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My home's in Montana, I wear a bandana..
I just watched the Jon Stewart segment where I could hear Hillary Clinton lathering up her "southern accent" while giving a speech in South Carolina. I read about this earlier today, and even found ...
boriskamite 05/29/2015 13 - - -
Let us earn American exceptionalism by electing Bernie.
Oh hell, isn't it apparent we are in the dying days of empire, when we are offered up a Bush or a Clinton again? Consider how much of that is based on reigning superstitions: We cannot fight ...
boriskamite 05/22/2015 15 5 1 -
People for Bernie in San Jose Today is a grassroots organizing place. Many other cities have formed their groups under this umbrella. Today a group of people met through San Jose for Bernie. I was one of the 16, ...
boriskamite 05/16/2015 9 20 1 -
There really was a time when The Dave Clark Five were more popular than the Beatles.
There was also a time when Paul Tsongas was running against Bill Clinton. And Paul Tsongas was my man in that race. (I will also confess to supporting Bill Bradley, which I might explain in a ...
boriskamite 05/08/2015 16 6 - -
Dialogue, Schmieologue
I see traces of welcome for Bernie Sanders stepping up for the presidential race here. Unfortunately, it is couched in the parenthetical hope that it may push Hillary to the left, or "start a ...
boriskamite 04/29/2015 5 2 - -
The Acceptance stage
Most/Many/Some of you are familiar with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' "On Death and Dying" or have heard of the distillation of the stages of grief. Denial is the first, iirc, acceptance is the last. Can ...
boriskamite 04/15/2015 8 - - -
The brackets are over; brickbat time (special Helerious anticipatory edition.)
I do remember Hillary's 2008 announcement "I'm in to win." Bet that one was market-tested to death. So tomorrow {{Sunday, Sunday at US 30 drag strip!!}} will she echo and say "I'm in to gin it up?"
boriskamite 04/11/2015 9 3 - -
K-rickets on this?
I was one of those who willingly accepted the narrative "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" Until I saw Michael Brown using his size to intimidate the store owner from whom he shoplifted his cigarillos. I ...
boriskamite 03/18/2015 34 - - -
I can haz oligarchy
There are things I can't help loving about Barbara Bush. And no, not her perception that Katrina refugees in Houston were having the time of their lives on cots in a stadium. It was the time when, ...
boriskamite 02/14/2015 12 4 - -
I am Brian's Knee.
Or Knee-Jerk??? It has become apparent to the jaded corner of my eye, that the big news blog-job du semaine is Brian Williams inability to come to terms with what an RPG IS . To be Frank (Reynolds)(
boriskamite 02/08/2015 3 - - -
Strum and...dang!-send in the clowns
After Kerry "lost" the election to youknowwho, I was coming off of doing my damnedness to make some effort toward his election, by the mealy measure of phone-banking the weekend before the election. ...
boriskamite 01/17/2015 7 1 - -
Two Women Challenge Obama
(Ok, I'll get this over with and mention that Hillary wasn't one of them--she subtly denigrates him if she thinks it can win her favor for her entitled destiny, but it is beneath her to actually ...
boriskamite 12/13/2014 1 14 - -
Late night shows must continue with the image of god
And as we all know, god is a white male who speaks English. Just like his bff, Jesus. Disclaimers: I liked David Letterman. I love Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert. But I take umbrage ...
boriskamite 04/12/2014 6 1 - -
Hillary and Jeb, the Neo-coys
Much buzz today about The Fawning in Las Vegas. Makes you feel like a frog that realized the water was too hot and jumped out. It is too mild to describe this disgraceful behavior of politicians as ...
boriskamite 03/30/2014 13 8 - -
The Rube Goldberg Suicide Machine
When you have "rational actors" like Peter King suggesting Flight 370 was a suicide plot by the pilot or co-pilot.... {High-pitched Jon Stewart voice}: You know you're in trouble.
boriskamite 03/17/2014 8 1 - -
The angry doctors convention
It doesn't take too long for everything to go to hell. You don't have to be a former encyclopedia salesperson to know that the information highway is choked with bleak mini-malls that are primarily ...
boriskamite 03/12/2014 3 - - -
A Boston Cream Pie in the face of the FBI
Today the Boston Globe published an article claiming that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev made an incriminating statement within earshot of an FBI agent, during a visit with his sisters.
boriskamite 02/28/2014 6 1 - -
Held hostage by images and repetition
I'd be the last person to hold up HuffPuff as a model for journalism, with its huge Drudge-hammer headlines, and the right side column seemingly devoted to celebrity nipplefests, but without a ...
boriskamite 11/20/2013 2 1 - -
All Things Considered
It is more than obvious that there are folks who want to throw the ACA in the lion's den. It's the Obomic plague, right (emphasis on right)? Many of us are well aware of the efforts of the Koch-...
boriskamite 10/22/2013 3 - - -
You can re-run, but you can't hide.
