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Obamaxenophobia: A Pre-existing Condition?
I just received this delicious, though somewhat stale, double-dip of misattribution and pants-on-fire lies, with a topping of xenophobia and ignorance, from a thoughtful friend who asked me to "...
carlylu 10/11/2012 2 6 - -
Part of the Human Foreclosure Toll? Two Too Young Faces (UPDATED)
In San Diego we have had three murder-suicides in the past month in which children have been killed by their parents. The latest was a day after Father's Day, when a dad shot his 13- and 15-year old ...
carlylu 06/22/2011 24 21 - 228
their/there/they're, your/you're
Please bloggers, it's not that hard, and it really helps your writing look like it deserves a place in the national discourse. p.s. should ...
carlylu 06/22/2011 118 20 1 234
USCG: Spill response ideas solicited (20 years late?)
The U.S. Coast Guard published a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) on June 4 soliciting white papers offering technical solutions to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The research opportunity ...
carlylu 06/10/2010 2 4 - 93
How to "quote"
OK, I'm a scientist who used to teach English composition. So bear with me. With all the recent diaries on the Gulf oil spill there has been much inclusion of information from outside sources, use ...
carlylu 05/21/2010 18 9 - 30
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