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Good Kill: A film that looks at the toll of drone warfare
Last month we briefly reviewed the basics of drones and drone warfare. Today, we're pleased to present an interview with the director behind a new, timely movie on that very subject: Andrew Niccol.
DarkSyde 05/17/2015 74
Push for American-built rocket engines goes bipartisan
SpaceX Dragon capsule reentry animation: this is how a 21st century spacecraft should work We all know how certain media sources love the smell of bipartisanship in the morning. Here John McCain, ...
DarkSyde 05/16/2015 43
This week in science: GMOs are PEOPLE!
"There before him, a glittering toy no Star-Child could resist, floated the planet Earth with all its peoples." —2001 During the early days of the Bush administration, in the final few, lazy ...
DarkSyde 05/16/2015 122
This week in science: abort, abort!
Up to now SpaceX has been contracted to launch satellites and unmanned resupply missions to the ISS. But the company has big plans for manned spaceflight. And toward that goal, they tested their ...
DarkSyde 05/09/2015 47

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