Although I am doing my best to enjoy a day off, great weather where I am, etc, I clicked on PuffPo and saw this:
boriskamite 10/06/2013 1 1 - -
Do we look away? There is "more to it"
I watched Al Jazeera in English, and thought it was, at least, a serious news source. When I heard about its demise to Al Jazeera America, I was hoping they'd keep on David Frost, who unfortunately ...
boriskamite 09/30/2013 4 1 - -
Bottle it and sell it to the 1%
There was recent disappointing news about the absence of methane on Mars: Does this dash Newt Gingrich's dreams of colonizing Mars? Only if you consider Newt a "form of life." Better news today--...
boriskamite 09/27/2013 10 1 - -
But this doesn't help, either
Just finished watching a clip (?) of Chelsea Clinton "interviewing" Hillary Clinton, and I thought: "I wonder if they are related?" Seriously......I read Amy Davidson's "The Coming Hillary Clinton ...
boriskamite 09/24/2013 10 1 - -
Guns, guys and alienation
In the aftermath of another mass murder, as many others have noted, there is a predictable response of outrage; both sides of the "gun" debate get out the catapults, and an exasperated president ...
boriskamite 09/17/2013 7 2 - -
No to dis-cursive.
One of the fundamental aims of the rightprivatizing folks is to make what we formerly knew as education into indoctrination, is to banish critical thinking and anything stinking of individuality. ...
boriskamite 09/13/2013 15 8 - -
A revolting man in so many ways
Trained as a physician, Bashar Assad traded that in for becoming a butcher of humans, and tying the Alawite sect more closely into the Syrian army and government, a process begun by his father. ...
boriskamite 09/11/2013 36 1 - -
Whatever happens, the memoir will be interesting.
Will BHO's post-presidential memoir be self serving or explanatory? He ascends to the presidency, "impossibly" in 2008, which just happens to find the US in an economic meltdown. And he has ...
boriskamite 09/10/2013 23 - - -
All presidents are fictional characters
I'm recalling something Bob Dylan said after reading Obama's "Dreams From My Father" He's like a fictional character but he's real. Ain't it the truth?
boriskamite 09/07/2013 9 1 - -
Let them eat yellow cake?
Let me state first of all, that I do hold out the possibility that it is not "deja vu all over again" with respect to a strike on Syria due to evidence of chemical weapon use to be identical to the ...
boriskamite 09/02/2013 26 - - -
How about Russ Feingold in 2016?
My peripheral vision is under constant assault by these "Hillary in 2016" ads. My heart goes out to Elizabeth Warren supporters, but I think nothing could neuter a great senator by having her as a ...
boriskamite 08/14/2013 42 13 - -
I am Anthony Weiner's penis.
If you are my age you may have had the luxury of bad acid trips and being able to read in "meatspace", "real-time", the Reader's Digest series explaining parts of the anatomy, usually with a ...
boriskamite 07/30/2013 43 2 1 -
Cries on deaf ears, hope on the auction block.
For whatever reason, I became a news junkie at an early age. My pre-kindergarten self figured out a joke in the Chicago Tribune comics, and I started hitting on newspapers, et alia, ever since. One ...
boriskamite 07/20/2013 1 - - -
Stereotyping at 65 wpm
Just some thoughts since the issue of profiling hangs heavy in the air these days. Did you ever, especially when you were young, pretend to be something you were not for the sake of impressing others?
boriskamite 07/13/2013 3 1 1 -
Fifty Foiled Attacks
When I heard that General Keith Alexander testified that 50 terror plots were thwarted due to NSA's programs, I wondered why there wasn't more questions asked on the nature of the Thwarted Attacks.
boriskamite 06/23/2013 8 12 - -
Where is Howard Cosell when you need him?
I'm in that "pushing 60" phase, though I try not to push too hard. Talking to my brother today and he says "I'm so glad I grew up when I did." I feel the same way, although both of us are not "...
boriskamite 06/16/2013 17 3 - -
So what is your take on Glenn Greenwald now?
