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To My Daughter, On Her Thirtieth
The truth is always at the end of a shadow, a silhouette silent behind a door half open. It waits in precious patience.
boatsie 05/04/2015 3 13 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 4/8 - Cities in the Sea
I sit here every morning and again as the sun sets. Trying to imprint this image into the very DNA of my soul. So that it becomes timeless. Hey, everybody. After six hours of writing this ...
boatsie 04/08/2015 71 48 - -
Reports from Sendai: Disaster Risk Reduction #Action2015
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, speaking at the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in Sendai, Japan, yesterday emphasized the need to "embed Disaster Risk Reduction into the ...
boatsie 03/16/2015 11 16 - -
Climate Action Hub: Flying Solo
Greetings, fellow climate activists, bloggers and Daily Kos environmental justice enthusiasts. I write to inform you about a change in direction for the Climate Action Hub and to thank all of you ...
boatsie 03/01/2015 11 24 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Going Home
Friends from my past and present gathered around this table in Bolinas for breakfasts and dinners, games of Mille Bourne, and long conversations in remembrance of things past and planning of what ...
boatsie 02/26/2015 68 42 - -
Climate Action Hub: YOU Are In the Spotlight!
It's Oscar night. La crème de la crème of Hollywood gather for yet another over-the-top display of flitter and flash, yet another disconnect distracting us from owning and acting on the core ...
boatsie 02/22/2015 25 40 - -
Climate Action Hub: March for Real Climate Action Saturday, 2/7
"Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art." The February 7 March for Real Climate Leadership is being touted as the "game-changing ...
boatsie 01/27/2015 5 22 - -
Climate Action Hub: 2015; The World We Want, #snowmanselfies & #Action2015
@Real_Leaders joins the silent snowman protest at #Davos2015. 193 snowmen, 1 for each country demanding @action2015 "People have the power to create extraordinary change when they come together.
boatsie 01/23/2015 30 39 - -
Action/2015: A Crucial Year For People & The Planet
Action/2015 , a collaborative ...
boatsie 01/14/2015 19 41 1 -
Kosability: "Leap And The Net Will Appear"
Experiencing the terror. The imminent danger of being swallowed by the forces of your emotions into the hopeless abyss. Tumbling, severed strings, into the darkness. I am in constant battle with ...
boatsie 01/11/2015 56 17 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 2015 Is THE Year To #ActForClimate
Happy New Year, climate activists one and all, and welcome to the first dispatch of 2015 from the Climate Action Hub . Pull up a seat at the table and join me for some news on ...
boatsie 01/01/2015 103 50 4 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: This Magic Moment
It's well before 8 Saturday morning, the eve of the Winter Solstice, as ...
boatsie 12/23/2014 94 57 - -
Lima Call for Climate Action Adopted
#ClimateJustice groups denounce Lima Call for Climate Action as unacceptable, failing the people and the planet. After two days of discussion and deliberation,The Lima Call for Climate Action ...
boatsie 12/13/2014 17 23 - -
Updated: Lima Talks Verge on Collapse
'When I go home what will I tell my children?"Pakistani delegate The latest news filtering out of Lima suggests a potential failure of the negotiations as China accuses the US of supporting a ...
boatsie 12/13/2014 14 27 - -
Lima Laps Continue as Activists Stage Die-ins
Nothing's changed much in the past twenty years of climate talks. As night falls in Lima, this COP is once again defined as a battle between rich v poor with the big guns holding onto their ...
boatsie 12/12/2014 10 25 - -
Lima: Climate FairShares Tool Debuts
Science tells us there is a limit to how much pollution we can emit from activities, like burning fossil fuels and clearing forests, before we breach limits of the climate system ... The limit is ...
boatsie 12/09/2014 11 23 1 -
Fast for the Climate: December 1
It's two months today since over 700,000 participated in the historic People's Climate March, which to my way of thinking means the time is ripe for another magnificent display of activism. This ...
boatsie 11/23/2014 16 32 2 -
Kosability: Complex PTSD & Resting In Stillness
It took the death of my father to free me from a lifetime of emotional abuse as the daughter of a narcissistic mother. To open my eyes and swim away. To save myself from drowning. At first, I ...
