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There is a wonderful new service at the Electoral Vote web site. Polling margins are available there with 100% of Rasmussen-pollution washed away.

Here's what Mitt "One Mighty and Strong" Romney-- matched with the various American Crossroads sludge ads -- is doing for coat tails.

Electoral Vote's "No Ras" page maps the 2012 Senate Races:

-- Dems/Indies lead to take seats AZ, IN, MA, ME.

-- GOPers lead by 3% to take a seat in NE. NV is a bare 1% GOPer edge.

-- ND is a toss at 48%:48%.

A lot of this is very, very close: GOTV decisive !!

Win everything with a Dem edge and this shows a 55-seat Senate majority. Win ND on top of it and that's a 57-seat majority. Overturn the Nevada 1% edge and it's a 58-seat majority.

Win all of the above, get a small miracle in NE, and that goes to 58 seats.

Yeah, in the "No Ras" map of America, there's a chance for 58 seats. Get up killer GOTV efforts in all the 1% races, plus one helluva prayer meeting for Nebraska. There's an opening, here and now, for Grand Tactics, as laid out for other wars by Clausewitz:

-- Ignore Rasmussen propaganda. He might as well be RNC or Murdoch.

-- Go all out in MT, AZ, IN, ND, NV, and especially in WI.

-- Same for NE plus knowing we need help.

-- GOTV that achieves strong Democratic turnout puts every single one of these races within range.

Below le chignon d'orange for the "No Ras" look at America....
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William Kristol, the NeoCon hidden-atheist Ayn Rand worshipper, connects  "Marvelous Mitt" with Cromwell's 1649 genocide in Ireland:

He nothing common did or mean
Upon that memorable scene...

-- from "An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell’s Return From Ireland" cited in the Weekly Standard dated for November 5th, 2012.

Does Kristol want to kill more Irish ??? Or follow on the NeoCons killing 1,000,000 Iraqis with killing another 1,000,000 Iranians?

Does he hate Catholics the more, or love genocide? Does Kristol want a mass slaughter in Iran ???

Them eyes !

Lord Protector Cromwell on the left. "One Mighty and Strong" Romney on the right.

Super-size the Messiah Complexes for both.

Cromwell had returned after killing 50,000 Irish. That included Drogheda. Irish sources placed the civilian body count at 4,000 souls. Another 2,800 surrendered soldiers were killed. The single worst slaughter of noncombatants in the history of England and Ireland.

What is Kristol telling us ??? Romney's only brush with death involved Leola Anderson, who was not Catholic.

Only a dedicated anti-Catholic -- a hater of "Faith, Hope and Charity" and of Christ the Savior -- would have reason to know this poem and like it. Its cause is long dead.

What, other than some odd connection to genocide, has Kristol learned with this reminder to Romney ?

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Sandy tracked around to West-By-North-West 280-degrees.

Then 50 miles out, Sandy turned north to NNW 330-degrees and came ashore just south of Atlantic City.

This turn is sharper than what was anticipated 16-hours ago. The storm is moving at 28 mph with winds of 90 mph. If the current direction does not go further west, landfall is projected for Cape May, New Jersey.

This is 65 miles south on the coastline from the midline predictions yesterday evening. Track line has moved from NWN 330 to WNW 280 in the last 5 hours.

It is was still going along at 28 mph. Here's the old track line from this morning.

Storm surge projections at NOAA indicate they have been updated as of 11 AM using the data from NOAA's main 8 AM cycle. These maps do not reflect this new 4 PM info that the track line has rotated to the Cape May line.

Keep close watch on these charts, particularly if you are near Delaware Bay or up Delaware river.

Early on a smallish 5% "cone" probability was assigned to the eye going all the way south, directly into the Delaware Bay. That event now depends only on seeing another 10 miles of southerly "kink" to the tracking line.

This would bring the main force "eye" wall of water right into the Bay.

This situation is the worst case for residents on Delaware Bay and Delaware River. All of a sudden their shore would get hit with storm surge similar to the barrier islands on the Jersey Shore.

Main force risk applies to southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Text from the NOAA 4 PM Update, the Delaware Bay situation, and links below le chignon d'orange....

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The RAND poll today shows Democrat voter participation up from historical pattern by at least 3% since the Denver debate. It may sound comical to describe 3% as "skyrocketing." But for a leaden historical pattern such as this, that is a sea change.

The trend line over recent months has voter likelihood among Democrats up from 80% to 83% at a bare minimum. The 7% spike today is an exclamation point for this change. If this gets to 85% on Election Day, Obama gets a landslide and the Senate could end up with a 56- or 57-seat majority.