One of the things I noticed when I joined this site, was a persistent dismissal of Glenn Greenwald. Often portrayed as an "hysterical" So I did a little research. And found he was once nominated to ...
boriskamite 06/09/2013 84 7 1 -
We are all cynics now.
And I use the term cynicism in the narrow definition of the belief that people are ultimately inspired by base motives. The historical Cynics, in the Greek philosophical tradition are a lot more ...
boriskamite 06/06/2013 3 2 - -
Paltry portion for freedom for all the fighting
Don't you just hate when you listen to some public figure speaking, and you can finish their sentence? Isn't it dismal when you realize official utterings leave no room for truth? I only recently ...
boriskamite 05/25/2013 5 1 - -
Please do not go there We are over as a country if we suspend Miranda rights.
boriskamite 04/19/2013 22 12 - -
And how would we ever get over losing our minds?
Because we are going to lose Detroit, this time. Our great French-founded city! Not only those long ago fox-trappers, but Motor City and Motown. Enormous in our history. In our Shock Doctrine ...
boriskamite 03/02/2013 2 1 - -
And Rick Perry is also dreaming of a white Kwanzaa
The article should have started with this: "Emboldened by the failure of Mitt Romney, inarguably the worst Republican candidate for president in recent memory, Texas governor Rick Perry is empty-...
boriskamite 12/30/2012 7 5 - -
Teh funny. With no indefatigable end of year Top Ten lists
This belongs in the same territory as Alberto Gonzalez (of "I do not recall" fame) saying he was going to write a "memoir."
boriskamite 12/29/2012 3 4 - -
Serving at his pleasure and in his stead.
The real reason why Bush 41 isn't going to die is because Norman Schwarzkopf did. The latter's media tributes are full of the usual great-American-decent- human-being stuff--as were the premature ...
boriskamite 12/28/2012 2 1 - -
Three guys walk on to a world stage
Although, I have just read that Nelson Mandela was discharged from the hospital, within the past day or so I was thinking about 3 world figures, around the same age, who had been hospitalized. ...
boriskamite 12/26/2012 3 2 - -
Broken from "BREAKING!"
Writers in other venues have, by now, raised the question about the ethics of interviewing young children in Newtown, Connecticut, today. I thought it was appalling, but more disturbing was how ...
boriskamite 12/14/2012 3 2 - -
Over the Hillary-can you pass the test?
I have previously expressed consternation with Hillary running for president in 2016. Especially in a match-up with Jeb Bush. American politics has been debased enough {{sounds of recent election ...
boriskamite 12/03/2012 87 1 - -
Small, is it beautiful, or a cute form of austerity?
Living in a square-foot challenged apartment, I constantly follow articles about small living space trends. I like the clever and dual purpose solutions I find. There is a plethora of ingenuity. I ...
boriskamite 11/23/2012 26 5 - -
Sins of omission
I had long been hesitant to join this site, because I suspected my head was not where this place was at. I am a registered Independent, and I have heard the chant "This site is about electing ...
boriskamite 11/18/2012 6 - - -
Hillary, what do you really want to do?
A common comment on David Petraeus' current situation is that perhaps he was felled by a combination of being a success junkie, a person who was aware and had cultivated his public image combined ...
boriskamite 11/14/2012 13 1 - -
#"Kyrie, eleison(=Lord have mercy!), the Pope's atwitter!
Say goodbye to those appearances from the balcony of The Basilica of St. Peter's. Ratzy's getting a twitter account. Biting into the apple, just like Adam.
boriskamite 11/09/2012 30 3 - -
I'm bothered that I was worried.
The overall message of the election is that Romney lost because he is so thoroughly out of touch with Youpeople (TM?) in this country. But I'll have to admit that I was worried that Romney had a ...
boriskamite 11/07/2012 8 4 - -
He's so smart he keeps learning.
I'll admit to being swept up in the thrill of Obama beating the favored Clinton for the nomination in 2008 and his successful campaign. It did inspire. But, once elected, he infuriated me with ...
boriskamite 10/31/2012 8 5 - -
I thought I actually knew the meaning of that word, once. I am from a large, then "blended" family, due to early widowing, and even then the whole extended family has had its share of premature ...
boriskamite 10/27/2012 5 4 - -
Moral relativity and its scales
I've never been a cycling fan, but know people who are, and know Lance Armstrong is, or has been, some superhero to the sport. Now that things have started to fall down all around him, I am really ...
boriskamite 10/13/2012 11 - - -
A curious fact both sides ignore.
