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Gordan Ramsay to Broker Budget Deal
PRESS RELEASE 2:02 PM EASTERN TIME WASHINGTON, DC Sources close to Democrat and Republican lawmakers confirm that famed restaurateur and chef Gordan Ramsay will be on Capitol Hill to discuss the ...
bollucks 04/06/2011 3 - - 9
Environmentalists Label Obama: Compromiser
Oh.No. Our president is willing to state his view on an issue clearly and accept political compromise with the other side in order to get to an actual solution. That solution may be nearer to the ...
bollucks 07/11/2009 26 8 1 24
The electric car is going to be killed... again... tomorrow.
The California Air Resources Board was featured prominently in the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. Their capitulation to big business stifled this country's first progress towards ...
bollucks 01/20/2009 44 60 4 21
ACTION REQUIRED: CARB about to kill the Plug In Hybrid
The California Air Resources Board was featured prominently in the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. Their capitulation to big business stifled this country's first progress towards ...
bollucks 01/19/2009 42 31 1 31
BREAKING: John McCain Re-Cancels Debate
Washington DC 9/26/08 John McCain was on the tarmac walking to his campaign plane today when a senior aide rushed to the Senator's side and whispered something in the prisoner of war and American ...
bollucks 09/26/2008 38 16 - 7
Northern California EXPLODES for Obama's new field office
Okay, so I'm still trying to get the pictures off my phone. And if I don't get them off then this diary will be a waste, please don't flame for my attempt, however. Obama's Northern California ...
bollucks 09/04/2008 31 34 1 27
This is what YOU ARE SUPPORTING by visiting this site
You are supporting this :
bollucks 08/04/2008 162 9 1 25
Take the bag tax ad down NOW!
Fellow Kossacks, I come to this site, as I believe many of you do, because I am a systems thinker. I understand that buildings, economies, and societies function as systems. This allows me to ...
bollucks 07/29/2008 43 2 - 37
Hillary Blames Democrats for Sucking: Huffington Post
Yeah, this diary was originally posted to figure out why HuffPost had a giant headline saying Hillary was dissing Democrats but the link went nowhere. After a little less than an hour they updated ...
bollucks 04/18/2008 67 10 - 17
SF Oympic Torch Bearer Reveals Tibetan Flag - Gets Assualted. [UPDATE with video]
Majora Carter is a hero. She is part of the growing movement that is integrating social and environmental justice and sustainability. Read ...
bollucks 04/10/2008 54 34 - 57
Clinton's $3 Million Card Monty :: Controlling the News Cycle
So I admit it: I fell for it. I went to the Huffington Post yesterday, after reading about Obama raising $40 million in March. I knew that sources had already indicated that Clinton got outraised 2 ...
bollucks 04/04/2008 19 3 - 1
Why Hillary is helping the Democratic Party. [Updated with]
Hillary is helping the Democratic Party right now. With every new trick, scam, and attack ad she is winning the news cycle for the Democratic Party. Think about it: How many news cycles have you ...
bollucks 03/04/2008 71 3 - 1
Malthus Redux
bollucks 02/25/2008 2 1 - -
Crocodile Tears: Parsing Hillary's Last Momement in the Debate
I didn't find a post dealing with specifically with Hillary's last moment in the debate, so here we go. Her last words: SEN. CLINTON: And you know, whatever happens, we're going to be ...
bollucks 02/22/2008 59 3 1 -
The Math Matters: Obama Wins
"Before you sell you sell your soul, better do the math." -Ice Cube Disclaimer: I'm one of those supporters of "democracy," as such I'm counting only the pledged delegates. (i.e. voters)
bollucks 02/20/2008 42 10 - 45
Obama Leads National Polls
We've been watching this line trend upward geometrically for months, anticipating the day when Obama's line would cross Clinton's and he would take the national lead. Today he's done it.
bollucks 02/15/2008 29 10 - -
Support Democratic Democracy - Sign the Petitions
Hillary is doing her best to keep democracy out of the democratic party. Let's not let that happen. Whether you're a democratic, republican, or independent - you should demand that politics ...
bollucks 02/14/2008 22 5 - 11
Obama Wins
Doing the math on the delegates show Obama winning: average delegate count from CBS, NBC, and CNN Obama 1194 Clinton 1122 Average Difference = +72 for obama Delegates at stake March 4 = 334 ...
bollucks 02/13/2008 25 5 1 -
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