boatsie 11/16/2014 89 56 7 -
US & China Call For Climate Action at G20
Presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama will call on other G20 countries at next week's G20 Summit to fast forward action on climate change by accelerating submissions of their Intended Nationally ...
boatsie 11/12/2014 7 14 - -
The fossil fuel bailout: G20 subsidies for oil, gas and coal exploration
Just days before the G20 Summit , a comprehensive report details how the world's largest economies are investing over $88 billion in tax dollars each year to subsidize fossil fuel exploration. ...
boatsie 11/11/2014 30 26 - -
G20: Action on Climate Change is #OnMyAgenda
While the G20 countries - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the ...
boatsie 11/07/2014 10 29 - -
IPCC Synthesis: It's Getting Hotter, We have to ACT NOW!
Earlier this morning, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its 5th Synthesis Report, calling for immediate action and large investments to shift from a fossil fuel driven ...
boatsie 11/02/2014 37 52 1 -
Copenhagen: Awaiting Dire IPCC 5th Synthesis Report
A month after the unprecedented massive People's Climate March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is meeting this week in Copenhagen preparing for the November 2 release ...
boatsie 10/27/2014 9 40 2 -
Bangladesh: Please Don't Turn Away ... Support People vs. Coal
Sometimes I visualize a world in which climate actions like tomorrow's Dhaka March against the impacts of dirty energy on Bangladesh are live streamed in public squares, in piazzas, plazas and pra�
boatsie 10/24/2014 9 39 - -
"We are not drowning. We are fighting."
Paddling out in hand-made canoes from Australia's Horseshoe Beach, twelve Pacific Island nations early this morning blockaded coal ships as they approached Newcastle, the world’s largest coal ...
boatsie 10/17/2014 15 55 1 -
It's World Food Day: "Feeding the world, caring for the Earth"
The importance of family farming is the theme of today's World Food Day, as international organizations collaborate to draw attention to the critical role small scale family farms play in solving ...
boatsie 10/16/2014 10 27 1 -
Yeb Sano Marches on for Climate Awareness: Reclaim Power Takes on Nuclear Energy
"Climate change is the defining issue of our generation. We will be measured by how we respond to this crisis." said Philippines, chief climate diplomat Yeb Sano on Day 14 of the 1,000 kilometre ...
boatsie 10/14/2014 3 13 1 -
Stand with the Pacific Island Warriors
Reposted with permission from Climate Action Network The Pacific Climate Warriors are traveling from 12 Pacific Islands to Australia, to take the fight to save their homes directly to the ...
boatsie 10/14/2014 19 35 - -
Global Hunger Index Released: A long Way to Go ...
With just one year left before the expiration of the Millennium Development Goals, The 2014 Global Hunger Index (GHI) reveals 805 million people worldwide continue to experience hunger and that ...
boatsie 10/13/2014 20 18 - -
Global Frackdown: Reclaim Power Day 2
Hundreds of actions in opposition to fracking are happening throughout the day today as part of the Global Frackdown , day 2 of Reclaim Power week. Initiated by Food and Water ...
boatsie 10/11/2014 3 28 - -
Reclaim Power WorldvsBank 4PM EST
As the World Bank today began its two day Washington, DC meeting, police are currently surrounding protestors from 235 groups as they engage in “creative resistance” outside the meeting to ...
boatsie 10/10/2014 7 16 - -
Deep Ecology: Climate Change & Ebola
Experts have been aware and addressing the significant impacts climate change is having on global health issues, speaking about anticipated spikes in incidents and locations for outbreaks of ...
boatsie 10/04/2014 29 40 2 -
The Moment of Silence: A Trilogy
first, let me say there are no words. and, with that understanding, journey with me to the Moment of Silence.
boatsie 09/26/2014 30 33 2 -
Climate Summit Recap: A Poem, Pledges, Positive Signals
The United Nations Climate Leaders Summit yesterday was another step in the direction of ending the fossil fuel era, and towards signing an international agreement to address climate change in ...
boatsie 09/24/2014 39 39 2 -
Obama At UN: The Alarm Bells Keep Ringing ...
