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Houston Area Kossacks
This group is for Kossacks living in the Houston metro area. It will be used to post and repost Houston-related diaries, organize meet-ups, and just keep in touch in general. Join us as we work toward electing more and better Democrats in Houston and in Texas!
Progressive Humor, Snarks, and Satire in the spirit of Onion, National Lampoom, Mad Magazine, Monty Python, Black Adder, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Kathy Giffords and many others who press the bounderies of our usual culture for the advancement of progressive causes.
Indigo Kalliope
Poems from the Left: Welcome to the Daily Kos community political poetry club. Drop by and speak your mind in rhyme or blank verse. Let'™s use language to scream our passion to the world. Bongos, berets and turtle neck sweaters are optional. The keypad is mightier than the sword.
Keynesian Kossacks
Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and many other economists tell us we are in a crisis on inadequate demand, and need a large focus jobs, and economic stimulus focused on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, key industries, and acclerating our conversion to sustainable clean energies, that will reduce of CO2 emissions, and oil imports. Government needs to lead the way, as well as provide regulation for the common good. Keynesian Kossacks believe some aspects of our common good are ...
National Parody Administration
A group for political satire and parody of the highest order. Cheap shots and low comedy accepted, as long as the humor content is 99% or higher.
New Diarists
A place to practice writing a first diary that won't get us publicly consigned to Worst Diary Hell at the GOS (Great Orange Satan). Lurkers come out and play with us! Mentors come by and help us, please!
North Carolina BLUE
Dedicated to making the Old North State a bastion of sanity in the South
Readers and Book Lovers
Where readers, writers, bibliophiles, and lovers of all things literary find their favorite series and one-of-a-kind diaries, including "Bookflurries," "Write On!," and "What are you reading?" Plus newer series like "Books So Bad They're Good," "Books in My Life," (formerly "Books That Changed My Life"), "Monday Murder Mystery," "Contemporary Fiction Views," "LGBT Literature," and "Books Go Boom!" We hope you'll visit Readers & Book Lovers for the same reasons you get together with a friend -- ...
Small Business Administration of Kossackistan
In an attempt to better the lives of those in the middle and poverty classes, we the small business owners of American and Kossackistan should brainstorm together and find ways to balance profit while promoting the greater good for our fellow man. All those who currently own or operate small businesses (or even large ones) are encouraged to join and network together.
Social Security Defenders
The enemies of Social Security have been on the offense for 75 years seeking to gut Social Security and wipe out the legacy of the New Deal. Time to join the defense?
TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans
Messing with Republicans in the Petri Dish of Bad Government. Grab a Shiner. Help yourself to the TexMex buffet, or the brisket. Now let's figure out how to fix this freakin' mess that is Texas. Open to Texans and friends.
The Wide World of Sports
Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport. The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition. This is Daily Kos's Wide World of Sports! Let's talk sports. Any sports... baseball, hockey, football, wife-carrying, lumber sports, auto racing, curling, hurling, competitive yodeling, you name it. A progressive angle is welcome, but not required.
Volunteering for a Better World
Many Kossacks volunteer their time and efforts to all sorts of causes, both political and non-political. This group is dedicated to promoting and highlighting diaries about social responsibility and compassion through volunteering. It is a forum for those who are interested in learning more and/or educating others about volunteerism of all kinds.

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