I have been well aware since I joined this site, that many of my posts/opinions are not popular. And I accept that. Frankly, I thought the VP debate tonight was contrived by both sides. Joe Biden ...
boriskamite 10/11/2012 26 2 - -
Livestream "Rumble"= Al Capone Vault
Hey it's supposedly 42 minutes into this thing, and I am a bit surprised that there isn't a diary on the huge fail of the LiveStream (TeeEmm) of The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.
boriskamite 10/06/2012 27 5 - 170
Take a deep breath
I've been a life long news junkie--and I mean, since grade school. Since my father worked in a profession that entailed a "waiting room", he came home every night with all 3 editions of a big city ...
boriskamite 10/03/2012 4 - - 73
The Java Vote
I guess they have done this before, but I didn't realize it until today. 7/11 stores offering free coffee for a limited period of time , and you get to choose between an Obama or a Romney cup. ...
boriskamite 09/28/2012 7 1 - 60
Please give me a soft wall to bang my head against.
I worked for Kerry's campaign. I felt positive. When he lost, I had to shake myself out of zeal and recognize what a loser campaign he ran.
boriskamite 09/26/2012 9 2 - 114
One one level, we all realize this, but maybe it takes someone who had microwaved hotdogs and pickles for a late breakfast to come out and say it: This past year our most vehement political memes ...
boriskamite 09/23/2012 9 5 - 104
Dot-to-dot. Isn't it patently obvious the Republicans are trying to Carter-ize Obama?
When I first read about the origins about the film formerly known as the "Innocence of Bin Laden," my first thought was "false-flag." To read that it was produced by an Israeli-Jew real estate ...
boriskamite 09/15/2012 22 5 - 160
Barack Obama's Cairo Speech 2009
Let all of us remember this today:
boriskamite 09/14/2012 4 4 - 55
Tony & Bert prophecied the current political situation
Out of the pack of relatives I had, one couple stood out, as "a couple." Anthony and Berniece:Tony and Bert. They had this incredible dynamic. They were both opinionated and both extremely hard-...
boriskamite 08/22/2012 2 4 - 98
GOTV questions and one proposition
If I was going to do anything that I thought was most important in this election, I would support any efforts to get out the vote, especially in those states where it is obvious voter suppression is ...
boriskamite 08/21/2012 3 2 - 27
Save the Country. Now. It's that simple.
boriskamite 08/16/2012 21 - - 111
Gotta Love Our Gambling Economy
I know, during the second Dubyahoo administration, I read about someone coming up with a market to trade in "disasters." If I can recall correctly, the idea was considered extremely cynical in light ...
boriskamite 08/04/2012 2 - - 29
Against Nuggetization
Yes, I am going to use that Sontag-inspired (?) "Against". And will admit, I probably heard of Chick-Fil-A before recent events, and likely didn't pay much attention, just assuming it was some god-...
boriskamite 08/02/2012 8 - - 60
How can I get on an evolutionary fast track?
You ever have days when you think: "There has got to be something better than this homo sapiens gig?" When you think: "I'd actually rather be a dog. No, not some pit bull that kills a 3 year old, ...
boriskamite 07/25/2012 4 1 - 66
He's heavy and he is my brother
After reading the Huffington Post article about the Holmes family statement to the press and going through the attendant comments on that site, I came away with several thoughts. Mostly about our ...
boriskamite 07/24/2012 15 18 - 244
Pictures and thousands of words
What was your gut when you watched James Holmes court appearance today? I saw a young man bewildered. And maybe resigned to being considered worthless. Maybe he had to say, in so many bullets, he ...
boriskamite 07/23/2012 3 2 - 44
Open your Drawers!
I just watched the wonderful clip of Jon Stewart juxtaposing the demands of the right-wing mouthpieces that Obama produce documentation for....everything, with the Mittsophrenic lack of enthusiasm ...
boriskamite 07/19/2012 2 - - 57
I can't get no satisfaction
A nod to the Stones anniversary, of course. And to mitigate the deluge, apres moi, I will be voting for Barack Obama in 11/12. It will be the lesser of evils because I find it hard to stomach Obama'...
boriskamite 07/16/2012 4 - - 97
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