They waited all morning for President Obama, who arrived late following a presser at the WH regarding last night's strikes on ISIS in Syria. And even as UN Secretary General Ban ki-...
boatsie 09/23/2014 78 120 3 -
Update: Climate Summit Begins W/Poem, Pledge of Billions
Ban Ki-moon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore kicked off this morning’s UN Climate Leaders Summit with strong calls for climate action, but it was a mother’s poem to her six-month-old daughter ...
boatsie 09/23/2014 48 49 1 -
March Madness: Over 100,000 Expected in NYC
We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there “is” such a thing as being too ...
boatsie 09/14/2014 32 61 - -
March Madness
With one week remaining until next Sunday's People's Climate March, there are many ways you can become involved, even if you aren't traveling to NYC. Show your support: 1. Thunderclap: For ...
boatsie 09/13/2014 27 40 1 -
UN Climate Summit: A Demand For "Actions, Not Words"
As New York City prepares for the historic September 21 "People's Climate March", where tens of thousands are expected to demand rigorous and rapid action in the battle to curb climate change, ...
boatsie 09/08/2014 23 26 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Coping With Death
My dad died last month. After a year long battle with invasive metastatic bladder cancer. He was 88. I called him "Bud," an endearing reference back to the nickname his mother bestowed on him ...
boatsie 09/06/2014 115 68 - -
Sinking Beauties
Up close and personal, it is hard to hide from the reality that we are all sinking beauties. And so it is impossible not to be moved by the poignantly powerful interactive, “Sinking beauties” , ...
boatsie 09/04/2014 18 50 1 -
Sierra Club: Tell world leaders that it's time to get off the fence and into the climate fight!
With just 22 days before the Ban Ki-moon UN Climate Summit (Twitter @BKM_summit ), The Sierra Club today released the following Petition to engage citizens in the campaign ...
boatsie 08/30/2014 5 35 1 -
March for the Kittens: People's Climate March
So what were you doing back in 1975, when the concept of "global warming" was first introduced in a study published in the journal Science? On August 5th that year, the day Wally Broecker asked ��
boatsie 08/28/2014 10 22 2 -
Climate March: Bill McKibben Chimes in From Boston
(posted for Bill McKibben) I’m backstage at the very grand Boston Opera House, where we’re holding a pre-rally tonight to get people charged up for the People’s Climate March. It’s a great ...
boatsie 08/22/2014 17 53 1 -
350: 10 reasons to sign up for the People’s Climate March now (not later)
(shared byDuncan Miesel of 10. Signing up now is exponentially better than later. When you sign up, it makes it that much easier for your neighbor to join you. And once they join, they’...
boatsie 08/21/2014 19 26 1 -
People's Climate March: I March for 2050 Kids
” We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers. We are adults, part of the ruling generation, and we care about the future of our children–and their children’s children.” ...
boatsie 08/21/2014 25 28 1 -
Join Naomi Klein Chat Today on Climate March
Join's Naomi Klein in a video chat today to launch the one month countdown to the People's Climate March . The campaign kicks off Thursday with a 48 hour "PCM Recruitment Storm." ...
boatsie 08/20/2014 12 22 - -
Longest Climate March to Meet Largest Climate Demonstration
Cross Posted from Sierra Club New York City Group on behalf of author John Abbe, one of the organizers of the Longest Climate March. Here comes the Great March for Climate Action ! Since March 1 we ...
boatsie 08/18/2014 10 46 1 -
UN Climate Summit: What To Expect and Why it Matters
On September 23, world leaders from government, business, finance and civil society will gather in New York City—at the invitation of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon—to ...
boatsie 08/15/2014 5 25 - - launches a global call to action around September’s UN Climate Summit
Today and its allies launched the People’s Climate Mobilisation web platform as part of a global call to action to coincide with the People’
boatsie 08/14/2014 15 30 1 -
Twittering SB1132
Handles of State Senators with Twitter Accounts: (Others use bold faced type for their names) Senator Richardo Laura @SenRicardoLara Senator Kevin deLeon @SenatorDeLeon Senator Lou Correa @...
boatsie 06/22/2014 2 5 - -
Fracking Moratorium Fails to Pass CA Senate: Up Again Tomorrow
SB1132, the bill calling for a moratorium on fracking in California is just three votes short of passing in the California State Senate, with four Democrats still abstaining from casting their votes.
boatsie 05/28/2014 20 60 1 -
Richard Heinberg: "Visualize Gasoline"
(I am posting this diary for [Richard Heinberg], a Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute . Richard, internationally recognized as a leading Peak Oil ...
boatsie 05/22/2014 7 33 - -
Ca Fracking Moratorium: A little Boat, So Many People
With last night's news regarding the 95% reduction in the amount of recoverable oil in the Monterey, California shale formation (from 3.7 billion barrels to just 0.6 billion barrels), it is ...
boatsie 05/21/2014 29 52 1 -
CA Fracking Moratorium Blogathon: SB 1132 in Suspense!
