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What the hell ...
bubbanomics 03/18/2015 193 288 2 -
I have no more campaigns to run. I know, cuz I won both of them.
bubbanomics 01/20/2015 194 436 5 -
The Promise
Here it is. There is only one caution. Don't let it happen again. happy anniversary, edscan.
bubbanomics 01/20/2015 6 12 - -
Impeach my Φ∪⊂κing President, Kos
You all suck. A lot of you wouldn't know what a progressive thought was if it bit you in the ass. To you, a progressive thought is whatever the Democratic party line spoonfeeds you. A tremendous ...
bubbanomics 12/18/2014 306 213 2 -
Former Wasilla mayor and Alaska governor Sarah Palin has a career filled with high profile endorsements and speeches, including a musical number in which she advocates for cross-dressing in the ...
bubbanomics 11/10/2014 38 47 - -
I suppose you're wondering why I called you all here...
bubbanomics 03/10/2014 134 272 1 -
Oh, what dark times have befallen the great orange satan. Provocative writing! Petulant rants! Hyperbolic rhetoric! Absurd metaphors! There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. ...
bubbanomics 02/28/2014 277 257 3 -
Fundraising and Financial Transparency at a For-Profit: Donating to Dailykos
What is dailykos? Of course, it's News·Community·Action. With many more readers than commenters and diarists, the site must be widely viewed as a news and information source. Many of us consider ...
bubbanomics 12/31/2012 172 54 2 -
Done for now? I'm overdone.
or, a whitebread redneck majority-dailykos-demographic dude tries to become a sistah . I'm taking the week off ...
bubbanomics 09/11/2011 99 128 2 1068
Moderate Your Φ∪⊂κing Blog, Kos!
I want moderation on this farce of a website. I thought this was a forum for getting more and better Democrats elected. Instead, it is little more than a pie-flinging, name-calling, soul-crushing, ...
bubbanomics 09/02/2011 423 168 3 2671
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