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Democratic Joke of the Day (I mean election cycle)
A 20 year old man walks into the breakroom at his barely-over-the-minimum wage job. The year is 1996 and his first vote for President is right around the corner. He sits down in the breakroom, opens ...
bluebarnstormer 03/25/2015 18 8 - -
3 questions about Hillary's emails
1. Did the law at the time Hillary was SoS say that all emails related to State Department business need to be archived, no matter what account the SoS used, personal or otherwise? 2. Does that ...
bluebarnstormer 03/04/2015 139 8 - -
Thank you for your concern-
trolling. Is that an acceptable title? It needs to be an accurate thesis statement for the points I'm about to make. Of course, you would have to read the rest of the post to make such an assessment.
bluebarnstormer 11/17/2014 39 5 - -
There used to be a leftist Tea Party. They were called Kossacks. Remember them?
I used to be one. Maybe you were one too. We were tired of losing elections to Republicans. The GOP had the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and White House all at the same time in the early 2000s. The ...
bluebarnstormer 11/12/2014 323 120 1 -
Go ahead and celebrate! Greg Orman is a fine choice for Kansas Dems!
My family and I love it here in Kansas but the Conservative politics can be very discouraging. However, the news that Democrat Chad Taylor has dropped out couldn't make me happier . He created a ...
bluebarnstormer 09/05/2014 19 37 2 -
Kansas Democrat throws faux Dem under bus, THANK YOU! updated
This past week a Democratic congressional candidate in Kansas did something courageous. He chose to endorse an Independent candidate in the US Senate race against Pat Roberts. This never happens and ...
bluebarnstormer 08/25/2014 41 68 - -
Western Kansas turning on Sam Brownback
A new poll shows what most Kansans have already figured out- the people are giving up on Brownback's empty promises. As buyers remorse settles in to it's new home in Western Kansas, let's break the ...
bluebarnstormer 06/26/2014 12 41 - -
Young in Kansas have a lot to be concerned about
Last week the Kansas Young Democrats held their state convention. In other news, the Young Republicans received new member discounts from the AARP. So good news all around. As the Kansas Young ...
bluebarnstormer 06/24/2014 9 10 1 -
Brownback's Barefoot Bureaucrat
Imagine the qualifications needed for someone to watch over a 50 million dollar a week government program. If you listed a barefoot DUI, campaign fraud, defaulted loans, unpaid taxes, and personal ...
bluebarnstormer 06/05/2014 2 12 1 -
The Brownback Buddy system in 3 easy steps
Step 1) Work for Sam and help write the contract Step 2) Move to the other side of table Step 3) Sign the contract and get checks from Sam Was that so hard? Even someone who doesn’t believe in ...
bluebarnstormer 05/12/2014 4 17 1 -
Brownback takes victory lap at ALEC as Kansas' credit is downgraded
A puppet on strings preaching to the choir! Governor Sam Brownback took to the stage at the meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council to celebrate his successful 4 years of service to ...
bluebarnstormer 05/10/2014 9 33 - -
#GovernorKickback- Kansas losing money while Brownback's staff gets rich
Kansans are paying a high price here at home for the Governor's political favors. He has dedicated his only term to policies that are unpopular with Kansans. The education bill, his income tax scheme,
bluebarnstormer 05/02/2014 6 17 - -
Pay to Play- Brownback brings DC to Kansas
In Washington DC, 'public servants' frequently use the revolving door between lobbying and the Government for personal gain. It appears the Governor stepped in something and tracked it back to ...
bluebarnstormer 04/29/2014 2 7 - -
Medicaid expansion is life or death for some in Kansas
It would be wise for Sam Brownback and the Kansas Legislature to remember that. By choosing to privatize Medicaid, the Governor has had a direct effect on the quality of life of thousands. Today we ...
bluebarnstormer 04/25/2014 3 14 - -
And can we get an Amen, Governor?