Success in Sacramento this morning! As hundreds of California citizens waited for a chance to speak, California State Senate Bill 1132, calling for a moratorium on fracking, successfully moved ...
boatsie 05/19/2014 53 56 1 -
Dirty Energy, Clean Solutions
Hey, Bay Area Kossacks. Just checking in to make sure y'all know about the May 9-11 350BayArea Climate Conference. (I've been helping out with media hoping to fill the seats and we could sure use ...
boatsie 04/29/2014 22 18 - -
Climate Change: Preponderance of the Great
I don't remember how many years it has been since I last hung a calendar on my wall. But this year for some odd reason, I have two. In my foyer, Greenpeace April 2014 features Nick Garbutt's ...
boatsie 04/06/2014 87 87 4 -
It's SHOWTIME For Climate Change
“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi L ess than 40 years from now, a 16-inch rise in sea level ...
boatsie 03/30/2014 31 49 - -
Media For March 15 Don't Frack California Rally
Working on social media and public relations for 350Marin and thought I'd share here my draft press release for others to look at, and possibly work from, to publicize the upcoming rally in ...
boatsie 02/28/2014 9 19 1 -
Climate Change 2014: "Team Climate" at Sochi
Yale University's Team Climate has earned a slot on the winner's platform for its success in bringing awareness of how climate change is impacting Winter Olympians to the forefront in numerous US ...
boatsie 02/19/2014 14 24 - -
Climate Change 2014: Big Buckets Elevate Issue in Key Races
Just days after Secretary of State John Kerry's Indonesia speech equated the impacts of climate change with those from weapons of mass destruction, the New York Times reports today that retired ...
boatsie 02/18/2014 19 32 1 -
Kerry warns CC is weapon of mass destruction: urges action, slams deniers and fossil industries
The Full mobile version of Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on climate change today in Jakarta, Indonesia. SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you, Robert. Thank you very, very much. I don’t know. I ...
boatsie 02/16/2014 25 38 2 -
2100: New study suggests 7.2F Degree Hike in Temperatures
In a new scientific study by the journal Nature, researchers are predicting that current climate models fall significantly short of accurately predicting rises in global temperatures, which they ...
boatsie 12/31/2013 111 130 1 -
Warsaw Walkout: "COP Polluters Talk, We Walk"
Fed Up with it all! Dressed in white shirts, NGOs and members of civil society leave the National Stadium, dropping their badges in box with plans to convene at nearby Nowy Swiat, across the ...
boatsie 11/21/2013 20 76 2 -
Warsaw: Iceland Aces Gender Index ... But Mozambique Rules
Anna Pala Sverrisdottir, Iceland’s Director of International and Security Affairs (third from left) and Mozambique’s Deputy Minister of the Environment Ana Chichava (2nd from right) ...
boatsie 11/19/2013 3 17 - -
Warsaw: En Plein Air
An early morning cyclist in the Old Town Market place, which was reconstructed between 1948–1953. Warsaw, Poland. November 18, 2013: From their elevated positions on the podiums at both official ...
boatsie 11/18/2013 48 53 1 -
Warsaw: Global Landscape Forum Launches Alongside COP19
WFP's Deputy Executive Director for Hunger Solutions Sheila Sisulu stresses the need for farmers in Africa and India to shift to climate smart agriculture. As climate talks continued at COP19 and ...
boatsie 11/17/2013 29 20 - -
Loss and Damage @Warsaw
The issue of 'loss and damage', which at long last mainstreamed at last year's COP18, is vying for center stage in Warsaw as COP19 participants wrestle with the problems of effectively addressing ...
boatsie 11/15/2013 15 23 - -
Warsaw: Saving the Carbon Market or the Planet?
