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Americans willing CIA chump
I'm sick of the CIA. Literally. Their terror, assassinations, lies and pure evil spread throughout the world almost since its inception makes me feel like wretching. Yet what makes me even sicker ...
bogmanoc 12/10/2014 3 2 - -
The First JFK CT, Brought to You by the CIA
From today, written by former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley: On November 23, 1963, members of the Cuban Student Directorate, a CIA-funded organization based in Miami, ...
bogmanoc 11/23/2013 11 15 1 -
JFK Assassination - The Security State Coup
In this 50th anniversary year of the JFK assassination, did you know all of the below are facts supported by documents released since the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 ?
bogmanoc 11/03/2013 107 12 2 -
Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Climate Change Debate
Post Super Bowl (power outage and all), I thought it would be as good a time as any to do some Monday morning quarterbacking of what in my view went wrong with the climate change discussion in ...
bogmanoc 02/04/2013 9 9 - -
Can the Headlines Get Any Better?
Harry Reid: Filibuster Reform Coming Whether GOP Wants It Or Not Obama Remains Firm On 'Fiscal Cliff' Amid Republican Disarray Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Banking Committee Seat: ...
bogmanoc 12/04/2012 21 26 1 -
Don't Mess with Mother Nature
To anyone who has been following what climate scientists have been predicting for years, the superstorm that devastated the Eastern seaboard this past week was no surprise, unfortunately. It’s ...
bogmanoc 11/04/2012 22 35 2 -
'Value of Zero' TV Ad Is a Ten
I saw this commercial for the new all-electric Nissan Leaf on TV recently and was blown away.
bogmanoc 04/26/2011 11 6 - 86
Cali Rules the Green!
Forget Texas. I'm ready for my home state of California to secede from the Union. When it comes to energy policy, we essentially already have. While the TeaBagger nuts grab the headlines and set ...
bogmanoc 04/16/2011 5 5 - 45
Lessons to Learn from JFK and Honesty
I know JFK apparently had his dishonest moments in his personal life, but after ...
bogmanoc 01/25/2011 26 3 - 75
Rabbi Lerner: Why Progressives Should Primary Obama and Blue Dogs in 2012
I don't have time to write great blog posts like this one from Rabbi Michael Lerner on the ...
bogmanoc 12/13/2010 150 17 - 59
Bullsh!t Is Killing this Country
Maybe it was always this way. Maybe we've always had stupid people supporting greedy, amoral fucks and a small minority (or more likely, a disenfranchised and alienated majority) believing in people,
bogmanoc 11/07/2010 19 14 2 39
Pakistan, Climate Change and Liability
My first reaction to the devastation in Pakistan from the floods was this could be a turning point where a low-carbon nation ...
bogmanoc 08/26/2010 13 4 - 20
Stasis Blessed Stasis
My latest Green Asteroid blog post discusses the correlation between those of us who grew up under the nuclear shadow and the at-least-as terrifying specter of ...
bogmanoc 07/19/2010 4 1 - 23
Obama's Flawed Thinking
Obama has a major flaw in his political thinking that is hurting our chances in the fall. While many Dkos posters and other Democrats are wringing their hands about November and trying to tell us ...
bogmanoc 07/09/2010 69 2 - 38
The Green Asteroid
After reading jamess's eloquent post on how humans have become their own destructive ...
bogmanoc 07/04/2010 9 9 - 42
Postscript on W
File this under, "Yes, this man was our president." A friend (a conservative Republican friend, BTW) just came back from the WindPower Expo in Dallas ...
bogmanoc 05/25/2010 17 8 - 44
Maybe Obama Finally Gets It
It seems like after passage of the healthcare bill, Obama has loosened up and is showing his fighting side. Cases in point: 1) Telling the "repealers" to "Go for it!" I love the simplicity of ...
bogmanoc 03/26/2010 75 20 - 34
One Man's Fight Against Climate Stupidity
Some "Chief Investment Officer" in the OC got a diatribe of laughable stuff against global warming published as informed opinion in the local business journal . It ...
bogmanoc 11/10/2009 23 8 - 40
Behind the Orange Curtain: 350 Climate Action Event Saturday
Calling all you greenies, Dems and just plain sensible folks based in Orange County, Calif. (there are a few of us here!) I work with a group called the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for ...
