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Banned for Critisizing Kos on Chevron. UPDATED.
1 year ago, peter pan, was banned from DailyKos after this blog: Chevron was a greedy destructive corporation then, and it is now. I have done 3 ...
carlos oaxaca 10/04/2007 153 5 1 10
Chevron's Greenwashing 2.5 minute AD
"we are conservatives, and liberals" ... "We are not corporate titans, we are human beings doing our share to..." hah! they conserve nothing and are liberal killers.
carlos oaxaca 10/03/2007 12 15 - -
Boycott Chevron's Energy Workhorses :: Burmese Gas and Iraqi Oil.
for those who sponser kos and dont see the Chevron blood money banner ad, it says: Oil, natural gas and coal have been the energy workhorses for the last 100 years. To meet the world&...
carlos oaxaca 10/02/2007 2 5 2 58
Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been ...
carlos oaxaca 10/01/2007 60 56 2 38
NH Debate : My Favorite Bible Quote is Edwards Favorite!
In the New Hampshile debate 9/26 on MSNBC, John Edwards answered under the 10 second rule: It appears many times in the Bible, "what you do to the least of those, you do unto me."
carlos oaxaca 09/28/2007 24 1 - 3
Boycott Chevron to Support the Monks in Burma Chevron Since its 2005 takeover of Unocal, US oil giant Chevron has been one of the joint venture partners developing the ...
carlos oaxaca 09/26/2007 16 11 1 71
Clinton, Obama, Edwards on same page on health care,-obama,-edwards-on-%91the-same-page%92-on-health-care-reform,-%91the-wrong-page,%92-says-kucinich/ “There isn’t one iota&...
carlos oaxaca 09/22/2007 21 - - -
Cops Lie on Kerry Taser Incident Police Report
The debate here on Kerry blows me away. There are people on dailykos who stand up for the police, right or wrong. "You will take my question because I have been listening to ...
carlos oaxaca 09/19/2007 151 7 1 4
Will John Kerry Answer the Tasered Student?
Kerry clearly calls on the kid 8 seconds in to the video. The student talks about Greg Palsats book, Armed Mad House, which Kerry says he read.
carlos oaxaca 09/18/2007 139 6 - 41
ICR poll on Iraq and Congress - from An overwhelming majority (73%) of Americans want U.S. troops home in a year, the poll found. This is the first poll that asked voters to choose ...
carlos oaxaca 09/14/2007 4 2 - 8
Iraqi Hydrocarbon Law : Does your Candidate have a Position?
The workers in Iraq do not want Iraq's oil privatized.,9171,1659702,00.html Petro Showdown -Thursday, Sep. 06, 2007 By ...
carlos oaxaca 09/11/2007 13 13 2 13
Kucinich in Syria meets Assad --- press ignores them
Google News Kucinich Syria Assad meets US Senator Dennis Kucinich (D) and former MK Azmi Bishara Jerusalem Post, Israel - 14 hours ago Senator Kucinich pointed out Syria's "pivotal role ...
carlos oaxaca 09/03/2007 42 15 1 40
Craig will resign
just heard it on pbs news hour some double standard he made a ...
carlos oaxaca 08/31/2007 14 1 - -
Guilty of discussing Abu Ghraib case
the liberal NY Times says he is acquitted in the headline, but guilty in the article, (must be irrelevant. is that why it isnt discussed much on dailykos?)
carlos oaxaca 08/28/2007 16 4 - -
OBVIOUSLY OIL ---- (Kucinich was right in 2003).
Often here at dailykos, there is a disconnect between the terror wars, and oil. So I went back in time for a reminder. From before Dennis decided to run for president:
carlos oaxaca 03/13/2007 45 14 1 26
Free Speech Movement Berkeley '007
Happy Martin Luther King Day! Take Action and come by the tree sit at the Oak Grove in front of Memorial Stadium UC Berkeley on Olmsted designed Piedmont Ave. Watch Running Wolf predict the raid: ...
carlos oaxaca 01/15/2007 7 1 - -
Berkeley Tree Sit Raided Oak-tree activists' encampment cleared away by UC campus police Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer Saturday,
carlos oaxaca 01/13/2007 1 5 - -
Berkeley protest branching out
UC Berkeley want to cut down some 200 year old coastal oak trees in order to win a national championship in football. Supporters of killing these trees believe a better football team will attract ...
carlos oaxaca 01/11/2007 11 9 - -
Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation
From the LA Times today. Global Warming and Global Dimming kill more Aficans than Gates saves. And he profits from Oil companies killing Africans Directly.
carlos oaxaca 01/07/2007 26 10 1 3
Threatened with arrest in Bowling Green, Ohio.
I went to school in Bowling Green from 1st grade till I received my computer science degree at Bowling Green State University in 1984. Mayor Quinn was my teacher for my favorite thing I did in high ...
carlos oaxaca 12/29/2006 26 7 1 1
Save the Coastal Oaks, Save the Planet. The university says it will plant three trees on campus for every one that's removed. "We have to balance a ...
carlos oaxaca 12/06/2006 5 17 - 15
Military build-up in Guam Benefit Update Military build-up in Guam Thursday November 30, 2006 $5-10 - 7:30pm La Pena — 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705 ...
carlos oaxaca 11/20/2006 2 6 - 8
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