Sun setting alongside Warsaw Stadium in late afternoon of Day 1 of COP19 Scanning through email early this morning before heading out to COP19 ... From COP-19 in Warsaw: the ...
boatsie 11/11/2013 13 29 - -
Warsaw COP19: "Swifter, Higher, Stronger"
At the opening plenary for the UNFCCC COP19 in Warsaw, Christiana Figueres heralded the Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius," the Latin words for "Swifter, Higher, Stronger," as the rallying ...
boatsie 11/11/2013 27 50 1 -
Bill McKibben: Hummingbirds: Fires Burning Across History
Bill McKibben is on the road today and asked me to post his diary for him. As the Rim Fire burned out of control in Yosemite this month, the press attention was focused mostly on how it was ...
boatsie 09/11/2013 16 91 1 -
Hummingbirds: God Gave them Wings ... And Then Took Away the Sky
When I see my first firefly in 30 years this summer in New York, I am totally unprepared. It appears like a floater, a tiny visual hiccup, as darkness drapes over a humid August day. Behind the ...
boatsie 09/09/2013 60 90 1 -
Move Over Shell! Here come the Sunbots!
As news breaks regarding Ecuador's plans to continue desecrating the Amazon Rainforest with drilling in the treasured Yasuni Par k, a crew ...
boatsie 08/16/2013 13 23 - -
Vote Now to Push Climate Change Action To Top of UN Agenda
The World We Want. It's MY WORLD , right? Well, here's your chance to have identify action on climate change as the key priority.
boatsie 08/15/2013 21 42 2 -
Let It Blow! Wind Power Swells @ US Farms
from Looking for something to smile about this morning? Check out ...
boatsie 08/12/2013 86 66 - -
Food Security: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
from An unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels is emerging as what might be the proverbial straw ...
boatsie 08/09/2013 14 22 1 -
Summerheat: Arrests as 2000+ March to Richmond Climate Justice Rally
Over 2000 showed up in Richmond, CA on Saturday as part of the Summer of Heat to mark the One Year Anniversary of the Chevron Fire. Just returned from the Summer of Heat rally outside Chevron ...
boatsie 08/03/2013 41 112 5 -
Hope from Hotspots: Models for Global and Local Climate Change Adaptation
UNEP environmental change hotspots hosted at The UNEP Global Environmental Alert Services (GEAS ) this month details the important role satellite imagery plays in measuring the ...
boatsie 07/31/2013 28 35 - -
US Rates High on Climate Risk Index
In a survey of the top 14 metereological record breaking events between 2000 and 2012, the 2011 drought in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana is ranked one of only three events where ...
boatsie 07/18/2013 13 28 - -
Momentum for Change: 'Lighthouse Activities' Signal Hope for Sustainable Urban Develpment
Solar Sister is the only organization in the world formed with the exclusive mission to build an Africa-wide network of women clean energy entrepreneurs. As the primary consumers of household energy,
boatsie 07/16/2013 13 23 - -
BreathingEarth: A Battle Cry!
EthicsAndClimate; Donald A. Brown. Widener University School of Law Scholar In Residence in Sustainable Development Ethics and Law W ith elegant strokes and lofty language, Wu Hongbo, United ...
boatsie 07/03/2013 21 27 1 -
400 ppm not enough pressure to prevent collapse of Bonn Talks
Process rather than content is once again front and center at the official UN Climate Talks as disagreement over the official negotiating procedures today closed down discussions of the UNFCCC ...
boatsie 06/11/2013 12 30 2 -
Climate Change Dominates Headlines from Sacto to Petersberg to Bangladesh
As California Governor Jerry Brown sounds the alarm today over the rising expenses of dealing with extreme weather events caused by climate change, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in attendance at ...
boatsie 05/07/2013 3 27 - -
Carbon Boom and Bust?
