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San Antonio kicks off Battleground Texas - Hey, Rick Perry...GAME ON!
This past Sunday afternoon, Battleground Texas kicked off the campaign to turn Texas Blue with a fired up crowd assembled in one of San Antonio's most venerable locations.
blue armadillo 03/12/2013 17 31 3 -
San Antonio Celebrates as Mayor Julian Castro heads to Charlotte
This morning San Antonio Democrats gathered to celebrate as favorite son Mayor Julian Castro prepares for the national spotlight as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention. It was ...
blue armadillo 09/01/2012 37 49 1 194
More dirty tricks against reform: ROBO CALLS
This is just a "keep your eyes open" diary - who is behind the robo calls to KEEP CAPITALISM STRONG ? I just got a call here in Texas that Caller ID showed was from "Opinion One" and the calling ...
blue armadillo 08/03/2009 10 6 - 48
TIME Magazine Hit Piece on Sotomayor already - Diabetes is a Handicap for a Justice?
I apologize for this will have to be a hit and run diary - although I'll try to come back later to reply to any comments, but on my lunchtime headline break I saw this article linked to from :
blue armadillo 05/26/2009 204 131 1 76
Austin American-Statesman wants extra payment to print precinct locations for March 4 Primary
What the heck is up with this? I saw this on Texas Kaos , which had linked to a diary by Cleanair over ...
blue armadillo 02/27/2008 29 13 1 2
US Embassy in Belgrade under assault during anti-Kosovo independence rally
The Serbs are NOT HAPPY with the US support of Kosovo in the wake of the announcement that Kosovo would like independence. A large peaceful rally in Belgrad has turned ugly as angry Serbs began ...
blue armadillo 02/21/2008 13 6 - 3
Going to Debate Thurs? - TKTS avail.- for TDP debate party BOTH will attend! KENNEDY in S.A.Thurs.!
Howdy Howdy fellow Kossaks! There is so much happening down here in the San Antonio area it is hard to keep up. I am SO THRILLED that I was selected in a random drawing to get a seat at the ...
blue armadillo 02/20/2008 6 3 - -
On the ground for Obama in SAN ANTONIO!!!
Howdy y'all! Busy times in San Antonio! I promised I'd try to get a diary up to let you all get an idea of what's happening on the ground here. And a lot has been happening quickly! Since the ...
blue armadillo 02/18/2008 31 33 - 7
Sanity in a Sea of Outrage: a tribute to Keith Olbermann
OK - So we're all starting to sag from the weight of the outrages coming at us in an unending avalanche of disaster from Washington. Take a break, Kossaks, and spend a few minutes with a champion ...
blue armadillo 03/22/2007 19 21 4 7
Set your TIVOs: VADM Joe Sestak to appear on CNN Wednesday, August 23
blue armadillo 08/22/2006 4 5 - 11
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