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GOP's BS on ACA – A Proposal
I noticed, when opening DK yesterday, a petition to counter the GOP's lies concerning the ACA (Obamacare). To that end I have a proposal that I feel will go a long way to pour cold water on ...
carver 08/17/2013 1 4 - -
Colorado Official Gunned Down
This will be short. Hal Clements, Colorado director of the Dept. of Corrections was shot and killed as he opened his door last night. The shooter is unknown as is a motive for the crime. This ...
carver 03/20/2013 15 6 - -
In the Atmosphere of Obstruction the President Has Considerable Accomplishments
Wayne Bomgaars compiled an impressive list of President Obama's accomplishments in his first four years. When looked at it is an unbelievable accomplishment considering a republican party who ...
carver 09/05/2012 2 3 - 13
A Journal of Random Brain Farts … Vol. 1
There is at least 50% of the US voting population that don't have a spotted hog's idea of what the ACA provides. And, I would guess, another 40% ...kinda understand it...a little bit...maybe. Is ...
carver 07/16/2012 1 - - 18
In Your Face Gov. Rick Scott
US District Judge Robert Hinkle has stepped all over Gov. .Rick Scott's voter suppression efforts. He stated that the purge serves little if any purpose thus rendering them unconstitutional. “The ...
carver 06/01/2012 2 2 - 46
You Have to Love Frothy's Petulance
Frothy has some hard nuts about Mitt Romney and it appears he won't be much of a supporter of the Mittsters campaign. This based on the letter Frothy sent to his supporters and other Reptilicans ...
carver 04/18/2012 1 6 - 84
Frothy drops out
Santorum has suspended his quest for the Reptilican nomination. This leaves Mittens driving the clown car. I can't say I'm disappointed with his decision but it does remove the humor that was the ...
carver 04/10/2012 6 1 - 37
The Fukushima Nuclear Accident is Far From Over
The amount of information we are given on a daily basis (most of it trivial nonsense) is overwhelming and often submerges issues that are both important and critical. One of those issues that are ...
carver 04/08/2012 51 24 - 233
And the Clown Car Rolls on
Joe (Samuel Wurzelbacher) the Plumber has become the reptilican nominee for Congress in Ohio’s newly redistricted ninth congressional district to run against Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur (who ...
carver 03/08/2012 7 4 - 78
The Unbelievable Stupidity of a War With Iran
Iran is the 18th largest country in the world in terms of area, at 636,372 sq mi (larger than Alaska), Iran has a population of around 79 million, nearly 3 times that of Iraq. They have an ...
carver 03/06/2012 30 13 - 165
What the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Massad Thinks About Iran
In the last couple of years I've tended to skip most of the Israeli /Palestinian diaries because they become to acerbic and vilifying to give credence to either side and I'm sure any comment I ...
carver 02/07/2012 30 14 - 207
Privatizing Prisons
In America there are approximately 130,000 inmates housed in privately owned prisons. It's a ...
carver 02/01/2012 5 9 1 44
The Right Wing Wants to Destroy Civilization
The right wing cacophony of stupid railing against any form of clean energy is sweet music to the extraction industries (coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear); and they are well financed to continue ...
carver 11/27/2011 1 13 2 92
(un) - American Corporatism
"We shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." ….....
carver 11/10/2011 1 3 1 19
How Hard is this to Figure Out?
I posit there are three points that simplify the cause of the current disaster that is seriously eroding this country. The cure is obvious - the application of the cure isn't likely in the current ...
carver 10/19/2011 1 2 - 21
Fox Poll Backfires on Fox
The Brad Blog reported that Fox News conducted ...
carver 10/11/2011 120 543 3 4087
WTF Do Those People Want?