As scientists last week projected atmospheric carbon dioxide is on track to reach 400 parts per million by month end, other news bytes about the noxious GHG percolates across the internets. Some ...
boatsie 05/06/2013 15 34 1 -
Sébastien Duyck: Bonn Climate Talks & Battle for Equity
Could the battle for “equity” raging at the climate talks be turned into an enabler for cooperation? No aspect of international climate policy is perhaps more interesting from an ethical ...
boatsie 05/01/2013 2 12 - -
The Daily Tck: Day 1 of Bonn Climate Change Summit
By Joshua Wiese. (I am the Project Director of the Global Call for Climate Action's Adopt a Negotiator and Fresh Air projects. Follow me on twitter at JRWiese .) Monday, April 29 Day 1 of the Bonn ...
boatsie 04/30/2013 11 17 - -
#NOKXL: The 'UnSilent' Spring
Dear Mr. President: I refer often to the Malia-Sasha Horizon , probably because it is such an evocative and powerfully framed concept on the impending and foreseeable impact of climate ...
boatsie 04/20/2013 31 49 3 -
#MDGMomentum: 999 Days to meet Millennium Development Goals
The United Nations launched yesterday MDGMomentem, 1000 days of Action with a 1000 hour digital rally to highlight of their accomplishments and the work remaining to address development ...
boatsie 04/06/2013 11 15 - -
Breakthrough in International Climate Talks?
In an unprecedented about face, the world's 49 least developed countries (LDCs) have agreed to binding cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions in a symbolic effort to fast track the UNFCCC ...
boatsie 04/05/2013 15 25 - -
Forward On Climate: From the Paddy Wagon to the Halls of Congress
Unfettered by yesterday's civil disobedience and their arrest as members of the "Forward 48" outside the White House, "jailbirds"'s Bill McKibben and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael ...
boatsie 02/14/2013 49 51 2 -
Forward on Climate: Hip Hop Caucus Rev. Yearwood Today
Welcome to Day 2 of Daily Kos' weeklong blogathon "Forward on Climate" in the lead up to a huge Sunday, February 17th rally in Washington, D.C. cosponsored by Bill McKibben of, the Sierra ...
boatsie 02/12/2013 23 20 - -
Forward on Climate: Day 1
Welcome to Day 1 of Daily Kos' weeklong blogathon "Forward on Climate" in the lead up to a huge Sunday, February 17th rally in Washington, D.C. cosponsored by Bill McKibben of, the Sierra ...
boatsie 02/11/2013 27 53 1 -
Climate Change, The Golden Scarab & The Malia-Sasha Horizon
The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him. It is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena. This concept was inspired to him by a ...
boatsie 01/23/2013 22 29 2 -
"Qatar-strophe' -- Enroute to 4 degree world
The talks are over and Connie Hedegaard and Cristina Figueres are expressing satisfaction with COP18 for "crossing the bridge from the old climate system to a new one" and applauding the adoption of ...
boatsie 12/08/2012 78 106 1 -
Loss & Damages @ Doha: Stern: "I will block this! I will shut this down!"
Watch Live As negotiators await the delayed beginning of this morning's final plenary, the US currently stands alone in its adament resistance to the inclusion in the final negotiating text of "...
boatsie 12/07/2012 22 31 - -
Doha: "Sleepwalking towards disaster"
Naderev Saño, the lead negotiator of the Philippines delegation, breaks down halfway through his prepared statement at the COP18 climate talks in Doha on Thursday. Saño was ...
boatsie 12/07/2012 31 38 1 -
US balks Over"Rehab" Responsibilities @ COP18
boatsie 12/05/2012 13 29 - -
Bean Counting @ Doha: A Lot More at Stake than Endangered French Truffles
Mon Dieu! Last week, the big shockwaves from Doha's COP18 were revelations about rapid-fire methane release due to the revved up Arctic Meltdown and the threat our warming climate poses to the ...
boatsie 12/02/2012 12 31 1 -
Doha Day 2: McKibben pens letter to COP Negotiators
A s Bill McKibben continues on his US #dothemath roadtrip , he joins Nnimmo Bassey & Pablo Solon to pen an Open Letter to leaders and climate negotiators at COP18 in Doha, Qatar, a letter which ...
boatsie 11/28/2012 11 39 - -
#dothemath @Doha: No US COP Out
As 350's spectacularly successful USofA Do The Math tour passes this week through Chicago, Madison, Columbus, Omaha, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Boulder, the UN Climate conference - ...
boatsie 11/27/2012 8 22 - -
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