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Anti-Vaxxers Online: Confused & Defiant! (And funny too!)
The anti-vaxxer talking-heads are angry! And they're feeling so, so hurt , because they are no longer able to promote ...
blugrlnrdst 02/07/2015 100 138 1 -
A Photo Worth A Thousand Words: POTUS Hugs RBG at SOTU
This made me smile tonight. From the ...
blugrlnrdst 01/20/2015 209 403 2 -
Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan: "No One Has Said There Is A Blemish On My Record."
In an August 22nd interview with Andrew Siff of NBC's New York affiliate, Staten Island (Richmond County) District Attorney defended his office's handling of the police choke hold killing of Eric ...
blugrlnrdst 12/04/2014 6 8 - -
NY Rep. Pete King Thanks Staten Island Grand Jury For "Doing Justice" Blames Garner For Own Death
Rep. Pete King (R-NY) didn't get the memo from from Krauthammer and Company that conservatives were going to condemn the no bill handed down by a Staten Island grand jury in the police choke hold ...
blugrlnrdst 12/03/2014 14 10 - -
REWRITE! ME Gov. - Cutler Is Staying In The Race: Says Supporters Are Free to Vote Their Conscience
Well, that was strange! This morning came word that Eliot Cutler, the independent candidate for governor in Maine, would hold a press conference at his campaign headquarters. From the Portland ...
blugrlnrdst 10/29/2014 19 7 - -
Call One Person Today And Ask, "How Can I Help You Vote?"
Last night I stumbled across a fantastic interview of Sam Wang from the Princeton Election Consortium on Up With Steve Kornacki on October, 19. Some pearls of ...
blugrlnrdst 10/27/2014 13 21 1 -
BYU Poll Has Mia Love (R) Trailing Doug Owens (D) In Utah's 4th CD
Very interesting! In a poll done October 15-22, BYU’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy found democrat Doug Owens ahead of republican Mia Love 45.8% to 42.2%. The poll of 238 ...
blugrlnrdst 10/27/2014 9 8 - -
Des Moines Register Endorses Bruce Braley for IA Senate!
After Joni Ernst snubbed the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, it's not surprising that the paper endorsed Bruce Braley for senate today. After a two paragraph pox-on-both-their-houses ...
blugrlnrdst 10/26/2014 57 131 3 -
Major KY Newspapers Whole-Heartedly Endorse Grimes For Senate!
This morning, the editorial boards of both the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader gave ringing endorsements of Alison Lundergan Grimes for the U.S. Senate. In addition to ...
blugrlnrdst 10/26/2014 92 322 6 -
Democrats' Midterm Drop Off Voters: Let's Get Them To The Polls!
Yesterday, Kos posted an excellent diary on how democrats can turn the majority of close senate and governor's races into democratic wins this November by getting all of our voters to the polls. ...
blugrlnrdst 10/24/2014 24 36 1 -
Stuart Rothenberg: "Why Republicans Must Win the Senate in 2014"
Here at Daily Kos, we know how high the stakes are in the 2014 senate elections. Republican control of the senate would mean worsening gridlock, with repeated "hostage taking" scenarios and ...
blugrlnrdst 10/16/2014 11 25 - -
DSCC Still Involved in KY Senate Race
Yesterday, the DSCC "pushed back" (a.k.a. did damage control) after word spread that they did not purchase any new television ad time on behalf of Allison Grimes in Kentucky's senate race. From ...
blugrlnrdst 10/16/2014 8 14 - -
Ugandan Government Raids HIV/AIDS Prevention & Research Center Due to "Homosexual Recruiting"
From Agence France-Presse via Yahoo News: ( "Police today busted Walter Reed Project for training youths ...
blugrlnrdst 04/06/2014 14 22 - -
Marlise Munoz Removed From Life Support
The family of Marlise Munoz released a statement through their attorneys confirming that John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas removed Marlise from life-support at 11:30 am. Family: Brain-...
blugrlnrdst 01/26/2014 58 115 1 -
I saved $220 on prescriptions yesterday. Thank you Obamacare!
I received the results on some lab tests yesterday. I didn't hear what I (or my internist) wanted to. He called in two new prescriptions for me. One is an expensive medicine I had previously used ...
blugrlnrdst 10/26/2013 4 35 - -
From my RW "friends" on Facebook
So, I finally took a peek after avoiding Facebook for over two weeks due to the over heated and intentionally provocative links and comments posted by the right of center group. The worst offenders ...
blugrlnrdst 11/06/2012 14 11 - -
Poll monitoring in Tempe, AZ
I am one of 300 volunteers monitoring the polls this morning under the direction of Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation. I just finished a six hour morning shift in a working-middle class precinct ...
blugrlnrdst 11/06/2012 8 31 - -
Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star endorses Obama!
Months before the presidential election in 2008, the world’s financial system ground to a standstill — thanks to a system so devoid of regulations and enforcement that banks and financiers no ...
blugrlnrdst 10/14/2012 32 21 - -
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