So what has caused this change? It is not a change to Obama. He is the same guy he was in 2004, 2007 and 2008.

Perception of Romney is what has changed.

After the first debate, working on his most blatant lies has been the steady tide of these recent weeks.

All of this is moving to the worse for Romney. Here is the "poaching" graph from RAND -- it shows voter changeovers. This has improved and then gone back in favor of Obama since October 20th:

That performances at the first debate, particularly, gave Romney's opposition 27 obvious, generally stupid lies to work on. We have enough ammunition to last through Election Day.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson on Romney: "Wacky nuts."

Personal items are also hurting him. A cult prophecy (big with Glenn Beck, not part of standard Mormon works) and that auto accident in France. It all adds on to a perception that there is something not quite right with Mitt Romney.

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Yesterday evening Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R) made an egregiously clumsy statement. He invoked his personal view of the Christian God. then he asserted a Calvinist position that rape-produced pregnancies are the Will of God:

"I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happened."

-- as reported in Deseret News

Rick Berg (R), running for Senate in North Dakota, wants rape victims to be jailed if they get abortions. (That goes over like a lead crapper. Heidi Heitkamp, a doctor's wife by prior profession, is now sitting at 48%:48%. She's going to punt Berg into retirement, despite a phony Rasmussen poll that sampled 19% Democrats to say she was losing.)

Rape victims are to submit to the divine. Every day in every way, if these Tea Party baggers such as Mourdock, Berg and Flake (in AZ) can get themselves elected.

Thing is, Republican Vice-Presidential candidates Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin say the same thing: rape victims "should keep the baby." Grammar varies, but it's all War on Women. Here's Ryan.

"The method of conception does not change the definition of life."

Then there's Sarah Palin opposing abortion for a 15-year old girl raped by her father:

Palin goes on and on. She's big on the Hand of God concept. At the presidential level Romney's one and only consistent belief is that he is the pre-destined hero/conqueror of the White Horse Prophecy. He's been the cult "One Mighty and Strong" since college in Provo. Abortion? Mitt is whatever you want to hear. Videos and links below le cauchon d'orange....

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The simple fact is that Mitt Romney and his campaign were lazy on this one. They read the pre-speech text of the Rose Garden speech. They missed the video and the White House transcript.

Alex Wong runs that team. So Romney blundered, despite that President Obama more than doubles the length of the prepared text speaking extemporaneously.

During the debate last night Mitt shot without aiming. He went off with a bogus claim that ""it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror."

Do not hand this man Romney a shotgun!

Here's the video the Rmoneys missed. President Obama in the Rose Garden with Hillary Clinton standing beside him, on September 12th, 2012, the first day after the fatal attack at Benghazi:

He recounts the sacrifices at Benghazi and 9/11 and what these lives mean to the nation, then:

"No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for."

The President addresses explicitly the four deaths at Benghazi.

D'oh !! Here you have Romney emulating Cheney with the bird gun:

And the original model from 1976:

Automated google-spoofing is under way, pumping up right wing flack pieces to protect Romney. The clowns also tell us that Ford was a genius and Dick Cheney wasn't at fault shooting Harry Whittington.

There's more: WaPo fact checking and Mother Jones, plus a full and accurate transcript past le chignon d'orange....

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Misinterpreting the First Horseman

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, causes many difficulties even today, because again and again he misunderstood passages in the the King James Bible. He read quickly. He skimmed through complex poetry, seeking nuggets for his sermons. He had a good memory, but he was on his own for deciphering biblical text.

He had no access to Koine Greek, per se, or to The Revelation in its own language. He did not know its history. He had no access to the main body of Catholic or Protestant annotation for these verses. He made guesses.

Smith had no one to serve competently as a content editor or as a researcher for his writings. He also took to changing the Bible where he thought to make improvements. (No small ego, this guy!)  As one example, Smith was much impressed with the verses of The Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 6:

1     And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
2     And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
This is his departure point for what is called the "White Horse Prophecy" (or WHP for short.)

At one point Joseph Smith raised his own army, a force of some 5,000 men. He liked the idea of a conqueror. In 1843 Smith, acting as The Prophet, delivered his "White Horse Prophecy" based explicitly on this section of the 66th book of the King James Bible.

Accordingly, a Mormon man will ascend to the American presidency and "save the constitution." Mitt Romney said he believed he was that man destined for Smith's "White Horse." Mrs. Romney said this year that she wanted him "to fulfill his destiny." Mitt Romney said when he was a teenager that he would become this first Mormon president.

