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I can't be in Ferguson tonight-but here's some things we can do.
I can't be in Ferguson tonight. I can't join in a march to peacefully defy a rioting police force. I cannot lay my body over to protect the young ones being injured for the "crime" of standing ...
boadicea 08/19/2014 16 21 1 -
Tell me who I should give a gift subscription to
I've just passed 9 years on the Great Orange Satan website, and one of the highlights for me was a few years back when we had a great long drive to raise gift subscriptions before the lifetime ...
boadicea 12/20/2013 12 12 - -
Texas, not Texas
A few months ago, we had a bit of a problem that caused us to move our url to If you followed us there, thank you, and we're happy to have you, especially as Texas gets more-...
boadicea 09/25/2013 10 6 1 -
Update: Who needs a gift subscription?
As I explained elsewhere, while I'm a lifer, and find Daily Kos invaluable in ways small and large, I'd much rather give a subscription than do a straight up donation. I'm guessing there are others ...
boadicea 12/14/2012 21 22 - -
Trust Us, We're the CIA
Remember the furore when Oakland Mayor Jean Quan let slip that the violent responses to the Occupy movement were coordinated with the ...
boadicea 12/20/2011 55 29 - 215
Who's Talkin' Texas this Week?-Womb Patrol Edition
The Texas Progressive Alliance stands in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin as they bring you this week's blog roundup. Off the Kuff examines ...
boadicea 02/21/2011 6 10 - 82
How Can We Ask This of Them?
We ask so much of our service members and their families. We ask them to put themselves in harm's way. They do it, whether the civilian authority in charge is wise or foolish.
boadicea 10/16/2010 13 15 - 58
Here's what Kay Hutchison Really Thinks About Latinos
My father always told me-"when people tell you who they are-BELIEVE THEM." Kay Bailey Hutchison is touted as a "moderate" Republican despite her voting records ...
boadicea 07/30/2009 19 29 - 52
Time for Homophobic Generals to Go
By this time, most of you probably know about the exchange between Pres. Obama and Lt Col Fehrenbach . I want to focus on this part ...
boadicea 07/01/2009 31 33 - 29
TX-Sen Rick Noriega Calls BS on "Chicken Little" Cornyn
New ad from Team Noriega:
boadicea 10/31/2008 17 33 2 45
UPD1: TX-SEN I Just Maxed Out My Credit Card For Rick Noriega
I blame Kos, and his Leave Everything On The Road talk. I don't want to wake up Nov 5, and still have John Cornyn as ...
boadicea 10/23/2008 39 36 - 23
Texas Kaos is Having a Party, and You're Invited
Mark your Calendars for Saturday July 19th 7:00PM to 10:00PM. As the Netroots Nation conference winds to a close Saturday evening, come by Bay6 Studios in East Austin: Kick Back and Kick it Up ...
boadicea 07/10/2008 16 15 3 2
Senator Sock Puppet, This One's For You
I realize it's a bit of a challenge to know where to draw the ethical line when you've made your bones on behalf of an utterly corrupt regime, John Cornyn, but here's a quick and easy rule of ...
boadicea 07/01/2008 9 17 - 35
Noriega Neck and Neck with Cornyn in 3rd Independent Poll
In the Texas Lyceum's just finished poll, Rick Noriega is within ...
boadicea 06/26/2008 48 32 - 31
Texas Blogger's Caucus Great Success
Had an ...
boadicea 06/06/2008 6 10 - 12
TX-Sen: These Aren't Toy Soldiers We're Talking About, Junior
Junior John Cornyn is a great admirer of a big military footprint . He just doesn't want it ...
boadicea 05/26/2008 15 25 - 88
TX-Sen: Watts Withdraws from Race
(From the diaries -- kos) Mikal Watts has just released a ...
boadicea 10/23/2007 107 48 2 55
TX-Sen: John Cornyn-Officially a Big Fat Environmental Zero
Well, as the Texas League of Conservation Voters just came out with their Legislative scorecard and Rep. Rick Noriega , who'
boadicea 09/28/2007 21 32 - 22
TX-Sen: This is Rick Noriega-Texas Progressive Leader
As the misshapen priorities displayed on the Senate floor demonstrated last week, we need more and better Democrats in Congress. We need them representing our progressive "Move On" values. Rick ...
boadicea 09/23/2007 91 92 2 49
Perhaps Move On Should Send Cornyn a Thank You Note
While he had some help, it appears that John Cornyn's exercise in political farce on the Senate floor turned into a huge moneymaker, though not necessarily in the way Junior John intended. But it ...
boadicea 09/22/2007 38 41 1 2
TX-Sen: Rick Noriega Tells Junior John to "Move ON from Move On"
Let me first start with an apology for the disgusting performance of the Junior Senator from Texas. As noted elsewhere , it WAS pure ...
