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Cornel West Scores 2nd Round K.O
I don't know if people have been following the dustup between noted African-American intellectuals Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson. Dyson's profile of West can be found here . I believe West's ...
burlydee 04/23/2015 35 13 - -
Our Criminal Justice System is Broken
I find arguments about whether we live in a police state to be a distraction. Kind of like arguments over whether Obama is a communist, socialist, democrat, new democrat, republican-lite, ...
burlydee 04/21/2013 29 9 - -
CEO Jesus Has Spoken: Anti-OWS
OWS has garnered great strength over the past few months, spreading across the country from its beginnings in NYC to the world. Of course the spirit of OWS certainly itself was inspired by people ...
burlydee 12/06/2011 5 7 - 114
Political Commentary or Political Activism?
What is Dkos about? I'm asking a serious question. I've been around here for some years (though this is my first diary) and I lurked for a couple of years before that. I always thought this site ...
burlydee 09/01/2011 6 2 - 37
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