bogmanoc 10/19/2009 9 9 - 174
You've Got to Be Effin' Kiddin' Me
Gee, here's one way to ensure you're a one-termer, Barack: White House: Leaving Afghanistan not an ...
bogmanoc 10/05/2009 114 7 - 26
If the Earth Was a Ship
If a ship's captain told his passengers their ship had hit a rock and caused a leak, here would be the reaction of conservatives on-board: o "I don't personally see the leak, so it it doesn't ...
bogmanoc 07/15/2009 12 5 - -
Obama - Lead on Climate Change Legislation
Dear President Obama -- I'm glad you're meeting all the bigwig leaders around the world and all, and the kids look cute as hell and seem to be having one heckuva summer vacation to write about in ...
bogmanoc 07/12/2009 16 4 - 33
Personalizing the Stakes in the Healthcare Debate
I received an email from a friend of mine yesterday that demonstrated how high the stakes are for all Americans in this healthcare debate. Dear friends, Just wanted to share a ...
bogmanoc 07/11/2009 16 7 - 17
Another Bush Legacy: 'Sea of Red Ink'
Just when you thought George W. Bush could not have put the country in a more perilous state, you read ...
bogmanoc 06/11/2009 15 4 - 52
Attention All Kossacks - UPDATED
I was amazed and disturbed to see the majority of you believe that global climate change is due in part to long-term planetary changes. This was from the poll today in Meteor Blades'
bogmanoc 06/01/2009 21 4 - 14
The New Definition of 'Conservatism'
Like many other words in the English language, i.e. Healthy Forests and Clear Skies, the Republicans have turned words upside down in their meaning. And one they've done the most to obliterate any ...
bogmanoc 05/30/2009 3 1 - 78
Mancow and Conservative Stupidity
You know, children have a difficult time with accepting the simplest reality until they themselves test it. The first thing our young one did when presented with a plate at a restaurant that she ...
bogmanoc 05/24/2009 86 12 1 16
Bill Maher:  Swine Flu Is Evolution
The last five minutes of Bill Maher's HBO show may be the funniest and smartest on TV today. See how he slices and dices creationists now clamoring for medical assistance to protect themselves ...
bogmanoc 05/04/2009 33 28 - 114
The Ghosts of Iraq
This just pisses me off: Iraq's government has recorded 87,215 of its citizens killed since 2005 ...
bogmanoc 04/23/2009 2 - - -
Scattered Thoughts on the Environment
A lot of things have been bouncing around my head the past couple weeks regarding the state of the planet's ability to sustain the current batch of species, including us. There were too many ...
bogmanoc 04/12/2009 8 1 - 2
Conservative Head Spinners
Living in Orange County, California, I hear from conservatives all day long. What they have to say is generally so filled with hypocrisy or stupidity it makes my head spin. Hence, the following ...
bogmanoc 02/13/2009 4 8 - -
World economic crisis is top security threat: U.S.
Perfect. I thought the "war on terrah" was supposed to make us safe? Turns out, the consequences of W. and his ...
bogmanoc 02/12/2009 7 8 - 3
Say Hello to Grossberger, President Obama
Anyone who has watched the past 40-plus years of Republican nihilistic politics just has to shake their head over President Obama's apparent supra-naivete when it comes to working with the cretins ...
bogmanoc 02/08/2009 - 3 - 8
TELL IT, MR. PRESIDENT (UPDATED with Story Link) President Obama is finally telling like it is. Hurrah! UPDATED And here's the first ...
bogmanoc 02/05/2009 43 7 - -
A Reminder of What We're Still Up Against
In the semi-euphoria and tentative calm of Obama's election, this excellent post about the continuing "cancer of ...
bogmanoc 12/14/2008 5 3 1 -
Harry Reid is a Horse's Ass
I'm so fricking tired of the clown from Searchlight. At the opening of the new Capitol ...
bogmanoc 12/04/2008 49 5 1 72
Study: Poor People Blameless for Mortgage Meltdown
This may be the most amazing story I've ever read in my local paper, the Orange County Register. The ...