And can we get an Amen, Governor? "I think the real needs in the country are for cultural renewal." Sam Brownback describing his political philosophy on NPR. That's not what we ...
bluebarnstormer 04/23/2014 8 3 - -
Brownback makes it clear- He will sign, may not sign, may veto, cannot veto the education bill
In a breath taking attempt to be no things to any people Brownback has bobbed and weaved himself into a corner. He promised local leaders in Emporia that he will sign the education bill. A few hours ...
bluebarnstormer 04/16/2014 7 12 - -
Following orders- a peek into Brownback's smoke filled backrooms
The dangerous education bill being forced down the throats of Kansans didn't just write itself. The people demanded a clean bill, one meant to improve public ed, but instead the Senate and House ...
bluebarnstormer 04/14/2014 8 13 - -
Brownback threatens Kansas teachers with layoffs
In a pathetic attempt to distract from reality the Governor says he must sign the education bill immediately or he will have to send layoff notices to teachers. But for those of you who live in ...
bluebarnstormer 04/11/2014 7 17 - -
The Koch brothers or Kansas kids; Brownback prepares to make choice official
The education bill has passed the Legislature and is now waiting for the Governor's signature. Will he stand by the kids of Kansas and veto this bill? Or will he choose to satisfy his campaign donors,
bluebarnstormer 04/10/2014 5 11 - -
An Occupy Family Needs Help Today in NOLA
The long story, short- A family that is active in the Occupy movement now needs your help to save their mom's home- TODAY! You can help by donating a few bucks here->
bluebarnstormer 01/13/2014 6 7 - -
Hey #WalmartElves, Shut Up and Get Back to Work!
Elves are not supposed to complain about working conditions. At least not @Walmart. They are supposed to stock the shelves, clean the floors, run the register, and smile like a happy face. But under ...
bluebarnstormer 11/22/2013 5 11 - -
Right Wing Media Falls In Love With Dailykos Post W/Update
So I'm minding my own business on Twitter when I notice that all my (least) favorite feeds are pumping up a storyline about Dailykos users learning their lessons. Supposedly Obamacare has ruined our ...
bluebarnstormer 10/16/2013 128 6 - -
Market Basket- A Profitable Company With Satisfied Workers, Better Screw It Up! W/Poll
Imagine that you work for a large grocery store chain with a profit sharing program. Which is good, because the chain is extremely profitable. So profitable that the board of directors has been ...
bluebarnstormer 07/18/2013 12 24 1 -
KC Star Proves Facts About Hostess Have No Place On The Opinion Page
The Kansas City Star has failed their local community by publishing an absolutely false representation of events in the Hostess strike. Apparently you can insinuate whatever you want as long as you ...
bluebarnstormer 05/22/2013 57 201 4 -
Watch Live- How the Hostess Hedge Funds Exploited the Citizens of Biddeford, Maine
UPDATE- you can watch this event live on Ustream. If this link doesn't work just search for Southern Maine Labor Council on Ustream. ...
bluebarnstormer 04/03/2013 5 18 1 -
Hostess Action Event: Bakers and Bankers in Portland, ME Updated w/New Video
Brrrrrr! Event: Bakers and Bankers-Who Really Keeps the Dough? Date: Wednesday, April 3rd. 7pm. Location: University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine. Wishcamper Center room #133 The workers ...
bluebarnstormer 03/29/2013 7 17 - -
White Guy in CPAC Vid is a Breitbart Hack- or- 'Don't Count Me Bro'
The bald screaming white guy is none other than Jeff Dunetz, yidwithlid. A full blown Breitbart ambushing hack. Here he ...
bluebarnstormer 03/15/2013 6 23 - -
Hostess Workers Granted Increased Job Training, Union Prez Speaks, and Heritage Screams BAILOUT!
A great story at 'Working in These Times' has surfaced that interviews Bakers Union President David Durkee and covers Federal approval for former Hostess workers to receive TAA benefits from the DoL.
bluebarnstormer 02/26/2013 9 25 2 -
In-Depth Hostess Story in Dallas Observer, Close But No Cigar
A new article goes much deeper into the Hostess story than any I have read. I was interviewed several weeks ago for it and it is clear that a lot of research went into this in the meantime. However ...
bluebarnstormer 02/06/2013 9 11 - -
Goodbye Scabby the Rat and All You Represent
"Look kids, it's Scabby the Rat! No, those aren't nipples. Now stop crying!" Last week there was a post about Scabby the Rat and the tweets of Building Trades President Sean McGarvey.
bluebarnstormer 02/05/2013 40 42 2 -
Inside the Hostess Bankery- The Movie, Who Keeps the Dough
The Bakers Union members have had enough of being blamed for the closing of Hostess Bakeries in the mainstream media. The truth is much more complicated and the media has failed to tell the story. ...