boadicea 09/20/2007 75 93 - 24
Texas Netroots Senate Candidate Noriega Getting Big Mo'
Yesterday marked the one month point of the Texas Bloggers drive for 800 participants on board the Noriega Express to ...
boadicea 08/17/2007 24 35 1 17
TX-Senate: Nothing Focuses Cornyn's Mind as Much as Electoral Peril
I have a confession to make. I used to think John Cornyn was okay for a Republican. I grew up in AZ with Republicans like Barry ...
boadicea 08/10/2007 21 20 1 34
TX-Speaker: No Rest for the Wicked
Or those trying to contain them. BOR is on top of the continuing saga of corrupt Craddick. Go take a read, if you've got a few minutes.
boadicea 05/27/2007 21 30 - 22
Drama Under the Dome: Courage, Vendettas, and an Unexpected Outbreak of Spine
The latest installment of Drama Under the Dome has everything the most lurid telenovela could offer-with the possible exception of nubile young women looking for love (unless you're hanging ...
boadicea 05/21/2007 8 16 - 17
Update: Wham, Bam, Thank You, TX-22
As Rep Nick Lampson continues recovering from his heart surgery , he's making plans for his ...
boadicea 05/20/2007 44 25 1 15
Update II: 3 Women in Wise County, TX (Tracy Speaks)
Wise County, like a lot of other rural Texas counties, has a lot of challenges. There's the threat of the National Animal ...
boadicea 02/20/2007 56 40 1 46
The Road to Speaker of the House Pelosi
I saw Speaker Pelosi's speech and swearing in on C-span last night. Anna already wrote about this very eloquently over at ...
boadicea 01/05/2007 8 11 - 6
TX-Spec Election: D-(inovo) Day in HD29
This is it. It all comes down to today. We fight for Texans who don't even know there's an election. For those who've no idea what difference effective and accountable government can make in ...
boadicea 12/19/2006 11 10 - 8
The Dignity of Working for a Living Wage
The striking janitors approved the deal reached Monday, and judging by this story in the Houston Chronicle , they’re feeling ...
boadicea 11/22/2006 83 138 2 18
TX-Gov Chris Bell Scores Endorsements
boadicea 10/22/2006 23 20 1 19
TX-Gov The Answer is Clear as a Bell (Warning: Really long debate recap)
boadicea 10/08/2006 29 29 2 159
Torture is not an American value.
boadicea 09/28/2006 17 9 3 8
When the Future of the Free World has a Female Face
boadicea 09/02/2006 24 9 - 126
Texas Dem Party-When "Rebuild" means "Undermine"
boadicea 09/01/2006 97 44 6 18
Good ol' Republican America: Where Racism and Sexism Substitute for Talent
boadicea 08/23/2006 38 8 - -
Take the Red Pill: Review of Hostile Takeover by David Sirota
boadicea 08/05/2006 13 10 - -
Tom Delay's Smoking Gun is a Checkbook: DVD Review of The Big Buy
boadicea 08/03/2006 6 7 - -
Virginia, Colorado and Texas, United to Change the Map-Updated
boadicea 07/12/2006 42 24 1 15
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
boadicea 07/03/2006 32 25 1 5
Yo, Come Help a Warrior Queen in Purple Texas
boadicea 06/26/2006 10 21 - 31
The Tyranny That Dares Us to Speak Its Name
boadicea 06/21/2006 6 16 3 16
On This Memorial Day, Make a Great Vow
boadicea 05/28/2006 15 20 1 155
We're All Part of the Colbert Nation Now-
boadicea 04/30/2006 10 10 1 2
When Immigration Reform is Actually Racism in Cowboy Boots
boadicea 04/27/2006 19 13 1 1
Does the Anti-War Movement Need a "General" ?
boadicea 04/03/2006 9 3 - -
2006 Starts Now-Send Congress a Shot of Courage (w/ poll)
boadicea 09/22/2005 2 7 - -
Hatred for the Defilers of the Republic
boadicea 09/14/2005 10 5 - -
The Very Model of a Frivolous Lawsuit
boadicea 08/09/2005 2 2 - -
AWOL Dem Senators had Good Excuses
boadicea 07/23/2005 28 7 - -
You Might Be a Democrat If...
boadicea 07/21/2005 4 4 - -
To the Media: We the Undersigned ( With Poll)
boadicea 04/08/2005 8 12 - -
Action Alert: ANWR Email to Senate Drill Team
boadicea 03/17/2005 3 1 - 1
Calling Collin County Kossacks (w/ Poll)
boadicea 02/06/2005 17 4 - -
A word or three for the DNC
boadicea 11/08/2004 6 1 - -
Al Quaeda Affiliated Group Endorses Bush
boadicea 10/28/2004 5 1 - -
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