There are a number of extreme statements in the WHP. It reads like a graphic novel. We have no idea how much of the text took hold for Mitt Romney or what he remembers of it. A few weeks ago he said something odd, apparently out-of-time about Russia, which recalls this WHP snip:

...Many will come with bundles under their arms to escape the calamities for there will be no escape except only by escaping and fleeing to Zion. Those that come to you will try to keep the laws and be one with you for they will see your unity and the greatness of your organization. The Turkish Empire of the Crescent will be the first power to be disputed, for freedom must be given for the Gospel to be preached in the Holy Land. The Lord took of the best blood of the nations and planted them on the small islands now called England and Great Britain and gave them power in the nations for a thousand years and their power will continue with them that they may keep the balance of power; and they will keep Russia from sweeping her power over the world.
LDS hierarchy protest that WHP is not doctrine. It never was, because the extant text was written after Joseph Smith's death. He never saw it in writing.

The status of WHP is as strong today in Mormonism as at any time in history. Glenn Beck, for one, all but wallowed in WHP for his televised rants. Typically:

" a certain point, the Constitution would 'hang by a thread' and the leaders of the LDS Church would come forth to protect and restore the Constitution. Despite the continued controversy regarding the authenticity of this account, the White Horse Prophecy has been embraced by Mormon culture. Mitt Romney has denied that it is part of his own beliefs, despite his father’s own stance on the subject (he felt that Mormons would, in fact, save the Constitution). Glenn Beck has referred to this in his own crazed rants over and over. The White Horse prophecy is embedded into the very fabric of Mormonism."

-- Renato Wardle, Happy Valley, Utah

"Why Romney’s Mormonism Matters" at Counterpoint

Prophet Smith was spectacularly talented at blending magic with real world goals. There can be no question of his gifts. He founded LDS.

Biblical Scholarship

Nonetheless, this Chapter 6 tells the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Understanding the main implications of this text requires that we consider connections with more than a dozen other sections of the Bible. That is work for trained biblical scholars, people with the language skills to work with original texts. As noted, Joseph Smith had no such language skills and he was not suited to comparative textual analysis.

That work has been done over many years. Annotated Chapter 6 texts are available. A variety of opinions can be found to help understand The Revelation's poetry. Within the school of thought that sees The Revelation as prophecy for future events, the identities of the major figures have been worked out.

The rider of this first horse, the horse of Smith's "White Horse Prophecy," is not a hero. Not at all. He is the prime villain of The Revelation, a bringer of worldwide destruction. This first rider is presented similarly in other sections of The Revelation. He is identified by virtually all contemporary biblical scholars as the Anti-Christ.

Smith did not assay the connections. He misread and misunderstand to the point of reversing the meaning of Chapter 6.

Joseph Smith considers the White Horse of his prophecy to be an allegorical figure. Yet he gives it power. He gives it an existence in the human world. He gives it a magical power, as a spell or a charm.

"The White Horse," as re-conjured by Prophet Smith, is a magical protection for lies.

-- Smith identifies lying severally and throughout his works and sermons to be the most powerful weapon for gaining earthly political power.

-- In  practice, Smith's "White Horse" functions as a protection for public lies -- specifically, lies that are constructed to achieve advancement outside of the Church.

What could be of concern for Christians, literal-belief Christians all the more, is seeing a politician come along who believes these things. Who sees WHP as his personal destiny. This man will change any position. The man lies with no moral distress. He will say almost anything.

Political Impact

During the Wednesday night debate, Mitt Romney spoke quickly, smoothly -- apparently more at ease -- when he was reciting planned lies. This speech-pattern change is apparent with his 38 repetitions of the false-witness claim that Obama and his people had taken "$716-billion" out of Medicare.

Romney has come to be comfortable with planned lying. He is not so free and easy with ordinary talking, where he has to work at it to maintain control of his phrases and messaging.

Media are doing little to call out demagoguery.

Romney is pressing claims to simultaneously cut tax rates, not add to the deficit, repair America's shattered world image, create 12-million jobs, raise military spending, and save both Medicare and Medicaid from destruction. Let the campaign go on past Election Day and he will promise to learn to fly without mechanical assistance.

The corporations' media employees are assigned a motto: "Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil."

Smith's White Horse is functioning perfectly. Based on these observations, anyway.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints is not involved. The original White Horse Prophecy is never discussed in the context of Chapter 6 of The Revelation. Despite that Joseph Smith was explicit in his sourcing, bringing up this connection to the Holy Bible is forbidden. Insisting on bringing up Smith's misreading of biblical text by a Temple-letter Mormon would almost certainly result in excommunication.