Among the criticisms and “observations” of the Occupy Wall Street protests put forth by the corporate, bloviators are: they have no leadership, they have no specific focus, they ...
carver 10/08/2011 9 5 - 88
Stick It Between Their Eyes With the 14th
It seems that the theater of the absurd and cacophony of stupidity over raising the debt ceiling isn't going to end before the deadline of August 2nd. Listening to the clutch of clowns that ...
carver 07/30/2011 34 20 - 146
Old Fart's Rant
I'm an old fart and any global disaster or great renaissance of human values , should either occur, will probably not occur in my lifetime. They will, however, occur in my daughters or grand ...
carver 06/11/2011 11 9 1 103
Urban Chicken Diaries .... Part 4
(Continuing the series from [ part 1,] -- [,-...
carver 05/10/2009 30 22 4 44
Urban Chicken Diaries, Part 3
(a continuation of [ Part 1] and[,-part-Two ...
carver 04/19/2009 98 29 5 34
The Urban Chicken Diaries, part Two
(continued from [ The Urban Chicken Diaries, Part One)] I was surprised at the response to part 1 of this diary, ...
carver 04/12/2009 40 31 7 31
The Urban Chicken Diaries  - Part One
A recent feature in the Denver Post about the increasing popularity of back yard chicken coops in urban areas made me think that there is probably a fair number of Kossacks that either have chickens,
carver 04/05/2009 367 147 35 126
Who Runs Gov -  Beta site
The beta version of a new web site, [ Who Runs Gov] appears to be a potentially useful tool for political junkies who need background information on Congresscritters, Senators, ...
carver 01/23/2009 7 3 - -
Deprogramming the Free Market Cultist.
My academic background in economics consists of 2 semesters of Introduction to Economics which I took more than a few decades ago, so I readily admit, many of the nuances of the “Dismal Science&
carver 01/18/2009 24 17 3 37
Flat Tax Proposal....Hummm....Mayb​e.
Since the ratification of the 16th amendment and the introduction of the income tax in 1913, the nation suffers a collective heartburn each year on April 15, accompanied by no small amount of whining,
carver 12/19/2008 42 1 - 6
Stevens is Toast.
According to the official Alaskan election [ website] Ted Stevens is now behind Mark Begich by 814 votes. Begich, Mark ...
carver 11/13/2008 56 24 1 29
Mortgage Problems? Quit Paying and Win.
[ An article by Peter Schiff, ] who is president of Euro Pacific Capital and author of “The Little Book of Bull Moves in ...
carver 10/16/2008 22 10 4 9
Denver Dems Watchfest
This is more of an announcement than a diary. For Kossacks going to the convention in Denver, a party for like minded progressives and political junkies will be held at Denver City Park ...
carver 08/12/2008 7 5 1 -
Reid will vote no on FISA
[ Harry Reid] announced today that he will vote against the FISA bill. “The Senate will soon vote on a FISA bill that ...
carver 07/09/2008 25 8 - -
Worst SCOTUS Decision in History?
John McCain has, once again, demonstrated his capacity for pure, unvarnished stupidity. Commenting on the recent SCOTUS decision he declared, "The United States Supreme Court yesterday ...
carver 06/15/2008 41 20 - 29
We Can Solve Our Energy Crisis.
Happy Earth Day ! the current edition of [�tPage=all Vanity Fair] an article by ...
carver 04/22/2008 25 12 - 229
But Who Has to Carry the Feces ?
An article I read in [ Looking Glass News] left me shaking my head and muttering WTF. But, I couldn’t decide if it was funny or ...
carver 12/06/2007 9 3 - 68
The Birth of the Terminator
This item posted on the[ Wired] blog site on how technology will make war time slaughter more efficient and much less traumatic for the ...
carver 11/19/2007 9 8 - 6
RFID's, The Ultimate Surveillance Tool?
I had planned to publish this dairy after I had done a little more work on it; however, the recent capitulation of some Democrats to the WH desires to further erode the Constitution and continue ...
carver 08/05/2007 13 16 - 17
SCOTUS is Not Absolute
Although reasonable optimism prevails that the '08 election will give us a Democratic POTUS and an increased majority in the House and Senate, that optimism is clouded by the specter of an ...
carver 06/29/2007 20 11 1 3
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