bogmanoc 11/17/2008 33 46 12 33
A Tale of a Sunday Paper
While the fires burn more homes due to a severe lack of moisture and highly unseasonable weather (and while everyone ignores the obvious cause), I decided to take the time to describe a read through ...
bogmanoc 11/16/2008 2 5 - 1
Welcome to Reality, Mr. President-Elect
If two wars and an economic meltdown weren't enough for Obama to face, the reality is even more daunting, says longtime environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben. In ...
bogmanoc 11/08/2008 7 3 - 10
What the Voters Need to Hear in the Booth
I saw Obama's infomercial and I don't consider it a closing argument. In fact, at this point, I don't think we need a closing argument. We need a closing slogan ringing in voters' ears when they ...
bogmanoc 10/31/2008 8 1 - -
McCain Admits First Iraq War Was About Oil
In case anyone missed it, here's what McCain said last night in trying to deride Biden for not supporting the first Iraq war (my bold ): He voted against the first ...
bogmanoc 10/16/2008 14 12 1 -
The Answer to the Palin Conundrum
I don't think the Obama campaign should take Sarah Palin lightly. They need to have a strategy in place. IMHO, she presents the last, great hurdle to an Obama presidency. If we neutralize Palin, ...
bogmanoc 10/05/2008 41 1 - -
W Finally Looking Hard for bin Laden
Well, he may be at 22 percent approval, but W is still trying his level best to keep his policies in place by putting McCain in the White House through an October surprise. Below is the most ...
bogmanoc 10/03/2008 19 2 - 1
The Election's About Oil
A letter to the editor in my hometown newspaper, the Orange County Register of all places, had the best argument I've seen for those still wondering who to vote for.
bogmanoc 09/08/2008 - - - -
Why I'm Dancing a Jig Over the Palin Pick
My family says I can't stop smiling. They haven't seen such political glee from me in a long, long time. And here's why: McCain's VP choice has single-handedly killed any prospect of him ...
bogmanoc 08/30/2008 53 18 - 18
Paul Begala's Got It Right -- Attack!
I've been a Democrat all my life but but it always seems the Democrats have acted like a bunch of sissies when it comes to attacking Republicans and their positions, especially in presidential ...
bogmanoc 08/26/2008 27 1 - -
San Francisco
You know that the right has done an incredible job of framing issues when you look at what they've done with the perception of San Francisco. If the city was located in a red state, they would be ...
bogmanoc 07/23/2008 71 13 - 4
The Disappointing Democrats
Once again, the Democrats disappoint. If it isn't the FISA bill, it's Barack equivocating on just about everything. And the fact is, it's a losing strategy. But as been said been many times before,
bogmanoc 07/07/2008 29 1 1 -
Steve Young (CA-48) Gets Funds to Poll Against Republican
Steve Young, running for Congress in CA-48, was able to raise the money for a survey to see how he's stacking up against Bushicon John Campbell (...
bogmanoc 06/09/2008 4 3 1 1
Statement Time in California's 48th District
Steve Young, the Democratic contender in the middle of conservative South Orange County, Calif., has sent a letter out to his supporters to fund a poll on his chances versus staunch Bush supporter ...
bogmanoc 05/07/2008 4 1 1 11
One Democrat's Primary Vote
This is why I'm voting for John Edwards in my California primary absentee ballot this week, and why I think every Democrat should consider him as well.
bogmanoc 01/13/2008 5 4 - 1
Reid and Pelosi Killing Renewable Energy
Pelosi and Reid are apparently killing the tax credits on renewable energy from the energy bill. This needs to be stopped NOW. It isn't enough that they just approved a torture supporter, we now ...
bogmanoc 11/09/2007 19 21 - 9
Impeachment for a Different Reason -- Global Warming
After seeing the latest news on another Arctic creature suffering because of global warming, I can only shake my head. Why, as mature adults, isn't this the No. 1 issue in our country and the world?
bogmanoc 10/08/2007 6 1 1 -
Why Liberals Should Care About Fogerty's 'Revival'
I know this is a political forum, not a musical one. But I think every liberal/progressive/moderate and any sane Republicans left should go out and get a copy of John Fogerty's new CD, "Revival" (...
bogmanoc 09/30/2007 16 8 2 2
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