LDS has a simple failing. There is no independent quality control. LDS is not the only religion with this problem. Appeal to Authority, a standard type of informal fallacies, is allowed to dominate approved thinking. In LDS bowing to authority is called "faith-supporting."

Excommunication shuts off bottom-up efforts at quality control.

Joseph Smith's "Book of Abraham," for example, has been proved to have a dishonest provenance. He claimed it to be a "translation" from "Reformed Egyptian" on mummy wrappings. One could not construct a broader example of dishonesty.

Plainly bad teachings, such as this White Horse Prophecy, are given a forced respect. It is not Church doctrine, legally and officially, yet the words came from Prophet Smith and Prophet Brigham Young vouched lion-like for its central themes. Statements from Prophet McKay and others have never addressed the nature of the White Horse, itself, same as they never admit that the Red Horse is violence.

Tests for honest sourcing and truthfulness are not applied, apparently from fear that improvements will cause embarrassment. Of course, they do. "Every improvement embarrasses someone," from the great Japanese engineer Ichiro Ishikawa. That is why organizational change demands courage.

Easier to kick it all down the road. Easier to look the other way and count gold.

One casualty of this failure to clean shop at LDS is Mitt Romney.

The man did well at Harvard Law, if not quite as well as President Obama. He has ability. Yet as a young man he had a talent for lying. When he came upon this "White Horse Prophecy" he fell into it -- a hazard left on his life's road by the management at LDS -- and went on down like Alice falling into the rabbit hole at the start of her Adventures in Wonderland.

Please consider an analogy with drinking alcohol. Fully 10% of social drinkers become alcoholics. They lose control of their habit. They fall down that rabbit hole. So what do you think happens with liars?

America as a Civilization

We must be our own leaders, as Occupy says. We must determine where problems exist. We must act when needed.

We must be vigilant. We must act when our liberties are threatened. We must beware that wealth and such as a man's clothes do not make the man.

False witness, slandering lies told over years and years? Yes, that makes something. What Mitt Romney makes of himself by attacking so many truths ???

You can decide for yourself what you think of him.

His speech pattern from Wednesday evening is not encouraging. Romney is at ease, he feels protected telling prepared lies. There is less chance, then, that a clumsy phrase will catch him out.

Mitt Romney is not a supernatural figure. He is not a death-eater Anti-Christ. He just plays one in real life. Physical work, money, whatever it takes from us -- we do have to stop this guy.

If you would like to see more in the way of links and what Romney has done with big lies over the years, then please follow below le chignon d'orange....

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Mitt Romney's authorized biography is titled "The Real Romney" written by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, 2007. You can find a used hard cover copy off Amazon for $10 plus shipping. Romney read every word, signed off, and agreed to putting a picture of his face on the cover.

We have spoken with Michael Kranish, now the deputy chief of Boston Globe's Washington bureau. Verification for Romney's tales related to France in the 1960s came wholly from Romney supporters. The result was publication of invented tales that Occupy Wall Street's Security oversight group was able to fact check, mainly within a six-week  span.

Quotes from "The Real Romney" are cited and examined below the orange squiggly figure. You will be hard pressed to find clearer examples of political Team Lying this side of Orwell's book "1984."

These biographers were used dishonestly, similar to Romney's continued misuse of the Latter-day Saints. Good people are manipulated to echo lies. Today, Romney presents the GOP with two monstrous risks for embarrassment: the tax returns and this "Chappaquiddick in France." Political impacts are stunning.

In 2008 Obama beat McCain for popular vote by 51.9% to 45.7% with 63% participation. McCain had strong support from his party leaders. Between the tax returns and lying about the death of a 57-year old mother of four, Mrs. Leola Anderson, and lying about every policy issue from the Lilly Ledbetter Act to the federal debt ceiling, you'd think that Romney has created a less attractive situation for himself.

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The family of Mrs. Leola Anderson put away Utah newspaper clippings. These are obituaries that provide first-hand accounts of Mitt Romney's condition in hospital on the Monday after an automobile accident that took Mrs. Anderson's life.

The accident happened on the afternoon of Sunday, June 16th 1968 in Beaulac France.

Mitt Romney and his supporters claim repeatedly in print that he was close to death at the scene. Romney recounts repeatedly that a police officer wrote "Il est morte" in his passport thinking that Romney was dead. Also that he was in a coma for two days. This heroic tale made Mitt Romney a favorite with the senior men of the Mormon church. It appears in long form at NY Times, Boston Globe, the Examiner, and in his biography "The Real Romney."

However, as the clipping relates eye witness observation of his injuries and mental status on that Monday morning:

Willard (Mitt) Romney, 21, son of Governor George Romney of Michigan, who is serving as a missionary in France and who was driving the car, suffered minor head injuries and torn ligaments to one elbow. He was expected to leave hospital in about two days.