bluebarnstormer 01/17/2013 25 38 4 -
"Did the Hostess Bakers Union Go Galt" Interview Link + Why Ayn Rand is Wrong
I went to make the case to conservatives on right wing talk radio on Saturday. The host of the show had posted a story on his blog asking the surprisingly fair question "Did the Bakers go Galt?" I ...
bluebarnstormer 01/16/2013 15 24 2 -
Silenced on Twitter Again, One Hour After Hostess Post on DK
I am not here to spread conspiracies about Twitter. Don't assume that your conclusions are the same as mine. Although they might be. I have just been suspended from Twitter for the 7th time in ...
bluebarnstormer 01/11/2013 78 63 - -
Did the Hostess Bakers Go Galt? Did a Conservative get it Right? Almost...
I have discovered a conservative/Ayn Rand type blog post about the Baker's Union and the reasoning for the strike. "Did the Baker's Union Go Galt?" by Peter Ingemi, a right wing radio host, actually ...
bluebarnstormer 01/11/2013 54 174 5 -
Hostess Union Workers Discuss Pension Theft Streaming Tonight
I am not exactly known for short diaries but here you go- A group of Hostess workers, including myself, will be at KKFI 90.1 today in the Kansas City area to discuss the Hostess strike and the ...
bluebarnstormer 01/03/2013 8 9 - -
Dear Longshoreman- Striking as a Verb, Hostess in Hindsight
Dear Longshoreman The days leading up to the Hostess strike were both nerve racking and exciting. We had convinced ourselves we had to do it no matter the consequences. We had considered all ...
bluebarnstormer 12/23/2012 19 69 7 -
Rapid Response Team from the Department of Labor for Hostess Workers
And I'm not even joking. I have never heard of this and certainly didn't expect anywhere near this degree of response from the government, and rapidly no less! On Tuesday at the Union hall we met ...
bluebarnstormer 12/10/2012 44 405 6 -
Repeatedly being suspended on Twitter again, and again, and again, and again
Wait, one more- and again. That about does it. Five times. I started an account to talk about #Hostess and politics in general. My basic point is to spread the word on the Hostess pension theft. It ...
bluebarnstormer 12/06/2012 27 18 - -
Truthout: "I'm Better Off Fighting to Keep Wonder Bread in a Union"
I did a phone interview with and they published it on their site yesterday. I feel like it went really well over all. The interviewer, Yana Kunichoff, showed me tremendous respect and ...
bluebarnstormer 11/30/2012 4 26 - -
Responding to Anti-(Baker's)Union Myths About Hostess, As Seen on Reddit
I have spent more time online away from Dailykos lately because I have been fighting misinformation about the Baker's Union around the web as best I can. In my searches I have come across an amazing ...
bluebarnstormer 11/29/2012 7 18 - -
The Successful Hostess Business Plan Included Bankruptcy/updated w/wages language
Most people seem to assume that Hostess was operating under a traditional business model that was outdated and cumbersome. That in the end the company failed because they couldn't sell enough ...
bluebarnstormer 11/24/2012 106 372 11 -
Hostess Strike Basics and Links
I have been asked by many of my Union Brothers and Sisters to provide a single link that includes Union resources and lists my 15 minutes of fame so they can use it to combat misinformation. We ...
bluebarnstormer 11/22/2012 9 25 2 -
The Hostess Pension Letter/Updated W/Vids
I have had many requests for a copy of this letter and I couldn't find it. Then my Union Sister Linda from Emporia was able to send me a copy!!! So, here ya go! The Letter My favorite part... "I ...
bluebarnstormer 11/21/2012 30 145 1 -
Hostess Workers are Winning...
And it has little to do with mediation. Monday started for me with some internet job searches and a surprising phone call. It was a producer from CNBC who had seen some quotes I had in an article ...
bluebarnstormer 11/20/2012 149 679 13 -
Bonuses to close Hostess? Of course!!!
I know this is short but if you have been following my other diary then you would be interested in knowing that the hedge fund appointed CEO and board are defending in court today NEW bonuses equal ...
bluebarnstormer 11/19/2012 12 11 - -
Inside the Hostess Bankery
Wonder Bread runs deep in my family. I started at Interstate Bakeries in 1999 in Waterloo, Ia after the birth of my first daughter. I asked my father in law who to talk to for an interview. He had ...
bluebarnstormer 11/18/2012 260 844 34 -
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