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Dawn Chorus: Australia and New Zealand
Good morning everyone. This diary is the latest in my occasional "An American Gets Giddy over Someone Else's Common Backyard and Nuisance Birds" series. My wife and I finally made our long-...
cardinal 07/06/2014 48 42 - -
Let's tone down the Schadenfreude. . .
. . .and make room for some Prognosefreude ! Before this stuff is scrubbed from the Internet, here's a pictorial reminder that the bad prognostication went far deeper than Peggy Noonan, Karl Rove, ...
cardinal 11/07/2012 36 61 1 -
Dawn Chorus: The Cardinal
Good morning, everyone. This diary is a celebration of America’s favorite red-crested seed muncher. In the first half, I describe what cardinals have meant to me over the years. If you just want ...
cardinal 09/16/2012 77 74 1 286
Video: CNN's 10 minutes of hell
I was taping the coverage because of the historic nature of the decision, not because I thought CNN would produce a 10-minute train-wreck of confusion, backtracking, rationalization, and ...
cardinal 06/28/2012 225 274 12 2461
There's No Evidence that Conservatives Buy More Porn
For the second time in three years, a diary sits atop the rec list that showcases a Harvard study comparing porn consumption rates across states, with some intriguing findings that flatter our ...
cardinal 03/16/2012 46 33 1 327
52 weeks - A Photo Diary
I thought I'd share some photos that I've taken since my last birthday, starting with Autumn, my favorite season.
cardinal 10/02/2011 40 49 4 223
Charlie Sheen? No, not really.
The diary currently at the top of the rec list makes an emphatic point about misplaced priorities in the mainstream American news media. Its hundreds of comments are in nearly unanimous agreement. ...
cardinal 03/01/2011 36 26 - 225
Dawn Chorus bird blog: Griswold edition
Good morning, all. I just returned from playing annoying American in Europe, lugging a grossly over-packed suitcase through train stations ...
cardinal 06/06/2010 70 48 1 349
CNN Jobs Report: A Case Study in Bad Use of Statistics
CNN Tonight aired a report this evening titled “Government Fat Cats.” It’s a great case study of the faulty social-science inference and misleading use of statistics that is ...
cardinal 12/14/2009 12 5 1 41
On Porn, red states, and good social science
Currently, a recommended diary showcases a Harvard study that compares porn consumption rates across states, with some ...
cardinal 03/01/2009 85 61 1 135
It's time to let go of the candidate myths
Over the last few months, candidate advocates – in the improbable quest to prove that their candidate is the only true Democrat – have created narratives about the other front-runners. ...
cardinal 01/03/2008 10 8 - 12
The Attributes of Recommended Diaries (a systematic analysis)
What are the attributes of recommended diaries, compared to those that fail to make the list? To shed some statistical light on this question, I analyzed 471 consecutive diaries, isolating the ...
cardinal 09/08/2007 227 232 25 36
Debate: Edwards was clear winner tonight
John Edwards continued his string of impressive debate performances tonight by standing head and shoulders above the rest of the field. While each candidate had his/her strong moments, Edwards was ...
cardinal 06/03/2007 91 27 - 6
You say Red and Blue? I say S-T-F-U
cardinal 10/17/2005 25 9 - 10
You're a ButtWanker (or, The Pathologies of Ideology)
cardinal 10/12/2005 13 10 - 11
Rumsfeld admits that he sucks
cardinal 02/03/2005 6 1 - 1
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