge as the party ...
blip1944 12/05/2012 2 3 - -
Eat The Rich - Chapter 1
I am going to start a new series of diaries devoted to the attempt by the two factions of the Republican Party to emerge from the current election debacle as the dominant force in the party. Until ...
blip1944 12/04/2012 3 3 - -
Reponsible Conservatives - Just As FOS As The Loony Ones
The split in the Republican Party used to be between 'mainstream' Republicans (we used to call them 'Rockefeller Republicans') and 'conservative' Republicans like Goldwater and Buckley. Then along ...
blip1944 12/02/2012 6 14 - -
Why Republicans Will Never Win
We all know that by sometime around 2030 the country will cease to be majority White. Which means the White Man's Party - the GOP - will be shit out of luck. But you know what? if you read the ...
blip1944 11/30/2012 18 2 - -
Let's Win 2014
Kos had a great piece today on Sarah Palin being the 2016 nominee. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need to win in 2014. And we need to start planning now. There was a great article in ...
blip1944 11/19/2012 6 7 - -
Let's Get Started
I think we have a real oppoetunity, if we don't screw it up, to make a big change in this country. But we have to start now and we have to stay focused. This is an historic moment because for ...
blip1944 11/19/2012 4 3 - -
The Republican Dilemma
Now that the vote totals are almost complete (only 15 states are not yet at 100% of which only 3 - MT, OR, WA - are below 99%,) we can begin to make some calculations about the national and state ...
blip1944 11/15/2012 1 - - -
Who's A Republican These Days?
Who are the Republicans these days? Not that I particularly want to find any but, as Bill Clinton would say, let's do the arithmetic. Ralph Reed is going around saying that the white, ...
blip1944 11/11/2012 5 5 - -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 14 - Update On This Project
I have been meandering all over the map with this project but finally have come up with a basic theme and approach. At this point I need to mine some additional data and then I will resume these ...
blip1944 11/06/2012 1 3 1 -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 13 - Do We Need Or Do We Want Health Care?
In the last diary we defined health care consumers by the way in which they pay for health care and identified three basic groups: (1). People who are members of an employer-sponsored private ...
blip1944 10/29/2012 1 1 - -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 12 - Who's Buying What Kind Of Health Care?
We continue our discussion about the health care consumer in this diary. In the last diary we began to look at where consumers purchase health care; i.e., doctor's office, emergency room, in-patient,
blip1944 10/26/2012 1 3 - -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 11, Do I Need A Doctor?
It's an axiom of liberal health care reform, virtually unchallenged, that the health care industry cannot be analyzed like other consumer industries because the demand for health care, to quote ...
blip1944 10/23/2012 5 1 - -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 10, A Note On Sources & Comparisons
As this blog continues to grow, many readers have asked me to provide links for various points that I hsve made along the way. Rather than provide links to specific data, what follows is a list of ...
blip1944 10/20/2012 1 - 1 -
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 9 - Who's Your Doctor Anyhow?
In the previous diary (Part 8) we examined the efficiency model from a free-markert perspective, noting that this model assumes that competiton will force price declines that benefit consumers, no ...
blip1944 10/19/2012 8 1 - -
The Economics of Health Care - Part 8, Is The Private Sector So Efficient?
I believe, as I have said in previous diaries, that health care is a fundamental human right which should never be based on financial ability of individuals to pay. But I also believe that liberal ...
blip1944 10/17/2012 20 3 - -
Correction To Part 5
In Part 5 I wrote that the CEO of the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC receives 42.5 million in comoensattion. This was a mistake. The real figure is $2.5 million. I'm very pleased that the ...
blip1944 10/16/2012 6 - - -
The Economics of Health Care - Part 5, Why Is U.S. Health Care So Expensive?
I wrote a Part 5 several weeks ago and then lost it somewgere on my hard drive. But it's an important diary so I am re-creating it from memory here. Can't say that it's exactly what I wrote last ...
blip1944 10/14/2012 12 12 1 -
The Economics of Health Care - Part 7 - Are Physicians Capitalists?
I was going to spend the next several diaries talking about the health care consumer, but reactions to my last diary made me realize that the issue of health care as a "free market" phenomenon ...
blip1944 10/10/2012 12 2 - 16
The Economics Of Health Care - Part 6, The Liberal Viewpoint
We were going to move the discussion about health care to an analysis of the health care consumer, but I need to do more digging into data in order to understand this issue better. In the meantime, ...
blip1944 10/09/2012 46 16 1 154
The Economics of Health Care - Part 4, What Is An Industry? (con.t)
In this post we briefly cover how and when health care became an industry, both in terms of the growth of specialized health care service and products, as well as the emergence of a market in which ...
blip1944 10/06/2012 4 1 - 34
The Economics of Health Care - Part 3. What is an Industry?
This post will begin to analyze the health care industry as part of the overall economy. The reader should be warned that this is a very complex issue and will require multiple posts in order to ...
blip1944 10/03/2012 1 - - 18
The Economics of Health Care - Part 2. A Note About the Data
I was going to post a diary that tries to define health care as an industry, but I need to consult several additional sources before finishing that submission. In the meantime, I wanted to make a ...
blip1944 10/01/2012 1 1 - 33
The Economics of Health Care - Introduction
Before I dive into the meat and potatoes of this topic, I just want to take a moment to explain what I will be writing about and what I will not be writing about, leading off first with the latter. ...
blip1944 09/30/2012 5 2 1 37
The Country is Made Up of Communities
During the 2008 election, Republicans bent themselves backwards questioning Obama's credentials because, after all, he was just a "community organizer." Well if anything has been proven by the ...
blip1944 09/29/2012 2 1 - 9
The Economics of Health Care
Over the next several weeks I am going to publish several articles on the American health care system, paying particular attention to the cost of health services. I first examined this issue in ...
blip1944 09/28/2012 8 - - 29
Grow Your Waistline & Grow The Economy
If President Obama is really serious about getting the economy back in gear, he and Michelle better stop all this healthy eating nonsense and begin encouraging Americans to expand their waistlines. ...
blip1944 09/28/2012 4 2 - 39
What's Wrong with Romney's 47% Plan?
For 30 years Republicans have said that the way to fix the mess in Washington is to use private-sector methods to run the government. Now the GOP finally has a guy heading the ticket who not only ...
blip1944 09/27/2012 2 - - 24
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