-- text reported by Andre Salarnier, reporter/photographer

We should ask whether candidate Romney is a lifetime fabulist. That is, is he a narcissist? Or is he delusional?

Is his grip on reality so weak that he invented a complicated imaginary version of this fatal accident from 1968, plus a fictional aftermath, and even now presents his fiction as the defining episode of his life?

For a less serious mental irregularity, a bout with Depression, Senator Thomas Eagleton was removed from the Democratic Party ticket in 1972 some 18 days after that nominating convention. No one presented evidence that Senator Eagleton was mentally disordered. More below....

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This is a complicated diary. If you read it, please expect to take some extra time. There's a ton of evidence: the accident, identifying and finding the other driver, analyzing slanders, a forgery, and then dealing with a cover-up scheme that is reminiscent of the 1970s Watergate scandal.

The story begins in 1968 with Mitt Romney causing a head-on collision at Beaulac, France. He failed to accommodate obstructed vision and drove head-on into a Left Turn lane.

Mrs. Leola Anderson was killed and several others were injured. The next morning Mitt Romney lied to a reporter about who was responsible. A cover-up conspiracy ensued that unfolded with three distinct phases. Mitt Romney has been depicted over the years as a blameless victim in the accident while he and his supporters shift blame to a Catholic priest.

Big time professional media have been spoofed. The authorized biography by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman titled "The Real Romney" is polluted with intentional disinformation. Serialization of this book in the Boston Globe became a propaganda tool, freeing up Mr. Romney to run for President of the United States.

We have evidence in hand of Internet burglary and phony web pages. Several of these actions involve felonies. Romney's supporters resemble nothing more than Richard Nixon's CREEP, apart from the money laundering, and their Watergate burglars.

In any case, first off, here is the actual driver of the other car: Bishop Jean Vilnet in the Bazas, France hospital:

Romney's slanders depict this man, Bishop Vilnet, as a "drunk priest." Fraudulent representations have depicted him as "Albert Marie." Romney and his crew have stated repeatedly that this Catholic priest was speeding on a "mountain road" at "120 kph" and "swerving" out of his lane to hit Romney and kill Mrs. Anderson.

In fact, the bishop was driving two women home after Sunday Mass.

Romney's story has continued for decades among Mormon missionaries in France as hateful anti-Catholic propaganda.

Mitt Romney believes that he can lie with impunity. He sees himself as "One Mighty and Strong," the hero of Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophecy," and destined to lie and bully his way to the presidency. As you will be able to see from the evidence, presented below le chignon d'orange, there is not a stitch of truth to what Romney says.

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Mitt Romney solved his bad driving problem in 1968 by inventing an extraordinary anti-Catholic cover story. Keeping a tale like this going is difficult, especially if American Catholics find what all is going on.

Mrs. Leola Anderson was dead. Romney's aggressive driving had put them head-on into a southbound Left Turn lane of N524 La Grande Route in Beaulac France. If the driver of the other car had not slowed down to make his turn, everyone in the Romney-driven Citroen DS would likely have been killed.

Contrary to the Romney's Team Lying story, this is Bishop Jean-Félix-Albert-Marie Vilnet. He was driving the Mercedes 180 sedan. Not drinking. Not speeding. Not on a "mountain road." Never called "Albert Marie."

Keeping Romney's scheme afloat requires extraordinary effort. Professional resources parallel to Nixon's 1970's CREEP and Dirty Tricks gangs -- modernized with google-spoofing and faked web pages out of Shanghai. More below the orangy-dooflichy....

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Imagine if Chappaquiddick from 1969 had been covered up. Let's try for 1968 to see a parallel, plus just how deeply Mitt Romney believes in lying.

You'd like to hope that Romney and "extreme conservatives" worship friendly old Ronald Reagan. But no way. Their idols are Richard Nixon and his Rat-Frackers.

That's Nixon and the worst of CREEP: Donald Segretti and G. Gordon Liddy. The Plumbers, the inept burglars. Ehrlichman and Haldeman, the "German twins." Those guys. They're the basis for the GOP cult of lies. And yet Romney's longest running big lie, generated same year as Nixon's campaign against Hubert Humphrey, is falling apart.

Enter center stage: Bishop Jean-Félix-Albert-Marie Vilnet

You betcha...... he's French. (Say it "vill nay.") He is indeed Mitt Romney's nightmare.

More on this mess plus how Mitt Romney is destined to become historically unforgetable, a Patron Saint of Slime below the fold........

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