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Please get the repro drugs straight
It is important when discussing the Hobby Lobby case that we avoid conflating hormonal birth control methods with the medication abortion drugs. If we don't understand and emphasize that they are ...
blueisland 07/06/2014 9 6 - -
Why 20 week abortion ban is NOT "reasonable"
In talking to people about the recently passed anti-abortion bill, the part of the bill that seems most reasonable and common sense to people is the 20 week ban. David Gregory fell into this meme n ...
blueisland 07/21/2013 8 25 2 -
Better know a Repro Drug (Flea Market Edition)
Just in the last hour I have read one comment here at DK, and one main stream media article with incorrect facts about abortion drugs. This confusion just makes it easier for the antis to try to ...
blueisland 07/13/2013 5 25 2 -
20 week abortion bans
A diary by TDDVandy argues that we should stop talking about the 20 week ban in abortion bills like the one in Texas, and instead focus on clinic closures. I agree that clinic closures will affect a ...
blueisland 07/03/2013 9 3 - -
Live from Texas Statehouse
The state house committee hearing testimony on the abortion bill is being called into order. 1600 people have signed in to testify, and many many more are here. Follow me below the squiggle.
blueisland 07/02/2013 5 15 - -
Where should I go to understand the other side?
What websites do people visit when they want to gain some insight into the views of the other side? Is there a conservative version of Daily Kos that people have found useful for this purpose?
blueisland 07/01/2013 13 3 - -
Tx Abortion Filibuster thread 2
A third strike has been called against Wendy Davis. Dems are trying to stall to prevent a vote to end the filibuster This is a continuation of my earlier diary here:
blueisland 06/25/2013 20 58 - -
Live from Texas Abortion Filbuster
There is major drama in the Texas State legislature today. We are one hour into a 13 hour filibuster meant to block legislation that would reduce the number of abortion clinics in Texas from 42 to ...
blueisland 06/25/2013 136 237 2 -
Why pretty girls should join math teams
I was gratified that my diary " Treating Boys and Girls Differently " made it to the rescued list. Thank you rescue rangers! And thanks to everyone who posted interesting comments. One of the ...
blueisland 01/26/2013 34 23 - -
Treating boys and girls differently
I recommend Shiobe's diary about the Jet Propulsion Lab presenter treating the little girl and little boy in the audience very differently, and the discussion that follows it about girls and women ...
blueisland 01/24/2013 148 36 - -
Do 25% of us need tin-foil hats?
A recent poll has come out of Fairleigh Dickenson stating that a majority of Americans believe in one or more of four supposed conspiracies. I suspect a lot of Kossacks believe the same things I do ...
blueisland 01/20/2013 21 - - -
Reframe employers and birth control
Mississippi was able to defeat a personhood amendment by generalizing the argument - pointing out the effects on contraception, IVF, stem cell research, property rights, etc. They made personhood ...
blueisland 11/10/2012 4 6 - -
OMG! I agree with a wingnut abortion position
I am not a likely candidate to agree with anything the Taliban wing of the Republican party has to say about any aspect of reproduction. I support Planned Parenthood and have worked in abortion care,
blueisland 11/01/2012 25 10 - -
Beware straight ticket!
A current post references Democratic family members voting straight ticket. As people head out for early voting, it's a good opportunity to remind people that they may not want to do that.
blueisland 10/25/2012 22 10 - -
I'm in Vegas!
We got to Vegas early, so I'm already here! I want everyone else to hurry up and arrive.
blueisland 07/20/2010 33 3 - 24
US soldier "waterboards" 4 year old daughter
Has anyone seen and posted about this? God, if there was ever a need for evidence that military families are cracking under the strain, this is it.
blueisland 02/08/2010 31 14 - 24
Why do men in charge ever legalize abortion?
I'll give you a hint - it is never to give women "rights", "autonomy", or "control over their own bodies". More below.....
blueisland 11/08/2009 35 3 - 28
Campaigning in a Texas grocery line
I was standing in the checkout line of my local supermarket yesterday wearing my Obama button and had an encouraging encounter.
blueisland 10/23/2008 10 17 - -
Tom Delay may get off on a technicality
God, this is appalling. Because Tom Delay was indicted under a law referring to cash , and his money laundering all involved checks , an appelate court has ruled that the charges ...
blueisland 08/25/2008 27 12 - 4
Clinton "First Black President" Myth
I have been bothered throughout the primary season by frequent references to Bill Clinton as "the first black president", accompanied by assumptions that this is an affectionate nickname earned ...
blueisland 06/06/2008 35 5 - 3
Proposal for SNL 3am McCain ad
It's 3am, your children are sleeping. Somewhere in the White House a phone is ringing.... We see a dark room with a phone ringing next to the bed. Suddenly, the figure in the bed sits bolt upright,
blueisland 03/10/2008 12 2 - -
Why don't we eat monkeys? Abortion, McRib sandwiches, and Michael Vick
Lawrence O'Donnell has an essay in the Huffington Post today essentially asking why there is so ...
blueisland 08/25/2007 71 28 2 2
The Republican case for impeachment
We all know the argurments pro and con for whether Democrats should initiate impeachment efforts against George W. Bush. I have somewhat lost interest in that discussion, because it is clear to me ...
blueisland 08/12/2007 20 7 - -
New DCCC Ad Debuted at YK
Those of you who did not see the new ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, entitled "It's Time for George Bush to Listen" should go take a look at it here:
blueisland 08/07/2007 13 13 - -
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